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About Surfboards

With so many new water

 activities, surfing is one that has never taken the backseat. You need a cool surfboard, a swimsuit and some confidence to get it right! Plus, it's a fantastic way to exercise while having fun! 

Everyone loves water sports. It is such a relief to feel the water on your body after a tiring week. People love hitting the beach in the summers and during winters too, the afternoons are ideal for spending at the beach. If you don’t find any of the activates interesting or if you’re on a budget, you can lie down or rest in a hammock. A cocktail will keep you going, and a few snacks are perfect to beat those hunger pangs. However, if you love the adrenaline rush of indulging in some water actives, well a right surfboard is one way to get started. You can choose something that works for you and is comfortable too. Surfing looks challenging, but if you like it, your interest will help you pick it up quickly. Plus, learning is also a whole lot of fun! You can sign up for some classes with a buddy or your better half, and it’ll be the best way to spend some quality time together. 

Different types of surfboards you can buy today 

When it comes to spending your holidays by the water, you can take it to another level with some exciting water sports. There are endless options like paragliding, snorkelling, swimming, river rafting, kayaking, scuba diving and many more. However, a very popular option that stands out is surfboarding. Yes, we have seen people doing it on the beach and in movies too. The good part is that you don’t need a whole lot of things to surf – you need a board. You can easily buy one in a store or online if it's your preference. Once you do this bit and get some comfortable swimwear, you’re all set to start. It's not recommended to try your hand at surfing y yourself if you don’t have any experience. There are plenty of training schools to help you with this. 

Motorised surfboard  

For those who love adding an unknown factor to the right old surfboard, well the motorised surfboard is something you should check out. This one comes fitted with a motor that helps you use the surfboard without having to balance or use anybody strength. It is faster, helps retain balance since the motor moves at a fixed pace and is convenient for beginners as well. You can adjust the speed based on the comfort level. It is really enjoyable as it does not depend on factors like the user’s capability, waves, water and other factors. These are expensive and are a one-time investment, so it is essential to make your pick wisely. You can find several variations of the style 

Inflatable surfboard  

For those who love surfboards but can’t deal with the size, well the inflatable surfboard is just the one for you. This option has a surfboard that is made of PVC or an inflatable material. This allows you to pump air in it before you use it and eliminate it after you’re done. Hence, you can also fold it up after you’re done using and store it in your bag and carry it home. These surfboards come in bright colours and shapes, so you can choose as required. They make for the perfect surfboard options for kids too, and the inflatable type is not as heavy, making it easy for them to use. You can find a lot of brands using eco-friendly material for inflatable surfboards, making it the perfect choice. 

Second-hand surfboards  

If you’re unsure of getting the hang of a surfboard or if you doubt whether you’ll use one for a long time, then a second-hand surfboard is a practical choice. There are plenty of options available online on websites that sell preloved items. What is important here is making sure you’re getting a good deal. Check out this current online price and compare aspects like its usability, conditions, quality and so on. Always remember that the amount of any article goes down substantially once it's out of its original packaging. If you find it worth the price, go in. Many people sell almost-new products because they are moving, brought something better etc. So, you never know when you might end up with a terrific deal.  

Boogie board surfing 

A smaller variation of the regular surfboard, a boogie board is not used for standing and surfing. However, you can fit or lie-down chest side and use your arms to paddle in the water and move forward. The boogie board is excellent for those who cannot get the hang of the regular board. However, it is not very safe to go boogie board surfing when the waves are very rough. You should stick closer to the shore and not use it for professional-level surfing. Due to the lack of space on the board, its not easy to balance the body, and you can easily tip over the sides into the water. Think of this one as a more natural type of surfboard, but not a replacement.  

Tips to keep in mind when you want to invest in a surfboard 

So, when the summers call, you want to grab your surfboard and head out. You can get together with a group of surfers to learn more and experiment as you go forward. However, it'essential to be trained before you do this, and professional training is a must. You might have noticed that unlike diving and other water activities, you have no safety gear when it comes to surfing. This, make sure you’re well-aware of how to control yourself during high and low tides is essential. 

