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About Postage Stamps

A postage stamp is a label stuck on postal packages like envelopes and letters to prove payment for postal services. After paying, stamps are issued by the postal administration, any authorised vendor, or post office and are fixed on the package’s face or address side.

A postage stamp comes in different dimensions and designs for various important events and occasions. You can issue postage stamps when giving respect to national personalities or any strong personality. Because of that, other postage stamps depict diverse geographical and cultural features in society. The most common theme of stamps is animals like birds, and their difference is in the way they are used and where. Depending on the nature of the mail and the package’s weight, you can use one of the available postage stamps in the market. On this page, we will explore much more about stamps to pick one. Continue reading to know more!

Things you need to know about postage stamp

The most common postage stamps include postage due stamps, animal stamps, express mail stamps, and unique delivery stamps. For easy use and application of a stamp, details like year, name of the country, and stamp value are essential. People buy them for the primary purpose of mailing and have a hobby of collecting them. On the other hand, a personalised postage stamp is designed for your specific needs and comes with a wide range of benefits as you can use it for multiple purposes in any paperwork and documents. These stamps can make your company look more professional when dealing with suppliers and customers. Let us know more!

Postcard stamp collection

Stamp collection is among the world’s most favourite and popular hobbies that most people enjoy doing. The hobby involves mainly collecting postage stamps and rejected objects. Rejected objects are packages or envelopes with stamps on them. Philately, the study of stamps is often confused with a stamp collection. However, stamp collection needs philatelic knowledge for it to be a successful process. In some areas, stamps are designed elaborately to help collectors easily find and purchase them. Rare stamps are portable and tangible investments that form an attractive alternative to precious metals and art in general.

Online postage stamp

If you send emails regularly, you can look for postage alternatives to ship your package without spending more time and money in the postal office. With the introduction of internet services, printing a postage stamp online is easy. You only need an internet connection, a computer, printer, and adhesive printable paper to print online postage stamps. You can buy stamps online at an affordable price and avoid long queues at the post office. Buying an online postage stamp will also save you money. Unlike postage meters that have hidden charges, there are no hidden charges when you buy your date stamp from reliable sources.

Personalised address stamps

You have a practical and convenient office tool when you have a customised postage stamp linked to your company. A personalised postage stamp designed to your specific needs comes with a wide range of benefits as you can use it for multiple purposes in any paperwork and document. These stamps can make your company look more professional when dealing with suppliers and customers. Also, you will save a lot of cash and maintain your professional looks by avoiding the cost of printing addresses. A cheap return address stamp for your goods and packages is another way of adding some vital information to the package at no extra cost. The likelihood of losing your package is low when you have a personalised return address on the envelope.

Wax seal stamp

One of the best ways of sending invitations and gift cards is adding a little personalised wax stamp. To achieve the above, you need to know what sealing wax is and how to use it. There are a lot of online guides on how to use a wax seal stamp, or you can get help from people who have used them before. Sealing wax is similar to candle wax but is shinier, strong, and pigmented when used. One can conveniently find these wax seal stamps for sale online in UAE and offline. The strength of wax seal is the central aspect that makes it popular as it cannot break easily once sealed. Sealing wax for a postage stamp can be different depending on its recommended melting technique. Therefore, it is essential to have the right one to suit your intended needs.

Tips for buying a Postage Stamp online in the UAE

You will need a postage stamp whenever there is mail to send. Most people prefer buying them from the post office, but there are several other alternatives. For example, buying online provide a simple and faster way. However, the varieties in the market make it harder for shoppers to identify the best product for them. You can consider some of the below-buying tips to have an easy time when buying a postal stamp online.

  • Consider the cost – Postage stamps have different prices due to factors like the weight of the package. However, the price of a postage stamp should match their quality. If you look for a postage stamp that fits your budget and quality, you can save some money.
  • Consider your needs – Since postage stamps meet different users’ needs, users should be guided by their needs when buying. Your package size and the image you wish to portray should be the main factors to consider when buying a postage stamp. For example, you should get a return address stamp if there is a high risk of losing your package while in transit.
  • Consider the place of the issue – Nowadays, there are many postal stamp sellers. You can buy a postage stamp both offline and online, but the place you choose should be the most convenient one for you. Printing postage stamps online is one of the easiest ways of getting a stamp for your package.
  • Consider the number required – The postal office is responsible for deciding the number of postage stamps you need for your mail or package. Ensure you know the postage value for local and international mail to be on the safer side.

Now that you have known a lot about them, do you want to start your shopping journey? Well, the good news is that you can initiate from here. On, you will find a vast collection offered by popular brands operating in the industry. You can even set preferences here for quick purchasing. So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and grab the required ones. To buy a stamp for a postcard online, you only need an approval postage label and a printer. We list stores that serve customers by offering print and buy postage stamps online in the UAE. So, go ahead and explore now!

Question & Answer

What stamp do I need?

The type of stamp you need will depend entirely on your needs. Nowadays, the market offers a wide range of stamp types for different customer needs. For example, when you want to ship clothes, you will need a personalising like a stuck on your clothing stamp. Likewise, you can use the Trodat stamp for self-inking stamps when you want to customise graphics or text on the date field. Stamp quality is another thing that can help you choose the best stamp for you. Also, look for renowned stamp companies like Colop for quality stamps. You can also check others like commemorative, semipostal, and definitive stamps in addition to the above stamps. It is essential to ensure the stamp you purchase in the market suits and can fulfil all your postal needs.

How much is a mail stamp?

Postage stamps contain essential details like issuing nation, destination, and value. However, the value of the postage stamp depends mainly on the size and weight of the package. The first four ounces of any package will cost you approximately 1.09AED in postage. For any additional weight of the box, you will have an additional fee. You can visit for more information on the price for different mail stamps. Customers with large envelopes may be required to pay 0.27AED for the first ounce and 0.054AED for every additional ounce. However, you can ask for recommendations when buying mail stamps to have the best deal.

How many mail stamps do I need for a letter?

The number of postage stamps you need for your letter will mostly depend on the item’s weight, class, and size. You only need one forever stamp for a standard letter, while you need a first-class stamp for an envelope. Letters that weigh more than 12 ounces require one or more stamps. The origin and destination points are also significant considerations when calculating the number of stamps your letter requires. For a standard dimension envelope, you need two forever stamps. Therefore, the only way to determine the right number of stamps is by measuring your letter’s weight and size. Also, professionals like postal offices can help you when deciding on the number of mail stamps needed.

Where to buy postage stamps online in the UAE?

If you are in search of the best collection of stamps online, then you have arrived at the right place. At, you can find a vast collection offered by hundreds of online stores. Moreover, you can use features like filters, sorting, and direct search to quicken your browsing. Also, you can find other mail supplies right here. You can also compare prices here to find out the best and budget deals. So, go ahead and do not miss the latest collection. Also, do not forget to explore other products under the office supplies category.

This guide will work for sure to steer you towards the best and required postage stamps. On our product search engine, i.e.,, we feature products offered by popular brands of the industry. If the options seem too many to you, you can narrow them down with the help of filters and direct searching. So, make no delay and grab the required ones before you miss onto running deals! It is important to pay attention to the postage stamp you are using to avoid last-minute setbacks in the postal office. So, go ahead and explore now!