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Everyone wants their pets to be healthy and happy. For that, we feed them the best food we can afford. Some pets are still found with severe diseases and other conditions. So, let us explore pet supplements that help your pets stay fit throughout their lives.

We think that we are supplying all sorts of essential nutrients to our pets through commercial food. Despite that, our pets become inactive and catch severe diseases. It is because every pet has different requirements. Pet supplements come to the rescue at this time! They contain antioxidants, minerals and more nutritional values to help improve your pet’s overall health. Many varieties are coming to the market for your pet’s well-being, for example, hip & joint, skin & coat, probiotics and multivitamin supplementation. On this page, you will know about it. Also, what they do for your dog, cat, or other pets.

Essential pet supplements and their benefits

Pets might look great and fun from outside, but we are unsure of internal matters. Therefore, we take them for regular checkups. Do not get worried even if you observe anything out of the ordinary. You always have medication by your side to help your pets thrive inside and outside. There is a wide variety of pet supplements you have to choose from. Your choice depends upon your pet’s requirements and the vet’s prescription. For example, you can buy cod liver oil for your dog’s eyes or the best dog supplements for shedding. There are added to improve flexibility and mobility in broader terms, reduce shedding, healthy digestion, and more. Read on to know about some useful varieties and their amazing benefits.

Probiotics for dogs

Probiotics are the bacteria present in the digestive tract in dogs. The World Health Organization explains probiotics as “live microorganisms. When taken in adequate amounts, they confer a health benefit on the host.” They help improve digestion and boost the immune system. Besides, they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria like E. coli and more. Just like us, the maximum of the dog’s immune cells resides in their gut. So, keeping their digestive system up and running makes them healthy and active for life long.

Glucosamine for dogs

It is a natural cartilage building block present in dogs. However, with age, the production of Glucosamine slows down. It leads to stiffness in bones and joint pain. However, there are pet supplements for this present in the market. This helps rebuild cartilage, and hence the dog can come back to his activity levels again. In addition, it contains anti-inflammatory effects to reduce your dog’s body pain. It improves lubrication and is the best dog supplement for joints.

Cat vitamin supplements

Just like us, cats also need a balanced diet consisting of essential nutrients. If your cat lacks any crucial vitamin, your vet might recommend some add ons. These vitamins are specially made to eliminate deficiencies and support specific bodily functions. There are various cat supplements for kidney diseases, blood clotting problems, lack of appetite, and neurologic abnormalities. So, if you notice anything abnormal, consult your vet and get essential pet supplements home. You can find them in any pet supplies store or animal pharmacy .

Lysine for cats

Lysine is an amino acid. It is a building block of protein. A cat’s body does not produce lysine on its own. Hence, you have to supply it additionally in the form of food or supplementation. It helps in the absorption of calcium and promotes healthy skin. It comes in powder, pills or even liquid. Some cat food might contain it while some may not, so in that case, add ons are necessary. Consult your vet to understand your cat’s demand and give appropriate quantities.

Tips on how to buy Pet Supplements in Dubai

Today we keep pets like our children. So, why compromise their health? Supply a balanced diet to your lovely kid-like pets. In the case of additional requirements, supplements are always there for you. Find some tips below to buy pet supplements in Dubai.

  • Consult a veterinarian Most pets do not need supplements before they reach a specific age. However, if your pet has an additional requirement, your vet might recommend some supplements. When you notice any abnormal symptoms in your pet, first consult a doctor. Do not just browse online guides and bring supplements.
  • Consider the source Pet supplements are accessible online or through physical stores. However, if you go to medical stores, you will just have limited options. The chemist might give you the best matching mix rather than the original one. So, prefer to order online where you can get almost anything. For example, on, you can find thousands of options under one roof. We feature hundreds of the best online stores selling pet food and supplements on our website.
  • Choose a good brand Whether it is about us or our pets, food is the most important thing. It supplies essential nutrients that our body needs to function. There are several brands out there manufacturing pet supplements. However, only a few are good. Some of the best pet supplements brands include Zoo Med, GNC Pets, Nordic Naturals, Dr Mercola, Nutrition Strength, Pets Choice, Now Pets, Puritans Pride, Zesty Paws and Naturvet. You can find all these here on
  • Check for online reviews Since pet supplements come in a wide variety, it isn’t easy to choose one. You cannot just pick anything and feed it to your pet. So, always check online reviews. Dog or cat owners put reviews of various supplementation online after they use them. Through these reviews, you will get to know whether a supplement would be the right choice or not.

Now that you know much about pet supplements, you must be looking forward to purchasing one. Well, there is no need to move anywhere else. Right here on our product search engine , you can find supplements offered by top brands around the globe. So, commence your online shopping journey before you miss to latest deals and collections.

Question & Answer

When to give cat supplements?

Various supplements are designed to support the different bodily functions of a cat. However, adding supplements to your cat’s regular diet can be harmful sometimes. Pet food manufacturers create a diet for cats based on their lifestyle and age. Once you have selected a diet after multiple feeding trials, there are many pet supplements that you can add to it according to their particular health needs. But, make sure you consult a veterinarian before giving any supplements to them.

Are dog supplements necessary?

Most dogs do not need supplements until they are old. However, dogs with special medical needs might require some supplements to lead a long and happy life. Supplements should be added to a dog’s diet as directed by the veterinarian. There are six essential nutrients that your dog needs to have a healthy life. Those nutrients include water, protein, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. If the vet feels that the dog does not consume enough nutrients through regular checkups, they will provide you with a prescription for dog supplements.

From where to buy pet food supplements?

With so many pet supplements in the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, you can always access several health guides online to know about essential nutrients. You also have an option to check online reviews of supplements you are planning to give to your pets. If you are still in a state of dilemma, come to us on We feature more than 500 online stores selling the best food supplements. You can filter down your choice based on the type of supplement, price and even stores.

What’s good for dog supplements?

About 1/4th of dogs around the globe need supplements to overcome joint stiffness, arthritis and other problems. The most common supplementation includes Glucosamine, fish oil, antioxidants and probiotics. Starting with Glucosamine is effective at treating joint pain and improving mobility. Fish oil alleviates skin allergies and brings shine. On the other hand, antioxidants counteract ageing effects and treat heart diseases. Probiotics are used to treat digestive problems like diarrhoea and irritable bowel. However, it is always necessary to consult a vet before giving any pet supplements to your dog.

We all want our pets to lead a long life. Having said that, it’s hard for some pets if they are suffering from some deficiency or discomfort. We have pet supplements to overcome that by enhancing nutritional densities. If you are unsure where to buy them from, log on to Here, you will find a variety of supplements offered by different online stores. If there is any particular supplement you are looking for, you can directly enter its name on the search bar. Also, you can check online reviews to determine the quality of the products. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the best supplements for your lovely pet. You can also get a discount on pet supplements for a limited period.

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