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Darts is a game that has gained so much fondness over the years. People love it for various reasons. While it’s a great indoor game, it is slightly underrated too. You can easily set up a station with a board and some dart arrows just about anywhere. 

The best thing about this game is that you can carry it anywhere and play it as you wish. It doesn’t have to be restricted to your home. It's great for those office breaks as well and instantly refreshes you. Be it the professional or simple one; you can find so many variations online. If you love picnics and treks and like to keep them active, then carry the dart set along with you. It's fun with a group, or even on your own. The dart game is the best thing to have at home if you entertain your buddies. Be it playing the game while watching the game, celebrating a birthday or just a long weekend, some dart arrows and board is everything you need to make it better. 

Different types of dart arrows you should know about if you love dart game 

If you have never played a game of darts, you’re missing out! For many, it’s the first thing they love to do as soon as they step into a pub. Yes, it's not easy to ignore the game that has been a favourite in many clubs and bars across town. A lot of people also enjoy it after a hard day’s work. For days when going out for a walk doesn’t happen, this is the best way to give yourself some energy boost! Plus, the fact that is it space-efficient and doesn’t need a lot of accessories to play makes it one more reason to get it. Here are some types of dart arrows to help you decide. 

The classic dartboard arrows 

Nothing beats the traditional dartboard arrows and yes, its easy to find anywhere. Buying online is the best thing. It’s the top option for beginners and those who want to have it in their homes. Like the traditional set, this one is inexpensive and doesn’t comprise of steel tip darts. So, it's safer and better to use at home. However, it is better to keep away from kids, even if the tips are not harmful. You can hang the board conveniently from any surface. It doesn’t consume any space and stays compact behind the door. Get a small holder for the darts, and you’re done!  

The steel tip darts arrows  

The steel tip darts arrows are great when you want to get a feel of the real game. These are heavy and sharp, so they latch well onto the board. You need to pick up the right wooden board to work with this kind, and it's better to pick them up together, so you get the right set. These almost drill into the board, so they won’t fall off easily, and it's excellent for practices. Dart games also improve your eyesight and concentration. They are the best thing for long sets and won’t get ruined even after years of using it. Make sure you store it well post using. 

The professional dart arrows 

Playing darts professionally is a sport that you can qualify for. Yes, it’s an unknown fact that most people don’t know about. So, if you love playing darts and you’re good at it, this could be a thing. Anyway, if you still want to continue learning and have a knack for it, then going for professional dart boards is the best thing to do. These have a better grip, come in a universal size, and it will undoubtedly take some time to get the hang of it if you’re new. It’s also suitable for those who are just starting, as you will be able to get a good idea of it from the very beginning. 

The dart arrows for kids 

For kids who love playing darts, a small kid’s board is available that you can consider. Place it behind the door or in their room, and they can have fun playing it. It’s also a good idea to start them young if they often see you playing. The dart arrows, in this case, are not harmful and designed especially or kids. If you host kids’ parties, this also makes for a beautiful indoor play game. The only thing that’s important is to teach them how to use it correctly. However, it's okay for kids about five years to play this game. 

Tips on how to buy want to buy a dart game 

For those who love playing the dart game, there is no reason to hold back when it comes to buying one. Since its compact, you don’t have to have a separate space for it. It's great alone or in a group, and if you love it for whatever reason, you should go for it. The internet today is full of some fantastic choices of dart games that you can pick from, depending on your preference. Here are some tips to make your buying experience easy. 

  • Buy the right size – It'essential to invest in the correct size of the dartboard. This should suit your space or bedroom, wherever you intend on keeping it. 
  • The kind of dartboard is important – Do you want a beginner’s or a professional one? You can choose as per your needs, make sure it’s of good quality. 
  • Understand the rules – While playing for fun doesn’t require you to follow the rules, it’s the only way to get better at it. Make sure you are aware of it while practising. 
  • Wait for a discount – Some of the bigger and sturdier boards can be very expensive. Ensure you check online for deals and discounts before buying it. 
  • Buy online – Buying online saves you time and money. This also the best way to check all the option in one direction without having to leave your home. 
  • Ask friends to pitch in – If you are a group of people who love dart, why not invest in a professional board that everybody can pitch in, so it doesn’t make a hole in the pocket. 

It helps to understand the concept of the traditional way that a dart game is meant to be played. If you love paying it, you can also get some details off the internet about how to become a professional. In the United Kingdom, there is a tournament that happens, and although it’s a paid one, and pretty pricey, it’s worth a shot to know where you stand. Professional darters are a thing and are gaining popularity too. 

Question & Answer

Which are the best dartboards online 2019?

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard, Doinkit Darts, Accudart Starlite, Viper Razorback, Unicorn Eclipse, Viper Shot King Sisal and the Nodor Supwire 2 are definitely the top pick today. However, it all depends on your comfort level and where you wish to play the game. While the bigger ones are better in a pub or office space, the smaller ones are comfortable to use while at home. You can also pick between bristle and electronic.

What are the benefits of playing dart games?

It’s been proven that playing a game of darts has a lot of advantages. Even if you choose to help yourself de-stress or get away from the monotony of your work or life for a few minutes, it’s worth it. It helps to improve concentration and confidence, better social skills, helps you to relax, improves hand and eye co-ordination and its best to relieve aggression. Its also great for teamwork, strategic thinking, nonverbal skills and self-control.

Which are the best electronic dartboards?

The electronic dartboards are the best thing because they help in maintaining the score, and it's much better when you play in a group. Fat Cat Rigel 13" Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard, Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboard, Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboard, Franklin Sports FS6000, Gran Board 2 and Darts Connect Online. The only downfall of some is they are expensive, and you might require a professional to fix it in case of any faults.

Where can you buy magnetic dart arrows online?

It's easy to buy magnetic arrows or an electronic dartboard online, thanks to the significant number of options that are so readily available. With different choices, price range and features, you can go all out while picking one. However, ensuring you check, a product search engine is the best thing to do. With more than 500+ online stores, it makes it so simple to narrow down your search to the best dartboards.

Harrows, Perfectdarts, Unicorn, Winmau, Red Dragon and Pentathlon are some great brands when it comes to buying dart arrows online. Ensure you also check Ali Express, a great online shopping store to get the best prices and choices.

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