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If you think brochure stands or leaflet racks are an old trend, you might not have seen their latest designs. It could be a delight to explore brochure shelvings and strategise new ways to market your business inside or outside your workplace. But before you add a product into your cart, you must invest some time in contemplating the shopping dos and don’ts.

Brochures have multiple objectives to serve, but first, we shall talk about their looks. They can be of different sizes from A7 to A4 and can be folded into a template, pamphlet, or leaflet. You can introduce your business, product, service, or convey any other useful information through these printed papers. Other than putting them on brochure shelvings, these are also distributed as newspaper inserts, by e-mail, or handed out personally. You now must have ideated the need for strategising the brochures printing, their size, design, colours, content, and various other things. Only by knowing the brochure’s content, you can buy the adaptable storage in the form of a brochure display stand.

Types of leaflet racks aka brochure stands

These products in the display can be segregated in terms of material, height, placement, and the number of compartments. Yes, you need to contemplate all these features during the purchase. Also, you should not forget the space in your workspace. What’s the point of having a freestanding unit when it has to manage with the plants and water cooler beside it? The objective of having a brochure shelving is to market your business, and you must strategise it the right way. And if done so, even a cheap brochure display stand can do the work.

Brochure boxes

This product is one of the favourites of realtors. These box-shaped brochure shelvings can be wall-mounted or countertop, or even one product can have both features. The wall-mounted version is used in front of the house on sale, and the countertop version in the office. Not just realtors, they sound perfect for workplaces where client interactions are regular. The reason is the attention span. You must admit that it is more convenient to read less information on one leaflet than unfolding multiple brochures on a four-tier stand. If you too agree with this approach, you can check out some cheap wall mount brochure holder at our shopping platform,

Zig zag brochure stand

The tall zig-zag brochure shelvings are one of the essentials during trade shows or any public or private event. And while owning one, you must be aware of a few specifications. The first and foremost is having a firm ground. You can either have a wooden base or something that can create friction with the ground to avoid falling. It should have acrylic material or anything transparent that must not block the view of brochures. The last one is optional, but if they are collapsible, that’s an add-on. The same specifications should be followed when you are searching for a brochure stand for the office. Obviously, you are not going to buy a product for trade shows, so keep future needs in mind when you are on a shopping spree.

Tabletop brochure stand

You can be creative with tabletop products by placing them in different locations. You can place the stand on the reception table, waiting room table, or even on the corner table. Therefore, you can buy more than one tabletop stand and strategise your ads accordingly. But one thing you need to consider is not to create a chaotic picture by having multiple brochure shelving in one product and stowing bulk of leaflets into it. You can get an idea by exploring the variants, and if it seems interesting, you can buy an A4 brochure stand online in the UAE.

Tips on how to buy Brochure stands online

Brochure holders are essential for retail locations, gyms, cinemas, public sector building, showrooms, exhibitions, and many other workspaces. It is one of the powerful brand and selling tools. Thus, having the best of all brochure racks is more than a necessity. Here, we have compiled some bullet points for you to strategise the product’s features. We are hopeful that these points will help you in making an informed decision.

  • The size of the brochure stands – You must know the printable size of your brochure before grabbing the rack for them. It can be A3, A4, or smaller versions. Some wall-mounted stands even portray a single laminated version of the brochure. Thus, we suggest strategising their placements before you decide on the size.
  • Fitted vs freestanding vs countertop – All of the three types are equally effective. If you have a small office, you can go for fitted or countertop products, else include freestanding as one of the options too. Matching the aesthetics of your place is also one of the factors that can help you decide on the type of product you should go for.
  • Single or multi-tier product – Whatever option you choose, you should make sure that none of the sleeves should be left empty. We know we have been dragging your thoughts towards having the printable brochure first. Believe us! It can make your decisions faster and concrete.
  • Decide the placement – Are you planning to have one brochure stand and place it in one corner of your reception? Don’t do that! That’s an old way of having something, which nobody notices. Get two or more brochure stands of different or similar designs and place them in the location your customer most roam around.

That was about choosing the best leaflet rack or brochure stands. The brochure shelving is upon you to decide. You can have one or more brochure on one floor. Next is to decide the brand and for that, we recommend exploring the brands to scrutinise the best out of them. Here, we would like to list a few brands to give you a better start. These brands include Deflecto, Alba, and Execompta. You can find them or more at our shopping platform,

Question & Answer

Which is the best type of brochure stand that I need?

Well, there is not one kind of brochure that stand out of which you can choose the best one for you. Ideally, you need to contemplate the space you have for the brochure stand. Then, you need to match the aesthetics of the room, so it does not look out of place. Still, you are in a hurry and do not like to explore much. Then we suggest going to acrylic products. These are transparent and come as one tier to four tiers. You can also choose the size of the compartment and sleeves. You can find such products at the Durable brand store.

Which is the right brochure stand for small office space?

Do not go for a freestanding unit when you have small office space. It is obvious that you will be adding more products, small or big, from time to time in your office, thereby sliding the brochure stand away. At one point, it can’t be even seen in the corner due to the plant, more chairs, and tables you have added. Thus, it is best to buy a tabletop, or wall-mounted brochure stands that too small size. You can place this on the corner table or near one. If you agree with our suggestion, we think Ikea may fulfil your requirements with their classy products.

How much is a brochure stand online in UAE?

The price range of brochure shelvings is very flexible. You can buy a very basic minimalistic small size stand at AED21. Else, you may choose a freestanding unit of four tiers worth AED6000. You might now get an idea of the price range. If you are in a dilemma of choosing your budget range, list your preferences, explore the product, see what products are existing with the feature you want. You should start with a higher range and see if it fits your budget. If yes, then why compromise with the features. If no, then you can subtract not so required features and grab the second best.

Where to buy a cheap brochure holder online in UAE?

If you are finding cheap products, do not filter a single brand. Instead, do not apply any filter other than sorting the price from low to high, which we know is obvious to say. In that regards, our product search engine covers multiple brands of flexible price range under its umbrella. You can even expect a really low price from a reputed brand. Other than that, you should check on the deals as well, if there is any.

If you are ready to explore, we want to say: we have the product you deserve. Not only brochure stands, but the office supplies you have been on the lookout for all this while. You can bulk buy or choose a single product- all up to you. We suggest taking a sneak peek at our shopping platform, and see for yourself.

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