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The range on Mini In The Box UAE currently includes more than 8808 items, such as: sweaters & hoodies, shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets & coats, home decor, carnival, boots, hats, and tops. Check the full assortment of Mini In The Box UAE.

These days, there is literally nobody in the world who doesn't use at least one electronic gadget. But often, gadgets are expensive. However, wouldn't it be great if you could get your hands on good quality electronic goods for affordable prices? Well, that is why Mini In The Box is relevant for everyone. You will be able to find hundreds of thousands of affordable consumer electronic items on Mini In the Box. What makes this shop different from other electronic stores is that it serves both retail buyers and wholesalers alike. So, Mini In The Box is going to be useful for you If you're a wholesaler trying to boost profits, a regular customer refusing to pay exorbitant rates, or a person looking for the latest items on the market.

Reasons to love Mini In The Box

There is no shortage of reasons to love Mini in the Box. But one of the most important reasons to love this store is the incredibly affordable prices. You will be able to buy small electronic items and accessories, like phone covers, LED lights, screen protectors, data cables, computers, wearable electronics, headphones, power banks, and children’s toys for wholesale rates. The interesting fact is that for some products, the wholesale rate will only be a fraction of their retail rate. But that is not everything. Here is a list of reasons why you would love Mini in the Box.

  • Extensive range of products - Mini In The Box brings you electronic gadgets and accessories from a wide range of categories. There are headsets of all price ranges, smartwatches, speakers, microphones, projectors, voice recorders, TV boxes, walkie talkies, and even personal care electronics. If you are looking for cheap computer peripherals, there is no better place to look for them than Mini in the Box.  
  • Easy shopping - No matter how many products a store has, for an online store to be usable, it should be easy to search and find the products. Interestingly, Mini in the Box fares well in this department as well. Because all the major product categories are listed clearly on the homepage itself, you won't have a hard time navigating through different categories to find the product that you need.  
  • Round the clock customer service - In case you need help from the customer support team regarding any product or shipping, you will have access to their wonderful twenty-four-hour customer support team on weekdays.  
  • Worldwide delivery - This is one feature of mini in the Box that not many other stores can boast about. Mini in the Box ships their products to customers all over the world with precision and speed. That means you can make use of their services regardless of where you live.  
  • Offers - The price of products on this store is already on the lower side. But it doesn't end there. On top of their attractive prices, you will also get occasional offers and discounts as well. If you are trying to save money on electronics goods, look out for their amazing seasonal offers.  
  • Affordable fashion - Although this is a store that focuses mainly on electronic gadgets, they also have a decent line up of clothes and fashion accessories. Just like their electronic products, clothing items from Mini in the Box are also affordable and of high quality. The website will let you sort the products based on price, colour, and size. So, it won't be any hard to find the right accessory to enhance your style quotient.  

Never think that this is the complete list of reasons to fall in love with Mini in the Box. Far from it, in fact. The store also offers some other products categories like toys, health and beauty products, car and motorcycle accessories, and kitchenware. With such a degree of variety in their products and prices, Mini in the Box is definitely a store that nobody can overlook.

Brands Offered

Just like Mini in the box ships their products all over the world, their product line ups also include products from different parts of the world. This helps them bring you the best products for the lowest prices. But that also means that you might not be familiar with most of the brands on Mini In the Box. Moreover, many of the products offered in the store are from small brands that specialise in one or two simple products. Brands like VESKYS and MASHANG are examples of this. However, a lot of the products on the website are from Mini in the Box itself.

What’s in-store

Probably the best thing about Mini in the Box is that they bring together all kinds of electronic accessoriesfashion productskitchenware, faucets, and other essentials. Mini in the Box has an impressive collection of mobile accessories, including mobile cases and coversscreen protectorswireless chargerscharging plugscamera attachments, replacement parts, selfie sticks, mobile phone holders and vehicle mounts. The second most popular category is that of fashion accessories. In this category, you can find men’s clothing, women’s fashion, and clothes for infants and kids.

Discounts, offers, & promotions

There is nothing better than saving more on already low prices. Despite the fact that the prices on Mini in the Box are already some of the lowest on the market, they are still bold enough to offer further discounts on them. Some of these discounts are seasonal while others you can run into any time of the year if you are lucky. Here is a list of some of the most exciting offers that you will find on Mini in the Box.

  • New year sales - Mini in the Box offers amazing new year offers on a regular basis. On selected items, the New Year discount can be up to a whopping eighty per cent. Well, this is not very different from getting those products for next to nothing. Their new year offers to start a few days before the new year and will continue for several weeks after that.  
  • Free shipping - One thing that discourages a lot of people from shopping online for small items is the delivery charge. This is especially true if you are shipping the product from a completely different country. Sometimes, it is the cost of delivery that makes international shopping impractical. Mini in the Box, on the other hand, offers free international shipping for all orders that are above 29 dollars.  
  • Winter sale - The winter sale on Mini in the Box is also something worth looking out for. Although the winter sale discounts are not as huge as new year discounts, this discount applies to a wider range of products. You will also get free shipping.  
  • DSF - Dubai Shopping Festival is the most famous shopping festival across the world. However, the exact dates of the festival differ every year. It begins in the middle of December and continues till the end of January and sometimes, even a few days after that. During this window, almost all major stores in Dubai offer enticing offers and discounts.  

These are only some of the offers that you can find on Mini in the Box during special seasons. But this does not mean that there won't be any other offers on the store. Besides these regular offers, you might find occasional flash sales and promotional offers all throughout the year. Just keep visiting the website every once in a while, if you don't want to miss out on those offers.

Customer service

Sometimes, what is more, important than an impressive collection of products and low prices is good customer care. A Customer Service that gives template replies for all kinds of queries is off-putting and very discouraging for the customers. If all the offers, exclusive products, and international shipping are not enough reasons to buy from Mini in the Box, yet another reason why this store is worth exploring is their respective customer service.

  • Seven days satisfaction guarantee - People are not very keen on buying electronic products from brands that are not well known because they are afraid of the quality of the products. However, the seven days satisfaction guarantee from Mini In The Box is enough to give customers confidence. In case the item is defective or not as the customer expected, the store will give them a full refund given that the customer hasn't used the product.  
  • Order tracking - This store has one of the most user-friendly orders tracking features. The order tracking page on the website will give you the real-time update of the order shipment. So, you don't have to worry about receiving the product after placing the order.  
  • Multitude of payment options - Mini in the Box accepts a lot of different payment methods. This includes all kinds of debit and credit card payment services, including VISA, Master Card, American Express, Delta, Maestro, and Carte Bleue. You can also pay using other online payment services like PayPal, Yandex, Qiwi Wallet, and Sofort.  

Sometimes, seemingly simple products are the hardest to come across, and this is the area where mini in the Box specialises on. That combined with all the amazing offers, an amazing selection of products and low prices give us more than enough reasons to shop from Mini in the Box.

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