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About Drawing Boxes

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, creating art is always a delightful thing to do, even though it means making some sort of mess. But this doesn’t mean we can leave our place in a constant state of chaos. Fortunately, you have these drawing boxes that’ll help you organise your various art supplies in a stylish manner. If you’re ready to organise your sketch pens, pencils, paints, and paintbrushes, then check out this guide below on how to buy a sketch box online in UAE.

As budding artists, sketch boxes are something that you must always carry with you. The drawing boxes help you keep your various art supplies organised. Not only does it keep your surroundings tidy, but it also helps to protect your various art and craft materials. Apart from that, some sketch boxes also allow you to store other office supplies too. Apparently, you’ll find different drawing boxes that come in different shapes, materials, and designs. Some are always better than others. Therefore, checking out the trending ones is wise before you settle in for your pick. That said, we’ve laid out a few such sketch boxes for painting and other art supplies that you can consider investing in. 

The various drawing boxes for your different needs 

Fortunately, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to storing your art supplies. From a simple wooden framework box to high-end sketch boxes, you’ll find many out there in the market. Some even feature locks and keys to protect what to have. It’s true that this sheer number of options might make you dizzy while you’re browsing them online. However, knowing what you want and having adequate product knowledge can easily get you started. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of popular drawing boxes that you can buy for storing your art and various office supplies. 

The finest Kingart French Sketch box easel

An easel is an essential part of any artwork, which is why it’s important to have a storage box that protects it well. If you’re in search of such a model, then you cannot go wrong with this French drawing box easel from Kingart. The product features a metal storage drawer and comes with an espresso finish. Measuring up to 28.35-inches x 44.85-inches x 70.85-inches, you can fold the product to 15.75-inches x 22.25-inches x 6.5-inches. This makes it a compact structure and helps you store them away easily. Thanks to its dried, oiled hardwood structure and spacious metal lined storage box is named the best sketch box easel out there on the market today. 

The Sakura pocket field sketch box for a set of 18 Koi watercolours

This set of 18 colours pocket-field drawing box by Sakura is perfect, lightweight, sleek, and the best solution for painting on the go. The product features 18 half pan colours that have been formulated to blend easily and create an endless range of colours. It also has a refillable water brush that helps you transport and stores water while on the road. Furthermore, the kit also contains a large 9mL size water reservoir barrel, detachable medium brush tips, and two dabbing sponges. Apart from that, the product also has a snap lid that you can use, like an easel and a base pull-down ring. 

The All media artist’s supply sketch box

If you’re looking out for a wooden drawing box with a plywood palette, then this model from All media is your best bet. Thanks to its removable dividers and a compact structure that measures 8.1cm (H) x 42.4cm (W) x 32.8cm (D), you can store several supplies easily. Further, the shape and size of the product are perfect and help you store various paints, brushes, sketch pads, and other supplies in one place. Apart from that, the drawing box also features a briefcase-style design and an unfinished wood exterior. This provides you with a universal appeal for all artists of all mediums. Above all, you can also use these boxes as a classic storage container for storing craft supplies, stamps, and other office tools. 

The shading pencil box from Vaultz

If you carry a lot of cherished supplies, then you might want to consider investing in this lockable shading pencil box. It features either a key or a combination lock. Measuring 5×2.5×8.5 inches, this compact model is lightweight enough for you to travel with them. When it comes to the interiors, the product features a mesh pocket and an elastic band. This helps you keep objects in place while you’re on the move with them. Also, it’s important to note that the locking system in this model isn’t 100 per cent fool-proof. This means this isn’t a tiny safe. However, it does serve as a good deterrent against unsanctioned users. Besides, it perfectly safeguards your items from children and pets.

Tips on how to buy Drawing Boxes

Although there are basic practices you can follow to protect your art supplies, if you’re planning to store them in a drawing box, then you need to have the right one. Remember, archive your collection of pencils, sketch pens, crayons, and other essential part of creating art. Besides, none of us wants to have dried up bottles of paint and screechy sketch pen nibs when you open your sketch boxes after a while. Here are a few tips to make sure that you have the right sketch box for artists.

  • Know your needs – What are you planning to do with your drawing box? How many items do you want to store in them? What materials do you intend to store? Asking yourself a few such questions helps you prioritise your needs. And understanding your requirements is a very important step in any online buying process.
  • Do a bit of research – Once you know what you need, it’s time to figure out the various jargons you might encounter next. Having adequate knowledge about the boxes you intend to buy helps you narrow down your choices. Try checking out the popular places where you can buy them, the best-selling manufacturers, and a little bit of product history.
  • Explore your options – Every drawing box has a different structure, finish, style, and design. And not all of them might suit you. This is why it’s important to explore various options before you start your search online. This way, you know which ones you’d want to settle in for. The more you know about the boxes, the better it is.
  • Consider the materials – As mentioned earlier, you’ll find sketch boxes in many types. Not all of them come in the same materials. Some of the most common materials are wooden, steel, and plastic. It’s best to pick the best materials, as they determine the durability. We all want a product that stays with us for a very long time. So make sure you check out the box materials before you buy.
  • Look at the insides – Every sketch box has a different internal structure. Some have more compartments, while others have fewer. Therefore, look at your requirements first. If you intend to store more brushes and paints, then pick a model that has such an internal structure. However, if you wish to just store pencils and pens, then pick a suitable model.
  • Evaluate the quality – Regardless of which model you choose, you must opt for a model that’s high in quality and sleek in structure. The quality of the product determines its durability and reliability. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have a robust, reliable, and high-quality product is to buy them from popular brands.
  • Read online reviews – Many art fanatics take time to pen down their experience with the product online. Taking a look at this feedback helps you evaluate the product performance, its pros and its cons easily. Always try and pick a sketch box that has a maximum number of positive comments. You need to be careful while picking out a box with mixed reviews.

Indeed, a cool sketch box serves several purposes. It perfectly stores your art supplies, makes them long-lasting and keeps things organised at your art studio. Therefore, do take time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each model before you settle in for your choice. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction and help you pick your perfect sketch box online.

Question & Answer

How much does the sketch box cost?

Every drawing box has different properties, and these properties determine the price of the model. This means you’ll find both expensive and cheap sketch boxes out there on the market. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. This not only helps you narrow down your choices but also ensures you buy a product within your price range. By the way, you could also get some high-quality sketch boxes for sale online in UAE if you’re an economiser.

How to set up a sketch box easel?

Sketch box easels are an essential part of any artwork. To set them up, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to loosen the wing nut on the side leg. Secondly, gently pull the leg away from the drawing box to release the hairpin latch. The third step – rotate the side leg at the joint so that it fits into the recess. Next, tighten the wing nut till your secure the leg in place. Similarly, loosen and fix the wing nuts of the back legs too. Finally, unlatch the canvas support and adjust it to your desired position. 

What comes in a sketch box?

A drawing box usually has a group of hand-selected art supplies. You might also find a piece of art made with them and access to an educational video. Also, it acts as an excellent art supplies storage item where you can store different types of art materials that you frequently use. These not only protect your cherished art materials but make sure they stay with you for a very long time. You may also find guides to help you with the process or ideas that you can inculcate. Read the manual and instructions carefully to make the most out of your drawing box.

Where to buy a sketch box online in the UAE?

Artists are never disappointed when it comes to online shopping in UAE. Several online stores across the city offer you different types of sketch boxes from popular brands like Royal & Langnickel, Mabef, Hobby Lobby, and Copic. While you’re on the move to buy your perfect drawing boxes, do check out the option on Our product search engine brings you a marvellous collection of drawing boxes from famous brands. Better yet, you can buy them from your favourite online stores too.