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Exhibiting your information in a well-organised manner is a crucial part of conveying a high level of professionalism to your potential clients, customers, and partners. One of the best ways of establishing this is by incorporating the index tabs into your presentation. In this article, we shall discuss the many uses and types of index dividers and a few tips to purchase the best one among the lot. So let’s get started!

First things first, let’s define index tabs. Index tabs are small dividers that help you keep our documents organised and accessible. These dividers allow you to quickly reference specific sections of the material without having to search through the dense pages. Interestingly, they come in several types and have different uses too. From marking important messages to improving the organisation and accessibility of employees, the dividers are something that you can easily overlook. Next up, are a few such critical models of index dividers that you can consider investing in.

The different types of index dividers to choose from

Index tab dividers come in a variety of types. Some work to keep the section of the binder divided into orderly sections. At the same time, others help you show a clear and concise message to your clients. Indeed, you could rush out to your local store and purchase hundreds of index tabs and host a DIY session; you’d be much better off if you go for a customised version. Not only do they work more effectively, but they also help you culminate a finished product that looks more professional. However, in order to achieve all this, you must be aware of the various options available to you. Below we’ve compiled a few such options and their unique features and characteristics.

The Avery tabs

When it comes to index dividers, there’s nothing that beats the models from Avery. The ultra-page tabs from Avery are great for referencing, organising, and indexing notebooks, planners, files, and more as such. Their unique features allow you to use them on bibles, journals, reports, or any other spiral notebooks. What’s more, most of their models are durable, repositionable and sturdy as well. Above all, their peculiar design makes it one of the most favoured fashionable dividers that help you dress up your files, planners, binders or any kind of notebook.

The writable and repositionable sticky divider tabs

Indeed, everyone wants to organise their work and files conveniently. Well, if you’re looking out for a product that enables you to swiftly organise your work then go ahead and get yourself these stick-on index dividers. These stick-on dividers come in several colours, sizes and models. However, the standard colours are white and cream. By the way, you could also customise them or get alphabetical dividers for easy filing. Above all, these sticky dividers are user-friendly and very easy to use. All you need to do is to simply write on and stick them on the required pages to upgrade your projects instantly.

The custom binder dividers

Indeed, using index dividers makes organising your reports much easier. However, it’s important to have tabs that are of the right size and also something that exactly fits your preferences. This is where you can consider investing in the customised index tab dividers. Half, legal, or letter-size documents? Well, you have a model for all. With customised options, you can not only pick your favourite size, but also the number of tabs, titles you want to print, and even the holes you want to drill on the pages. All you need to keep in mind is to customise them exactly as per your needs.

The write-on clear dividers

Index dividers are available to you in several types that make your office more organised. These write-on dividers, in particular, provide an easy, efficient, simple, and fun way of labelling your documents and projects. Today, with their rising popularity, you can find several types of write-on dividers, to suit your needs. From Angled fling dividers to self-stick and repositionable ones, you can even find index tabs for hanging file folders out there on the market. The best part is that all of these models are convenient and stylish.

Tips on how to buy Tabs online

Now that you know their types, it’s time to make your pick. But, which one would you choose? Should you go for the colourful ones or the dull, sticky models? What size should you buy? Well, these are just some questions that you might encounter when hunting down your perfect version of index dividers. There are many more. Here are a few quick tips that’ll help you sort out the best one among the lot.

