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About Pet Carriers

Just like you, your pets also deserve a place where they feel comfortable and secured. However, it can be a thing to worry about while you are travelling. But not anymore! Whether you are taking your pet for a vet visit or travelling hundreds of kilometres with them, it is best to use a pet carrier. Let us explore more!

As the name suggests, a pet carrier is a portable box or cage that pet owners use to transport animals like dogs, cats, miniature pigs etc. It is a must-have thing for the pet owners if they have small pets. The pet carrier helps the owners take pets anywhere they want with all the comfort and security. The carriers are usually zipped or locked to protect pets from running away or falling down. Many of them will also have a handle so that you can easily carry them. They can be of any material from cloth to heavy-duty stuff like steel, hard plastic etc. Since there are so many varieties out there, it can be confusing to choose one. So, here is the guide that will help you find the best pet carrier for dogs, cats, or other pets.

Popular types of pet carriers to choose from

Pet carriers may come in the form of metal boxes or even sling or breathable backpacks. Not just that, there is a wide assortment of pet carriers available in the market, having different materials, designs, styles, sizes, and shapes. However, if we speak of a typical cage type carrier, there are two main varieties. One is the front opener, and another is the top opener. The pet owners usually carry them with a handle at the top, but they can even be carried in one’s arms. If you are having a hard time choosing an appropriate pet carrier, here is a brief on popular types that are both affordable and useful. Towards the end, also find some tips to buy pet carrier online in the UAE.

Airline approved dog & cat carrier

There are many types of pet carrier you can have but just a few of them may be airline approved. It is because, while travelling by plane, each airline can have its own set of rules for the pets and pet carriers. Some airlines allow small pets in the cabin whereas others can make them travel in the cargo hold, especially the big pets. For both the places, they may require some special type of best airline pet carriers. For example, in the cabin, the general rule is to have a carrier that can fit well beneath the seat, has a waterproof bottom, and has enough space in which pets can stand, sit, and turn around. In the cargo, they may require crate or kennel with strong metal door and label of owner name. Different airlines may have different set of rules though.

Pet sling carrier & backpacks

Pet sling carriers and backpacks are also popular in the world of pet carriers. Sling carriers will keep your hands free. They lay comfortably around your shoulder and you can have a look at your pet all the time. Backpacks, on the other hand, are convenient while you are hiking, shopping, or taking your pet to veterinarian trip. They also lay on your shoulders. You can hang them at the front or at the back depending upon your choice. However, both the types of carrier are suitable for small pets such as little lap dog and cats. You can find them in different sizes, shapes, colours, materials and designs. Some backpacks can even have wheels for comfortable moving around.  

Crates & cages dog carrier

A crate is a box-type pet carrier that usually has an opening at the front. It comprises of meshed windows or walls along with a sturdy locking system. It also has a sturdy handle so that you can easily carry the same. Cages, on the other hand, are the most common type of carrier. You can find them in different sizes depending upon the size of the pet. It may have an opening at top or front. It has meshed walls so that the dog can breathe freely. Usually, it will have much space for the dog to sit and turn around comfortably. Crates and cages both are study systems in comparison to carrier bags or slings.

Tips on shopping for Pet Carrier in Dubai

From dog bags, cat travel cages, small pet carrier, and cat carrier pouches to Gucci dog carrier and Louis Vuitton pet carrier, there are a lot of pet carriers that are available in the market. Since you have a lot to choose from, it is going to be an overwhelming experience for you to buy one. However, keeping certain factors in mind would make it effortless for you to choose the best and appropriate. So, here are some guiding tips.

  • Understand types– There are many types of pet carriers you can choose from like bike basket, backpacks, slings, crates, cages and many more. All are different in design or functions. For example, a bike basket will help you carry your pet while you ride over bicycle whereas slings are the best options if you want a hands free experience while you are shopping or walking.
  • Consider the size– It depends upon the size of your pet and also other factors. Like, if you are looking for a carrier that you can carry in the plane cabin, then you should look for a size that is airline approved and fits well beneath the seat.
  • Look for safe and comfortable carriers– Along with considering size and type, it is also important to look for the safety aspects. The type you choose should be safe and comfortable for the pet so that even if you are out for a long time, the pet can stay inside comfortably.
  • Look for ventilation– It is one of the essential considerations while looking for pet carriers. Look for meshed windows, walls or anything that gives the pet fresh air to breath in. Else, the pet might feel suffocated inside.
  • Know your requirements– Different type of carrier may suit different requirements. For example, if you are travelling on a plane with your pet, you need to go for airline approved bags or crates. But, if you are riding on a bicycle, you need to look for bike baskets.

The above tips will help you narrow down your options for carriers. However, if you are wondering where to begin the search, you will be happy to know that you are already in the right place. On our product search engine i.e., there is a wide range of options you can choose from. We feature products offered by over 500 trusted sellers of the industry. Whether you are looking for crates, best soft-sided pet carrier or cheap foldable pet carrier, you can find many choices here. Also, find other pet supplies right here. So, make no delay and pick the best styles before it is too late.

Question & Answer

What pet carriers are airline approved?

It depends upon the airline and its policies. Different airlines may have a different set of rules for pets and pet carriers. For example, in general, if the pet is travelling in the cabin, then you need to have a carrier that can fit well beneath the seat, has a waterproof bottom, and has enough space in which pet can stand, sit, and turn around. For cargo, they may require crate or kennel with strong metal door and label of owner name. The specifications may vary based on the airline rules though.

Where to buy a pet carrier online in the UAE?

If you are planning to buy a pet carrier online in the UAE, then you have reached the right place. At, you can find a wide assortment of options offered by over 500 trusted online stores. The options may range from dog bags, cat travel cages, small pet carrier to crates and many more. Moreover, you can find the best brands here so that you can rest assured of the quality. Find Petmate, Outward Hound, Ferplast, Dogit, Trixie, Bergamo, Savic & other popular brands here. So, go ahead before you miss the latest collection.

How to assemble a pet carrier?

It depends upon the type of carrier you have got. Some types come in ready to use patterns whereas others may require assembly. For example, a regular crate can be assembled by first placing top piece over the bottom piece. Then, you need to start inserting fasteners in the holes and also install the door. If you are using feed and water container, then you need to hang them as well. However, the assembly varies hugely based on the type of carrier.

So, are you ready to explore the best collection now? Well, you do not have to go anywhere else for that. Right here on our product search engine, you can find a wide array of options offered by reliable brands of the industry. Not just that, you also get to set preferences for price and brands to quickly find models you are looking for. Also, you can other types of travel baskets here. So, look no further and initiate your browsing journey now!