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Casadei metallic lace-up boots
Casadei metallic lace-up boots
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About Lace-up Boots

There is nothing quite as satisfying as slipping into pair of boots. They can make basic outfits stunningly extraordinary. So, you can never go wrong with lace-up boots if you’re looking to add a new pair to your collection.

But what is a lace-up boot? This type of footwear ties up with the help of laces. It is available in different styles, lengths, colours, and materials. However, leather is the most popular and preferred. That’s because it goes well with all types of outfits, be it formal, casual, or informal. Moreover, they always make their way to the style avenue no matter the fashion trend. And that’s why they have always been the favourite ensemble of influencers and celebrities alike. Are you dreaming to own the perfect pair of lace-up boots that suits your style and taste? Read on to know how to make the right buying decision. 

How to style lace-up ankle boots

There is no denying that ankle boots are a wardrobe essential for women. They are practical, comfortable, versatile, and stylish. Thus, they are a perfect pick for any occasion. What’s more, they are ideal for almost any season of the year and can suit a range of outfits. They offer a lot of benefits, right? So, now is the time to shop online if you don’t have a lace-up ankle boot in your closet. We understand your desire to experiment with your fashion statement. Hence, we have compiled below some tricks and inspirations on how to rock your footwear.

Lace-up leather boots with jeans 

Leather lace-up boots and jeans are a match made in heaven. Both ensembles are casual, classic, edgy, and stylish. However, tight-fitted or skinny jeans are the ones that go well with lace-up boots. And if you want to rock a heeled or flat lace-up pair, team up your bottoms with a blazer and a button-up shirt. Trust us, doing so will make you a head-turner. Yet, be mindful that playing around with the jeans’ length is important to look your best. Opt for cropped jeans or cuff your pants at the bottom to show off the boots. 

Lace-up ankle boots with culottes and cropped trousers 

Culottes and cropped pants are trending right now. They look fabulous with ankle-high lace-up boots. Unlike sneakers that often make you appear short when paired with culottes, lace-up shoes with heels make you look taller. You can wear them in any season and casual occasion. However, mind the colour of your footwear. You can never go wrong with neutral shades, as they blend well with anything. Want to look edgy without getting too much attention? Pair black lace-up heeled ankle boots with navy culottes and a white t-shirt. A leather jacket will also be a nice add-on. 

Lace-up boots with skirts and dresses 

Skirts and boots are a killer combo. However, opt for heeled lace-up boots to achieve a more sophisticated look. While flat varieties are also a nice choice, they look plain and basic. Trying something new and out of the box will not hurt. This is true especially if you are attending a special occasion. A midi skirt is ideal, as it flatters your best features when paired with heeled ankle-high lace-up boots. This ensemble gives you a flash of skin between the boots and the hemline. Thus, it balances your outfit while giving you an irresistible look. Apart from midi skirts, you can also rock A-lines with lace-ups. 

Wearing lace-up boots to work  

If you think lace-up boots at work are something just for men, you are wrong. You can pair them with your formal suiting and rock it just like men do at work.  These versatile shoes can be worn on any day of the week, even when heading to the office. However, for an office look, you need to prefer flats over heels. Plus, look for simple shades and lesser work on the shoe. Hence, keeping things minimal is the key to work your office look in lace-up boots. The smooth and clean finish can help you enjoy a polished aesthetic that is ideal for work.

Tips on how to buy Lace-up boots online in the UAE 

Buying lace-up boots is not as simple as pulling them off. There is a wide range of styles, colours, designs, and materials to choose from online. This makes shopping a tricky experience. Thus, we will share some practical tips on how you can make a smart buying decision.

  • Know your style needs – Both men’s and women’s lace-up boots are somewhat similar. However, the differences lie on how they wear them. Given that, it’s important to consider your preference and purpose. Are you going to wear them casually or at work? Think about what you want before taking the plunge.
  • Check your size – When buying boots online, you need to double-check your original size. It is recommended to measure your feet as soon as you wake up. That’s because the feet swell at the end of the day; thus, altering their size. A wet test is also a great way to know your exact size when buying lace-up leather boots online in Dubai.
  • Select a brand and colour – Lace-up footwear can be in any colour, from elegant blacks to beautiful shades of brown. Decide which hue you would like to go for and search accordingly. Experts recommend buying a pair that can go with most of the items you have in the closet.
  • Know your budget limits – Branded footwear, especially in leather, are quite expensive. However, you can easily find cheap tall boots for women, men, or kids here on We recommend you do some market research and set a realistic price limit. Then, look for a suitable option within that price cap.
  • Read product details – Once you get your hands on the perfect pair, dig deeper. Read the product description carefully to know about the heel, sole, insole, cushioning, and other features. Also, it’s advisable to check out product reviews.

Lace-ups are fun to buy and wear. These boots can do wonders to your style in ways you can’t imagine. Luckily, our product search engine offers an extensive selection from over 500 brands and shops. So, browse and buy here on our platform today!

Question & Answer

How to wear lace-up boots?

The sky is the limit when it comes to styling lace-up boots. Start by wearing tall socks for a pop of colour. The hue will largely depend on your mood or the look you are trying to go for. Whatever your choice, it is imperative to tie up your boots tightly for a comfortable fit. You can also keep the shoelace loose if you desire a relaxed look. And if you want to experiment a bit, you can also try various shoelace knots and colours. The best part about rocking lace-up boots is that they bring out your creative side.

How to tie lace-up boots with hooks?

There are generally two hooks on each side of the ankle on a lace-up shoe. You can lace your boot any way you want up to those hooks. Instead of crossing the laces diagonally, put them straight up through the hooks. Next, cross the laces and pull them down to the lower set of the hooks and then tie. It will place your heel securely in the boot. Moreover, you can modify the low-cut boot eyelets and pull them back, leaving the loop. Doing so will make your boots a snug fit.

Are lace-up boots safer than slip-ones?

Yes, at times, lace-up boots are far much better and efficient than their slip-on varieties. This is because they keep the wearer from suffering injuries in the feet and toes. Generally, these boots are appreciated in fields like occupational safety and security. They offer a better grip and safety, thanks to the reinforced steel toes or composite toes.  Besides, the overall construction of the lace-ups offers a better fit and more comfort to the feet and ankle. Additionally, these boots keep the feet warm; thus, making them ideal in colder regions.

Where to buy lace-up shoes?

A superfast product search engine is the best place to browse and buy boots for men, women, and kids. And since you are here on, you are in the right place. Some of the premium brands you can find here are Timberland, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Dr Martens, Steve Madden, Caterpillar, and many more. Their creations are known for superior quality, so you can expect them to last a good couple of years. The best part is that you can purchase them at awesome prices. And yes, there are exciting deals all year round, too. So, hurry and shop now here on our platform!