  • Check out the colour of the tabs – You’ll find index dividers in white. However, you can also find them in several other colours. You can even customise their colours as per your needs. Remember that most colourful dividers may cost you more than the cream or white options. Therefore, consider purchasing the white option if you’re on a budget.
  • Consider the weight of the index dividers – Just like the colours; you’ll find the dividers in various sizes too. The most common choices are the 90lb index and the 110lb index. Other weights are available but are usually considered custom. Make sure you pick a model that best suits your needs. Do not go for too heavy ones, as they might become a hassle when you’ve to transport files.
  • Size is important – The standard index divider sizes are letter-sized with a ½” tab extension from the side of the divider. However, you’ll also find them in half letter sizes, legal sizes, and even in 11” x 17” size depending on your needs. Make sure you first work out your storage needs before you make the final purchase.
  • See if it has a reinforced edge or not – You can indeed, add a clean and clear laminate to the binding edge of your index. This helps prevent it from ripping out of your document. They’re especially useful for frequently referenced documents. Carefully assess these features and then make your final call, whether you’re buying it online or offline.
  • Figure out how many tabs you need – This factor has two parts. First, you need to figure out what cut of the tab you want. That is, how many tabs will you split the edge of your document into? Second, you’d want to determine the total number of tabs in each set. For instance, if you need an alphabetic divider, you could order a single bank of 25th cut tabs or order five banks of 5th cut tabs. It depends on you.
  • Consider the placement of the tabs – You can place the tabs as you want on the files. You can choose to place the tabs on the long or the short edge of the document. However, all this depends on the side of the book that you’re planning on binding. Make sure you pick your version of the index dividers as per the binding.
  • See if they’re coated or not – Several index tabs come with coated Mylar sealant. This sealant keeps them from being damaged or bent. Also, most of the sealants can be clear, or they can also be one of about ten transparent colour choices. Therefore, make sure to get your preferences straight before you hunt down your option.

You see, these are just a few major among the many tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing the index dividers online. Several other important factors like the price, brand and quality of the product play a crucial role in buying the dividers. Most importantly, the final decision must be based on your personal preference. Assess carefully and buy wisely.

Question & Answer

What are gummed index tabs?

Gummed index tabs help find your way through any kind of documents in a straightforward manner. All you need to do is to write, moisten and stick to set up convenient tabs. What’s more, they’re highly long-lasting. In short, the gummed dividers offer a classic look with a satisfyingly grip-friendly texture. This feature makes it even easier to turn to the correct page. All in all, you’ll spend less time hunting through the dense pages with these gummed dividers.

How to attach index tabs?

Attaching the dividers is quite easy. However, there are all sorts of dividers out there on the market. And that’s why their attaching method highly depends on the kind of divider you buy. For instance, coloured tabs are one of the most common index tabs for office files and folders. In this case, all you need to do is to write on the paper and slip it into the tab. But, that’s not the case with the sticky index tabs for books. Here, you just need to write on the dividers and stick them where you want.

How do I print on Avery index tabs?

In order to print on any Avery index tabs, you first need to visit their official site. Next, you need to select the product or the design for section headings. You can customise your headings as you wish by using the ‘edit all’ and ‘edit one’ feature accordingly. Similarly, you can also add date, time or title text by clicking on the left column. By the way, you can also add a logo or a symbol from your computer or the Avery gallery. It’s better to preview and print on the blank sheet before you make the final print, as this will help you make the required adjustments. Make sure you have the indexable of contents page handy before you print. In short, it’s quick, easy and professional.

What are the best index tabs to buy?

Best index tabs are those that fit your deal. Besides, it should be long-lasting and affordable. And one of the best ways to make sure that your dividers have all these qualities is to buy them from well-known brands. Some of the famous names in this field include Avery, Daiso, Bantex, Durable, Oxford, 3M, Deli, Atlas, FIS, and Post-It Deluxe. Rest you can explore a reliable retail search engine to find high-quality items at an economical price with just a few clicks.

Where to buy index tabs near me?

The index dividers being one of the most critical tools in the office supplies arsenal, it’s quite evident that you can find several types on different platforms. Even though this is a boon for many buyers, it also becomes a bane when you have to check out hundreds of sites just to pick a single perfect model. Well, what if we tell you that you can avoid this hassle? Yes, visit This product search engine enables you to explore index tab dividers from popular brands and purchase them from your favourite online stores. And the best part, you can do all this on a single platform.

Regardless of the many reasons to buy the index tabs for binders, the ultimate decision is always yours to make. This is why it’s highly essential to get the best one out of the lot. We hope this guide has provided you with adequate information to make a wise choice when it comes to purchasing the index dividers online.