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About Address Labels

Address labels convey some information on envelopes, packages, and other products. It also finds use to put identification tags on products such as files, toys, and boxes. Self-adhesive products may come with permanent or removable adhesive. Address labels also come without adhesive for use in file cabinets and other places. The content on these products is handwritten or printed. 

The most common uses of address labels are to write the address of the recipient, the return address, and convey other vital information on envelopes and packages. These labels come in different paper types, such as Matte white, glossy, Kraft ones, and more. Each type leaves its distinct impact. Kraft items, for instance, is textured brown and offer a natural, rustic look. Matte clear products are super-strong and also add a touch of elegance. The versatile matte white paper suits any application. Extra-strong and heavy-duty film products are waterproof and withstand chemicals, sun, freezers, and other abrasions. Address labels with removable adhesives leave behind no residue when removed. Silver and foil types give a striking impression.

Different types and brands of address labels 

The top brands include Avery, Brother, Dymo, Labtek, FIS, Hema, and Minted. These brands offer blank address, self-adhesive, return address, return address stickers, blank address, self-adhesive, mailing stickers, personalised address, envelope address stickers, address label sheets, small return address, letter address stickers, and many other labels. Address types come in many shapes and sizes. The standard size is 1″ x 2.625″. A standard return label size is 1.75″ x 0.5″. But these could change depending on use. Most adhesive ones are self-sticking and delivered in sheets. The number of stickers per sheet varies, depending on the size of the sheet and the size of the sticker. 

Avery address labels  

Avery address products have one of the most popular address labels in the market. These high-quality products, with thick sheets and strong adhesive, is well received by most customers. Affixing Avery address products helps to preserve the quality of the envelope or packaging. They come in various types. A few include shipping, CD & DVD and inserts, colour coding, file folder, fabric transfers, sticker project paper, and more. It also offers high-end industrial products such as floor decals, GHS chemical labels, industrial durable, table and chair decals, large 4″ x 6″ sheet labels, and more. Avery easy-peel products make it easy to affix them on the envelopes without the risk of strong adhesive crumbling during the affixing process or the sticker withering away from the package due to poor adhesive quality.  

Envelope address stickers 

Envelope address stickers, the most common type, add delivery information to items delivered by post or courier. These could take the form of letter address stickers, small return address types, or any other sticker type conveying any information on a package. Usually, address types indicate the name and address of the package or recipient. But they also find several other uses. Some of the most common information conveyed through them include a return address, marketing message, contact information of the supplier, or even an additional greeting. Envelope address stickers are usually white, with a matte finish, though other types, such as glossy finish, are also common. The quality of envelope address stickers depends on the adhesive and how easy it is to peel off the wrap and affix the label to the package.  

Personalised address labels  

Personalised products come with custom print and design. These products help the sender to stand out and also make a distinct impression. Personalised address stickers come in custom sizes. They are often large, much bigger than the conventional 1″ x 2.625″ or 1.75″ x 0.5″ sizes, to create a distinct impression. Look-wise, they may come in white, clear, solid, or white colours, or even attractive designs such as pretty flowers, Christmas designs, party themes, or anything else. Invitation to a birthday party could, for instance, have stickers with a party or balloons in the background. A formal invitation could have a gold plated border and a conservative font. Buy cheap address label stickers, including the best Avery address label, using our Dubai product finder

Address label sheets 

Most products come in sheets of varying sizes, such as A4, A3, or B5. Avery 5160, one of the most popular sheets, has 30 labels per sheet, with each one measuring 1″ x 2.625″. Avery 5167, another popular return address sheet, has 80 labels per sheet, with each one measuring 1.75″ x 0.5″. These sheets, fed into a printer, and configured properly, make it easy to print addresses in bulk. A variant of address sheets is printed address types on a roll. Instead of feeding individual sheets into a flatbed printer, printed addresses on a roll feed into a dedicated purpose-specific printer that dispenses printed products. Address types on a roll make it easy to print several hundred products in one go and are ideal for bulk and industrial jobs. 

Tips on how to buy Address Labels

Address labels come in many sizes, types, and qualities. Most people underestimate the type and quality considerations when selecting address labels. For instance, selecting good quality labels, with the paper having a high GSM, ensures the address does not smudge or become illegible. When selecting address labels on a roll, if the winding tension of printed label reels is very tight, it causes adhesive bleed. It requires high-quality craftsmanship to ensure the labels fits in the slot and does not cause issues such as adhesive bleed. Even without such quality issues, it is important to select the right style, size, and colour to ensure the label is not out of place. Choosing a personalised label with a party theme, for instance, is out of place when sending formal business invoices.

  • Adhesive – The number one determinant of quality when it comes to labels is the quality of adhesive. Make sure self-adhesive address labels have strong, dependable adhesive. For other labels, make sure the paper does not deteriorate when applying strong adhesives.
  • Paper – Make sure the paper fits the requirements. Address label papers come in various type and finish, such as matte, glossy, kraft, film type and more, each with various strength and thickness.
  • Print quality – Sharp and high-quality printing complement superior address labels, Dull or light printing is not just a letdown but may also lead to the package being lost or dispatched to the wrong address.
  • Size – For mass printing, make sure the address labels come in the required size and numbers per sheet. For instance, the most popular Avery address labels come in 1″ x 2.625″ and 30 labels per sheet.
  • Templates – Address labels come in different templates and styles. Make sure the address labels you buy suits the industry or purpose and resonate with your style.

Amongst the address label brands you can choose from include Brother, Dymo, Minted, Labtek, FIS, Hema, and Avery. These brands have several distinct characteristics and various quality levels. Choose a brand that best suits your requirements and standards. Buy address labels UAE and buy return address labels online UAE that matches your needs using our product search engine. Use multiple filters and search options to identify the product matching your exact requirements.

Question & Answer

What can address labels be used for?

Address labels find uses for a host of purposes. The most common use is in envelopes and packages. Address labels are common in wedding invitation cards and other mass mailing envelopes as well. The use of address labels on envelopes is for writing the address or return address of a package, including a promotional or marketing message, conveying some important information related to the package, such as “Urgent” or “Fragile.” However, address labels find uses for a host of other purposes. Using labels in gift tags allow the recipient to identify the person who made the gift. Address labels also find common use as a luggage tag, to identify the luggage, and as book labels. Another common use is in children’s belongings such as toys and clothes, to identify these items easily.

Where to put a return address label on the envelope?

The placement of labels is just as important as the quality of address labels. Place address labels on the front of the package or envelope in a place where it is easy to view and scan. Likewise, place the return address on the envelope on the front of the envelope or package, under the main address label, preferably on the right corner. Nowadays, most post offices and couriers scan address labels instead of an agent doing visual readings. As such, it is important to place address labels in a place where scanners can reach easily. Also, it is important to include a zip code to identify the destination location. Make sure the address and the return address are easily distinguishable to avoid confusion. It would not do good for the package to be delivered to you, with the dispatcher mistaking the return address as the recipient’s address!

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