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Just like humans, dogs also suffer the blues. It is a real problem in dogs but challenging to spot. However, lower energy, becoming lazy, and eating habits are some of the common symptoms. Let us know how to take your little dog out of such a condition with antidepressants for pets. 

Dog depression is similar to mental conditions in humans. Dogs become sad and lazy while dealing with it. It brings your dogs in a condition that you could have never imagined. Physical illness, environmental changes, grief and fear of loss are some of the reasons behind it. Thankfully, training and behaviour therapy help them come out of this severe condition. Your vet can also prescribe some drugs to prevent them from hurting themselves. It would treat a variety of disorders. Let us know how to find the best antidepressant drugs for animals in the UAE.

A guide on antidepressants for dog’s anxiety

Medication is not a quick fix or magic in this case. Dog owners need to understand that the drug might take 6-8 weeks to show effects. It depends upon the prescription provided by the vet. However, the dose may change as per the results of the treatment. There is a wide variety of drugs to treat different types of disorders. Vets prescribe them to treat aggression, phobias, separation anxiety, and more such problems in dogs. Read on to understand their effects in detail. 

Treatment with antidepressant drugs for dogs

There are many medicines you can find at pet medical stores. Some are prescribed to treat moderate to severe situational anxiety, for example, thunder phobia. Others are good at treating social anxiety-like interaction with other dogs. Your doctor may also prescribe medicines to overcome separation anxiety. Some are effective appetite stimulants and relax muscles. Also, there are some special drugs available in the market. They treat a combination of disorders like separation anxiety and thunder phobia. Your vet can also prescribe certain drugs for self-mutilation and fear of noises. 

Pros and cons if a dog eats antidepressant pills

Pills treat various anxieties in dogs that lead to behaviour problems—separation anxiety, general anxiety, and phobias. Medication is excellent at calming your pet, but it should be paired with behaviour modification training. These pills relax muscles, suppresses seizure activities, help dogs become social and reduce anxiety levels. There are many more surprising benefits. However, some dogs might show side effects. Overdose of pills can cause muscle problems, panting and restlessness in dogs. So, talk to your vet before giving any medication to your dog to know its pros and cons. You can find the best antidepressants for dogs’ behaviour issues and other animal pharmacy products here.

Treating anxiety with natural Prozac for dogs

Prozac is an SSRI that restricts your pet’s body from reabsorbing serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood and generate feelings of happiness. Prozac makes it stay for longer when released so that the consumer can remain free from uneasiness. In simpler terms, it is used to overcome a wide variety of anxiety disorders. A high dose of this medicine might bring some side effects to your pet. Like, diarrhoea, vomiting and lack of appetite. So, always consult your vet before putting your dog on this medication. 

Tips on how to buy Antidepressants for Pets in Dubai

You must be eager to purchase one for your pet. However, thousands of options out there can quickly put you in a state of dilemma. Several healthcare brands are working towards bringing out the best drugs. Although, only a few of them are effective. Here is a set of quick tips that would help you to buy pet antidepressants online in the UAE.

  • Notice symptoms – There are specific symptoms following this condition in dogs. If your dog sleeps all the time, becomes inactive, hides away or lose interest in food, then he might be mentally not well. If such conditions persist, then your dog might need an expert’s consultation.
  • Consult a vet – Anti depress drugs for pets are a form of medication that should not be taken without an expert’s consultation. So, consult your vet to receive a prescription containing appropriate medication.
  • Consider the medical history of your pet – Some drugs can have a side effect on your pet. So, take the medical history into account when you buy antidepressants online for dogs. Look for the ingredients and make sure any of them does not affect your dog adversely.
  • Consider brands – Brands are the next important thing to consider while purchasing drugs. There are a thousand medicinal brands preparing drugs. However, only a few are effective in treating the disease. Some of the good brands working in the industry include TRIXIE, Royal Canin, Pet Safe, Merck, Sandoz, Allivet and Zesty Paws. You can find all these right here on

Antidepressant medicines are an essential part of your pet’s treatment if natural therapy does not work. So, let us browse through an extensive collection of drugs for pets here on On our shopping search engine, you will find medicines offered by over 500 online stores. You can get almost anything and everything here. Moreover, it is easy to search for a particular medicine through the search bar directly. You can even narrow down your choice with the help of sorting features and filters. Also, compare prices to let your purchase suit your budget. So, do not make any further delay! Jump to our pet supplies section and commence your online shopping.

Question & Answer

What can you give a dog for anxiety?

There can be many reasons behind the anxious behaviour of your dog. It can be due to separation, loud noises, motion sickness or any other reason. Thankfully, we have ways to make your pet overcome such a condition. Medication is the first method most dog owners adopt. Benadryl is a popular option that is fed in the form of liquid gel or tablet. A high protein and low carbohydrate diet also aid in healthy behaviour. Playing games is another way to reduce anxiety levels in dogs. Lastly, canine massage therapy is a great calming technique. So, search for a certified professional in your area and schedule a daily routine for your dog.

Can you give a dog antidepressant?

In most cases, training, exercise, a balanced diet and playtime work to reduce the anxiety levels in dogs. However, if nothing works, medication is there. Your vet may warrant a prescription in the cases of separation anxiety, excessive licking, noise phobia, cognitive dysfunction syndrome and more. Whenever you deal with a depressed dog, always try to find out why his condition is first. Then, go for the appropriate treatment. However, it is necessary to speak to a vet before giving any medication to your dog.

Do you need a prescription for a dog antidepressant?

It is a real condition in dogs. Some of its significant symptoms include abnormal eating, irregular sleeping and inactivity. If you find your dog dealing with any such thing, consult your vet. Prescription is surely required for the right treatment. Consultation is required for the right treatment and early recovery. So, whenever you see your dog acting differently, you should speak to a vet. It is always better to consult than to devise a solution yourself.

Where to buy antidepressants for pets?

They are available online as well as in physical stores. However, there is a variety of drugs suitable for different types of anxiety disorders. If you go to a medical store, you can get your hands at just limited options. On the other hand, you can find any medicine that works best for your dog’s condition through online stores. You don’t have to even step out of your place. Online stores offer easy browsing and checkout features so that you can complete your purchasing in minutes. You can even compare prices to go for the one that suits your budget. If you are unsure about where to start, log on to On our website, we feature products offered by hundreds of online stores so that you can find almost everything.

Medicines are essential to treat various anxieties your dog might develop. There can be several reasons behind your dog’s current condition. Maybe, you have just moved to some other place or brought a new member to your home. Maybe, you have added another pet to the family. It seems minute from the surface, but it is a real problem that can leave a permanent impact on your dog’s health and mind. So, take it seriously! If you notice symptoms like irregular eating, sleeping, loss of interest or excessive avoidance in your dog, then take action. Consult your vet and get the best antidepressants for dog behaviour issues here on to help your little pup.