  • The right size – The size of the board is significant and should suit your height. This also changes with the shape and type of board. For example, someone who weighs between 45 to 63 kilos can go for a 6’2 to 6’4 board. With so many choices and styles, its ideal to check out their details online before you decide.  
  • Your weight is a critical factor in choosing – The board should be able to mane the surfer’s weight well. If you’re too heavy, you won’t be able to move the board. If your weight is less, then you cannot control the board. Hence, choosing the appropriate one is very important. 
  • Skill level – For beginners, a spacious board, generally about 22-23 inches wide and 3 inches thick is apt. If you’re a professional, you can manage on the slimmer boards, without losing balance. Thus, your skills improve as you practice more, and you can experiment with more surfboards. 
  • Ask for some recommendations – Ask your trainer, a friend or colleague who surfs for some choices. Personal recommendations go a long way and it’s the best way to help you decide. Even so, make sure you check out the features before you go for a buy. 
  • Buy from a reputed brand – Brands are particular about the quality they offer. You won’t face any issues in the long run, and they are high on safety features too. So, it makes more sense to put in those extra bucks for a better board. 
  • Have some fun – You can choose many colours, textures and shapes of boards, so don’t go for something boring! It's easy to check out the variations online. If you have a budget or know a friend who’s good with art, take a basic surfboard and have them doodle on it for a funky look! 

Don’t be in a rush when you’re deciding. The key here is to be patient because you don’t want to be out again in a few months trying to buy another board, do you? A lot of people don’t pay attention to the minute aspects when they first buy and resent this later. Check online, go to stores, ask people and compare surfboard prices until you’re a 100% sure. More than the amount you spend, it should work for your body type and surfing style, so it'imperative to be right about what you buy.  

Question & Answer

Which are the different types of surfboards and who should use them?

The Tow Board is small and around 4’8 to 6.2 in height. This one is perfect for experts who can handle the classic shape. The Fish Surfboard is 5’2 to 6’4, and you can use them in shorter, mushier waves. This one also makes paddling easy. The Hybrid Board is 6’6 to 7’2 and great for those who prefer a shorter board for better handling and balance. The Mini Gun is 6’6 to 8’10 and is perfect to use in fast and big waves. To Egg-shaped Board is between 7’6 to 8’2 in height and the best choice for a classic, retro-style experience. The Long Board is between 9’0 to 9’6 and excellent for long waves. This one is also a must for professionals.

Which are the best and cheap surfboard to buy for beginners?

While going for second0hand boards is one option for beginners, these affordable variations are excellent if you want a new one. They are easy on your pocket; however, this does not impact their quality in any way. Check out the Hold Fast Mini Mal 7ft Foam Surfboard, Osprey 6ft Wood Foamie, Surftech Robert August What I Ride Softop 9ft Surfboard, Softech Mason Twin 5ft 6 Surfboard, 8’ Verve Foam Beginner Surfboard, South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Soft Top Beginner Surfboard and the Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline.

Which are the best surfboards for sale that professionals can use?

If you are a professional, it’s the best time to experiment with a large number of surfboards in the market. With plenty of choices and brands, the sky is your limit when it comes to having choices. The best part is that you can easily compare them online, so you get the best one. The best options are Channel Islands Surfboards Waterhog – A2, Bar of Soap by Tyler Warren, Lost by Mayhem Sub-Driver, Sharpeye Modern 2.0, THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10'' Fish Soft Top Surfboard, Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surfboard, Pyzel Bastard and WUUX Black Marlin.

Where can you buy surfboard online in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the best brands to buy surfboards. You can find a lot of choices on online stores as well as when shopping retail. What is important here is that making sure you know which is the right one for your body weight, height and considering all other factors before you proceed. is a terrific product search engine with more than 500+ online stores, its easy to shop here because you have everything together.

Brands such as FCS, Al Merrick, Decathlon, Bic Sport, Pyzel, Haydenshapes, Olaian and Odysea are some of the best one's today. You can also check out Ali Express for some fantastic online choices.