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About Jump Mats

The fabric on which you jump and bounce is the jumping mat or also known as the bounce mat. However, the bounce effect is not only the magic of mats’ fabric, but the springs attached on all sides of the mat add more heights to the bounce. If you are looking to buy these mats, we highly recommend digging in more about them, compare different products, and shop only the best.

When you buy a trampoline, it is nice and bouncy. But as you use it and the kids who use it grow by size and weight, which sometimes make the ideal weight of the trampoline cross its limit. If not, still the product will wear out by becoming saggy, which in turn make your bounce small and not fancy at all. Whenever you feel the same situation in your trampoline, you should know that it’s time to replace the mat. However, the next mat you buy may or may not be the same as you bought earlier, depending on your purpose now and the maximum weight it now has to carry. Considering these or more such factors, you can buy jumping mats online in Dubai.

Types of jumping mats

You can divide the products into personal or professional mats. Things to notice while buying for your purpose include the shape, stitching techniques and bounce effects. For example, round mats have stitches while rectangular ones are over-layed, which means more bounce. That is why, rectangular trampolines give a larger surface area, and the bounce does not vary irrespective of the place you try to jump. You can find this stitching technique in high-end products meant for doing tricks. The regular stitched is what we see in our backyards and do just fine. You can check out gymnastics mats for sale if your needs are more professional.

Before buying jumping mats

There are three things you need to know other than the features of mats before buying them. It is pretty logical that the mat you are eyeing will be attached to the frame and thus need to get its compatibility checked. For that, you need to know the external diameter of the frame, the length of springs with hooks included and the number of springs. Every time you click on a product while shopping online and check out the specifications list, you will see variations in dimensions. However, with the mentioned points in mind, you can make the right choice.

High jump mats

Other than jump mats’ material, shape, and quality, high jump depends on other trampoline parts too. For example, a larger jumping area concludes a high jump. The length and number of springs also add to the bounce effect. You can find the combinations like 60 V-rings for 7-inch springs or 108 V-rings for 7.5-inch springs. For a real high jump, every part of your trampoline starting from the frame to the mat needs to be as sturdy as possible. You can check out variations of high jump mats to buy on our shopping platform, and decide amongst many quality products.

Jump mats for gymnastics

Gymnasts jump, dunk, and do lots of tricks on the trampoline. By default, the trampolines and jumping mats they require are a little different than household ones. One of the brands’ that maintain such standards is Skywalker. You can check out their jump-n-dunk trampoline with enclosure nets. It has a polypropylene mat with a UV-resistant PVC spring pad. It also has a patented no-gap safety enclosure. Likewise, you can check out their other products and see which one fits best, depending on your professional requirements.

Tips on how to buy Jump mats online

While buying jumping mats for trampolines, you can either go back to the original brand and find the replacement or explore more brands and product variations. It is not a daunting task to choose the right product if you are aware of the small to big details of the products. Also, you have been using the product for a while now, and you know what upgraded version you need next. We have compiled a few points to help you save your time to which you can add your points and keep everything in mind while scrolling down the products.

  • Frame size – You can easily measure the frame of your trampoline to know what size mat would be perfect. The thing to consider here is that mats are sold by trampoline size, not mat size. Suppose you have an 14ft trampoline, then you need a 14ft trampoline mat.
  • Spring length – Here comes the difficult part: every manufacturer keeps its springs’ length different. Thus, you may have measured the external frame, but mat size would be based on one frame and spring size both. You need to extra cautious with choosing the size, so your frame, spring, and mat fit perfect.
  • Quality check – The kind of material and stitching make the mat sturdy and durable. For example, PP material and 8row stitching is a perfect combination you can own. Likewise, materials and manufacturing ways differ with brands. You can read reviews to validate your purchase.
  • Brands pick – It is always good to have a handy list of popular brands to compare and shop for. Some of the brands we would like to mention are Hedstrom, Sky bouncer, Jump Pro, Variflex trampolines, and Bazoongi. You can pick any of them to start your shopping drive.
  • Safety features – Durability comes from sturdy material, perfect assembly, good upkeep, and a few additional features. For example, the mat’s material should be fade resistance, UV, and water resistance to make it lively all the time. Despite being laced with these features, you can buy another safety cover to extend its life even more.

We hope the tips will help you make an informed decision. While we have mentioned reputed brands for you to pick, but you can also start your shopping directly from our retail search engine if you are not that brand-specific. You can just hop on to your platform, put filters, compare products, read reviews, and shop. We assure you that the whole process is as smooth as it sounds. If you want to explore more than jumping mats, you should check out our section of Sports & Outdoor. You will find the best products that you desire and deserve.

Question & Answer

How much are high jump mats?

The jumping mats can cost anywhere between AED150 to AED500 or even higher range for more professional needs. You can also buy combos of mats, springs, poles, and enclosure nets. You can omit or add the products you want in a combo. Check out our shopping platform, to explore more combinations in a flexible budget range. Start with brands like Jumpking and Leisure Kingdom and see if you find something interesting for your cart.

Where to buy high jump mats?

By saying high jump mats, we often relate to the professional requirements. If that’s what you want, you can check out Skywalker’s products that range from basic to high-end. Skywalker products are also available for kids, which claims to develop motor skills and promote imaginative play. You can start your drive with this brand and check out others, depending on your purpose and usage.

Are jump mats expensive?

Jumping mats come in a varied budget range. Some high-end ones are expensive while some are easy on pockets. For example, a small PP mat with regular stitching and safety measures can cost you anywhere between AED100 to AED300. However, if you go further with advanced stitching techniques and a larger surface area, you will find the price sky-rocketing high. So, yes! Jumping mats are expensive and cheap, considering your purpose, required features, and additional safety attachments. You can check out some cheap high jump mats to compare them with the high-end ones.

Are jump mats dangerous?

Suppose you have a circular shape mat, and you are trying to jump from the edge. The circular shape does not even out the bounce effect except the middle and tends to move the subject in the middle. So, if you try a higher jump and you are a novice, you might bounce off the frame. So yes! These mats can be dangerous if you try to play around without basic knowledge. Even if you are trained enough, we suggest attaching safety features like enclosure nets and padding to minimise any risk of such mishaps.

We hope you will now be able to pick the perfect mat out of thousands available in the online marketplace. You can start your shopping drive from our product search engine wherein an endless product’s list can make your work as convenient as possible. If you are trying to buy a combo of mats plus other accessories, you can explore our dedication section of Trampoline & Jumping mats. You will find the desired products without wasting much time.