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Just like humans, pets sometimes have to deal with pain and anything that can subside the pain will help them. Although they do not express their discomfort as plainly as we do, during that time, they still need care to relax, recover and feel more relaxed. Pet muscle relaxers can help them alleviate the pain to a great extent.

Some of the most common reasons why pets suffer from pain are arthritis, inflammation, injury or postoperative pain. Muscle relaxants are used to alleviate spasms of the muscle that can arise from certain conditions affecting the nervous system or injury to the muscle tissues. Apart from injuries, diseases like motor neuron disorder and cerebral palsy can cause muscle spasms. Long-term injuries to the head or spine can also accompany muscle spasms and tightness. Read this article to find out more about pet muscle relaxers. Having a better understanding of these will help you choose the right medication for your pets.

A guide to pet muscle relaxers

Although animals are different from humans in so many ways, they do share a lot in common with humans. They need food while hungry, companionship, sleep, fun, play, and at times, medical attention. When any of the humans in the household is in pain, it will be obvious as they can talk. But animals cannot express what they are going through. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the pet to make sure that the pets are healthy and happy. The below guide will help you know about pet muscle relaxers. Towards the end, you will also find some tips that will help you choose the best.

Methocarbamol for dogs and other animals

One of the most common muscle relaxants administered in pets is Methocarbamol. However, this medication comes under different brand names, including Robaxin, Robinax, and Robaxisal. This pet muscle relaxer helps reduce muscle spasms that are caused by inflammation, disc disease, and injuries. Methocarbamol is only used in pets, however. Generally, methocarbamol is administered by mouth. But if there is a practical difficulty in administering the medicine by mouth, a veterinarian might choose to use an injection.

How muscle relaxers work

Muscle relaxants cause the muscles to become less stiff. This, in turn, reduces pain and discomfort. These medicines do this in different ways. Some of these pain medications work directly on the nervous system, which includes the brain and the spinal cord. On the other hand, there are muscle relaxers that act on the muscle directly. Those medicines that work on the nervous system block the brain signals to the muscles that are causing spasms and pain. The other kind of medicine temporarily weakens the ability of the muscles to contract suddenly.

Side effects of muscle relaxants

Like most other medications, muscle relaxers also have some subtle and obvious side effects. Amongst the common side effects of muscle relaxants include tiredness, sedation effect, decreased activity, and lack of appetite. Keep in mind that side effects happen when the drug is taken as prescribed by the veterinarian. But if the animal happens to ingest more medication than it is supposed to, your pet might experience drug toxicity. Drug toxicity is more severe than side effects and can, in some cases, be life-threatening even.

Treatment for muscle relaxant overdose

Before treating a drug overdose in animals, you have to look at the symptoms caused by the overdose. This will help you understand whether the animal really overdosed on medication and how bad it is. Pets overdosed on muscle relaxants might display weakness, vocalisation, vomiting, salivation, ataxia, tremors, shaking, coma, seizures, and hypothermia. There will be variations in blood pressure as well, though this is not easy to detect. Ingesting activated charcoal can help neutralise the drug to some extent. But if the symptoms are severe, you should take the animal to a veterinarian.

Tips on how to buy Pet Muscle Relaxers Online

Buying a muscle relaxer for your pets involves all the complexities that buying medication for humans has. At times it can be even more challenging because many people tend not to visit veterinarians for the primary care of their pets. In these cases, pet owners should have a pretty good idea about what type of medicines they are using on the animal. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for pet muscle relaxers online.

  • Type of muscle relaxer – Methocarbamol is not the only type of pet muscle relaxer out there. Some veterinarians prescribe Robaxin or tizanidine for dogs depending on the condition of the animal. It is important to get this right. Administering the wrong type of medicine can be ineffective or, in worst cases, it can be dangerous to the animal. To know what type of muscle relaxer you need to use for your pet, you should get help from a professional veterinarian.
  • Mode of administration – There are two types of methods to administer muscle relaxers to pets. The easiest and, therefore, the most common way of giving muscle relaxer medication to the animal is by mouth. You can put the tablet in the food and serve it to the pet. In cases that are not possible, a veterinarian might suggest administering the medicine by injection.
  • Dosage – After identifying what type of muscle relaxer to give to your pet, the next thing to know is the dosage. In order for the medication to be effective, it has to be given in the correct dosage. If the dose is too less, the medication is going to be ineffective. On the other hand, if the dosage is too high, it can be very bad for your pet.
  • Brands – The exact same medicines will be available in the market under different names. In some cases, the prices between different brands can be different. If you want to find a cheaper rate for the same medicine, figure out the generic name of the medicine and look for all the brands that produce that particular medicine.

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Question & Answer

Which pet muscle relaxer is best for dogs?

Some of the common muscle relaxers that are prescribed for dogs include Guaifenesin, Rimadyl, Methocarbamol, Dantrolene, and Benzodiazepine. While all of these come under the category of muscle relaxers, each one of them functions in slightly different ways. Methocarbamol, which is useful in a variety of pets, works by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles. Guaifenesin also blocks nerve signals. However, Guaifenesin is more powerful than Methocarbamol and is only used as support when the pet is put on anaesthesia. Drugs like Rimadyl are anti-inflammatory drugs that directly work on the site of pain.

Do pet muscle relaxers have side effects?

Yes, virtually all kinds of medications have some degree of side effects. It is the same with muscle relaxers as well. One of the main reasons for this is the way muscle relaxers function. Basically, they provide temporary relief from muscle pain and spasm by blocking the signals from the brain or by paralysing some parts of the muscle. This can obviously have an overall effect on the body. As such, this is not a long term solution for the pain. Instead, veterinarians suggest using muscle relaxers until the underlying cause of the pain is treated.

Where to buy pet muscle relaxers online in the UAE?

Muscle relaxers are often prescribed by veterinarians when animals suffer injuries or other diseases. It can relive animals from pain and suffering. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can find muscle relaxers in the UAE. One of the best places to look for them is, however, It is incredibly easy to find the right type of muscle relaxers and other medications using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will be able to buy them for really affordable prices as well.

If you are looking to buy pet muscle relaxers online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on These shops offer products from popular brands like Piping Rock and Now Pets.

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