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About Trampolines & Jumping Mats

Mostly, trampolines & jumping mats are two products, which you can buy separately or together. It depends whether you are buying for the first time or a replacement part. But before you hit the buy button, it is good to get yourself familiar with the varieties available in the online marketplace. So, perform some research, save your time & money, and make an informed decision.

If you are looking to buy a trampoline, you may either have a recreational purpose or competitive. For both of these purposes, the product comes with unique features. Recreational ones are often seen in the backyard or front of your household with hoops, fun balls, or even mounted with a screen on them. You can play, relax, and spend quality time with your friends and special someone. Kids love bouncing on them, which helps to keep up with the healthy activity of the day. On the other hand, it is also a competitive Olympic sport, an acrobatic training tool, and thus, used professionally in many ways. You might already know your purpose, but a little heads up about the variants makes you choose the best trampolines to buy.

Spring-based versus Springfree oval trampoline & jumping mats

Spring-based products are the older versions of trampoline & jumping mats. As you might have understood the operation, these springs create a bouncing effect when you are on them. This is an old version doesn’t mean that they have been eliminated. They are equally in the market as Springfree products. Instead of springs, this newer variant uses flexible rods for a bouncing effect. The more technicalities may vary from product to product. Hence, you should read the features carefully before buying. You could even start exploring by checking out trampolines for sale.

Trampoline with enclosure

You can make your trampoline more creative by enclosing it with nets and fabrics. The sturdiness of these fabrics is directly proportional to the safety of the whole product. Other than safeguarding, you can make this place fun-to-be. For example, you can mount basketball hoops and play on nets. You can even fill the inside with fun balls and see your kids enjoying their fullest. Another fun application can be building your clubhouse if you prefer tent covers. These fabrics can be waterproof and weatherproof. A little pour outside, and you can coop inside your clubhouse and enjoy sipping your coffee. You can check out accessories for trampolines & jumping mats, and you will get more ideas.

Trampoline accessories

Some of the primary accessories include a ladder, weather cover, and anchor kits. The reason for having them is both trampolines’ and peoples’ safety. You can find more for your leisure activities. For example, LED lights for an evening get together. These lights can even be colour-changing or remote-controlled, whatever you like to have. Bounce board with a net enclosure or movie screen with an outback tent enclosure are the best combos you can buy. If you are professional, you can spend on training gloves, shoe bag, or sleeves on the side to stow your essential while practising.

Trampoline with handle

Trampolines mounted with handles are usually mini trampoline for kids. These are small that you can take indoors or outdoor, so you can always keep an eye on your kid and avoid any mishaps. The structure of the product has a basic trampoline but with a top handle. Kids can develop motor skills, accelerate coordination, and develop balance by playing with the trampoline & jumping mat with a handle. When buying such products for your kids, you must ensure that all the safety measures are applied. You can additionally buy safety padding if needed.

Tips on how to buy Trampolines online

Buying trampolines do have certain restriction and limitations. You should be well aware of the features you need to scrutinise before hitting the buy button. Although the specifications list should have everything mentioned, you must also have a list of features you think will be required. We have compiled some fine points for you, which, keeping in mind, you can make an informed decision.

  • Placement – We are not talking about kids’ product here because that can be well placed in a small place. Starting from average to big-sized trampolines, they should be placed such that the overhead clearance can be 24feet along with 6feet of horizontal clearance. Also, the placement must be on even ground. So, check out the space you can provide to the trampoline and then decide on the size.
  • Restrictions – You should thoroughly read the specifications of the products regarding age and weight restrictions. Usually, the trampoline is not for children under six years of age, and the maximum recommended weight is 331pounds. IF you overload it, by any chance, the structure may get damaged to the point that the only solution will be a replacement.
  • Shape – Circular, rectangular, and octagonal are three shapes available in the marketplace. The circular shape is most common and a perfect fit for any household as the evenly distributed spring pull your back to the centre. Octagonal is similar to circular but give a larger surface area, which you can consider if you have space. The rectangular one is more professional and ideal for people interested in gymnastics.
  • Parts – You can scrutinise every single trampoline part separately and pay special attention to their quality. Overall, there are three important ones. These include frame pads, jumping mats, and springs & hardware. You can buy them separately and assemble them at home by yourself or by taking an expert’s help. You can also buy the whole unit, and one of the brands’ expert will come to your place to assemble it for you. Do check all the services while buying.
  • Safety – Enclosure nets, tent covers, safety padding, foam sleeves on poles are some of the safety measures you can consider. Well, these are safety accessories for people bouncing on the mat. However, the product itself confronts climatic changes for which a weatherproof cover is a right product.  You can buy amongst all-weather cover, anti-UV cover, and a waterproof one depending on your local climates.
  • Attachments – Ladder, anchors, shoe bags, and additional sleeves to stow your items are some of the attachment that adds to the convenience. Apart from that, you can also invest in leisure activities by attaching a hoop and movie screen inside or put fun balls for kids. Likewise, you can think of more ideas and make your trampoline the best purchase ever.

Buying trampolines online in Dubai can be much simpler with these tips and a handy list of brands. Some of the brands we would like to mention are Bellicon, Zupapa, Kidwise, and Exacme. You can find them all or even more at our shopping platform, If you do not want to start your shopping drive with a specific brand, you can hop on to our platform and filter products as you like.

Question & Answer

Are trampolines dangerous?

Trampolines sound dangerous when you think of the mishap that could happen. It could be dangerous for kids when left unsupervised or for adults without taking safety measures. However, with properly installed safety enclosures and paddings, you can minimise such risks. You should keep inspecting the product from time to time and replace the parts as and when needed. If you keep up the product’s quality and make sure people are well-aware of the consequences, nothing could go wrong.

How much trampolines cost?

Trampolines can cost anywhere between AED200 to AED5000 or even more. The huge difference you see in the budget range is less about the quality and usage. And as you move towards a professional product, the budget increases. You can check out Skywalkers trampoline worth AED 170. You might find the cost slightly changes, depending on the updated variation available after we have mentioned it here. For more varieties, you can explore the range at our retail search engine.

Which trampolines are the bounciest?

The bounce has a lot to do with the shape and size of the product. Smaller trampolines or precisely the ones with small jumping surface do not provide high bounces comparatively. So, these can be perfect for kids. Other than that, if we consider the shape as circular or rectangular being common ones, then rectangular shape has high bounce. You can also check out brands like Vuly and Jumptek to compare the products and pick the one with a higher bounce.

Where to buy trampolines & jumping mats?

Our shopping search engine can be an excellent platform to kickstart your shopping drive for the best trampoline. Based on your purpose and placement, you can check out brands like Ancheer, Bazoongi, Ultega. We are sure you can find the perfect size, shape, features, and every other requirement within these brands. Upon your visit to our platform, you can expect endless products to compare and shop with convenience. So, hop on it now and check by yourself.

We hope the information on this page will help you make an informed decision. Despite all the disparities within every product, your personal choice plus technicalities combined can tell you the product you should have. Not just the trampolines, but you can also expect replacement parts and accessories at our platform, under the dedicated section for Sports & outdoor.