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About Animal Pharmacy

You may be a pet owner, livestock farmer, or vet. You very well understand the responsibility of having an animal by your side. And when the animal is sick, you have to be by his side all the time. He cannot describe or explain the conditions, you have to observe him. Having an animal pharmacy nearby or at hand is bliss in such crucial situations.

If you are planning to have a pet, create a list of needed things. Nearby vets, shops, grooming businesses, and animal pharmacies must be included in that list. Do not just put one business. At least three business contacts must be there in case the other one is closed for any reason. Do not leave things to the last moment. For instance, we turn to a local human pharmacy for over-the-counter medicine, which is not recommended at all. You should always choose a vet pharmacist for your pet’s needs. However, pharmacies for animals are less comparatively, so having an online place for that matter is great.

Before choosing an online pet pharmacy

The World Organisation for Animal Health strongly suggests every pet owner must choose the products for their companions according to their location. The conclusion is you should not fall victim to the marketing hype. And it is not only about marketing. If you know and understand what is inside the product, you can better relate to it. You would then know what is good and bad for the animal you own. The same goes when buying veterinary medicine online in the UAE. The products must be manufactured keeping the breed, dosage, and climatic conditions in mind. Ask a licensed vet for doubts, and do not experiment by yourself.

Online vet prescriptions

Just like an offline animal pharmacy operates, you have to submit the vet prescription online as well. You need to make sure that the ink is visible enough to read. The essential details are not only of the medicines but the vet’s signature along with clients’ and the vet’s name and address should be visible. Overall, you have to submit every single detail that makes you a legit applicant, not someone trying to buy a counterfeit medicine. And once done, your part of the process is complete. Your application will be scrutinised by the experts sitting on another side of your computer screen, and they will handle the rest. The prescribed medicines will reach your door as early as possible. This is pretty much how an online animal pharmacy works.

Cat medicine pharmacy

Some pharmacies are only for dogs and cats while some are for birds. Take note that falcon pharmacists are different. Also, you will find an online animal pharmacy having products for all kinds of species. As dogs and cats vets are very common, you should not think that you can replace your cat’s fever medicine with your dogs’. Do not do that and stick to the medicine, dosage, and treatment your vet has prescribed. If you are looking for the best place to order pet meds online, then online shops on our shopping platform that is could be the best one.

Zoetis products

Zoetis is a big name for animal health care solutions. They dedicate themselves to providing healthy living solutions to cattle, fish, poultry, sheep, pigs, and companions like cats, dogs, and horses. They equally extend their services to companion owners, vets, and livestock farmers. All in all, their support includes the availability of prescribed products, customer service, technical education, and business support. If you are looking for such platforms, then here it is. You can find this or even more on our product search engine.

Tips on how to buy Animal Pharmacy

You cannot compromise when it comes to health, especially for your pets’ who cannot tell what’s going wrong. You can only trust the vet and his diagnosis. So, while you have the best vet for your companion, you should religiously follow the treatment he has suggested. When it comes to the prescription he gave you, it should be brought from the best pet pharmacy available. Here, we have compiled some pointers if you are buying online, which we think is an equally best option as offline buying.

  • Always safety first – It is the main concern, and that’s why we are making it to the top of the list. What can you do to ensure the legalities of the platform where you are buying medicines for your companion? Or you could be a vet or farmer wanting to fill your readily available medicines’ stock. For all cases, you need to research a bit about the name of the pharmacy and validate the legislation. Most of the time, you can search for them online and read their required certifications. If not, you can also contact their customer support for any queries.
  • Signs of rogue pharmacy – When you find a pharmacy selling drugs without a prescription, you should take a back seat for that one. Also, you see the prices are too good to be true. For that, you can try comparing it with other websites, and you will understand. These are some tactics that you understand just by exploring the website. To validate further, you can check their license.
  • Companion species – You must check the pharmacy specialities as you do with your vet. You cannot take your dog to a cattle vet. Similarly, you cannot buy your dogs’ medicines from a falcon pharmacist. Overall, you will find platforms separately for cattle, livestock farmers, and companion animals, or one platform that has it all. Our shopping platform is one that has all under one roof.
  • Have a brands’ list handy – Just as you know your medicines’ list along with the brand that suits your body’s needs, you should do that with your companions too. Fever, flea, ticks, deworming tablets, and all other emergency or monthly medications, you must have them either stocked up or know a place where it is available readily. This place can be our shopping platform that

Speaking of brands, we would like to list some here. Virbac, Elanco, Merial, Ceva, and Zoetis are some you can explore. On our shopping search engine, you can find them all or even more at our online shops. We take all your pet needs into account and try to stock them all under one roof. You can check out our Pet Supplies section, and we are sure you won’t regret it.

Question & Answer

Are animal pharmacies online safe?

There are signs that can tell if the platform where you are buying pet meds is safe or not. The first sign of them being a legitimate platform is if they are asking for a prescription. If yes, then they are indeed a safe place. But that’s not it. You should also see if they are prompt to your queries, and the person they redirect to must be an expert pharmacist. The one who is dealing with your prescription and is stamping them valid has to be an expert in himself. If until these two points you are satisfied, then sure you can buy from the platform. Or if you want to investigate more, you can check out their license from the state board of pharmacy or equivalent state agency.

How to order pet meds online?

The process depends on what you want to buy. If you are buying an over-the-counter medicine, then the process is just like online shopping. You can hop on to our online shops of Animal Pharmacy, where multiple brands are showcasing their products. You can explore or choose your usual ones, bring them to the cart and check out. On the other hand, you have to upload the original prescription list if the medicines you are buying request one. So, make sure you have the digital copy of the prescription handy, or you can just take a photo from your phone and upload it. This is a simple process with one extra step addition.

Can I buy pet meds online?

Yes, and there is no reason you can’t. Online pet pharmacies are as efficient as offline pharmacies are. There are times when you can’t walk up to the store because you need to be there for your pet. In that case, an online system is what you can trust. No doubt that you have to choose a genuine pharmacy, be it offline or online. A rogue platform often lures you with low prices, so watch out for that. Those cheap medicines either have too many active ingredients or very little. These active ingredients make medicine effective. So, having them in different dosages can affect your companion in different ways. This is the same way medicine work on your body. So, the answer is yes – you can buy pet meds online by checking all the safety measures.

Where to buy animal medicine?

You can check out brands like Merck, MSD, Bayer, and many more on our shopping platform that is All these names are popular not for their products but also for their great services. And our platform is an excellent start wherein you get to explore all these names or even more. A multiple brands store is what we have with an easy-to-navigate system. So, finding prescription medicines and over-the-counter ones is easy and fast. Hop on to our online shops and check by yourself.