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About Travel Adapter

If you regularly travel a lot, then a travel adapter is the most basic thing to carry along. This is because the types of sockets used as well as the voltages may vary from one country to another. Most countries either use 110V or 240V. While most of the chargers come with the ability to use either of the voltages, they may not be able to plug into a wall socket that looks different from that of your country.

Before you go to pick a travel adapter for sale online in UAE, it is important that you understand the various types. You should know the type of travel adapters available in the market and how they differ from one another. Besides, you would want to know what adaptors to pick depending on the countries where you visit. In this article, we will know some of the most popular brands and types. Our aim is to help you purchase the best power travel adapter on We have shared some of the most salient features of travel adapters. Also, a list of tricks and tips that you should keep in mind when making a purchase. Let’s start.

Determine the adaptor plug that matches the country’s power outlet

A plug adapter is an accessory that allows you to plug into the wall outlet of the country you have visited. You may find that a country uses square ports instead of the round ports used in your country or vice versa. The use of a travel adapter’s plug adapter allows you to use the different socket configurations. This device simply has plugs and ports that match the socket of your charger. You use it by simply plugging it into a wall and then plugging your charger into it. Remember, it does not convert electricity. Therefore, you have to make sure that your device’s charger can handle the voltage from the outlet.

Converters help step match the required voltage

If your charger or device cannot handle the voltage from the outlet, you would want to step the voltage up or down to match your need. This is where a converter comes in handy. This travel adapter can change between 110v to 240v and vice versa. They come with a plug, a housed converter and ports where to plug in your device. These accessories are best used for short time power needs. Like, a hairdryer or an electric toothbrush, and not for continuous power supply for many hours. You can go for a universal adaptor such as Targus world power travel adapter. It is useful if you travel to countries with different power configurations from time to time. It saves you from having a different power adaptor for each country.

Universal travel adaptors are your best bet if you travel regularly

If you travel from one country to another regularly, we advise that you get a universal adapter from our platform. A universal accessory comes with different pins to cover different types of sockets around the world. This saves you from having to purchase a different adapter for each country that you travel to. Some of the models also come with additional features such as the ability to charge more than one device at a time and USB ports. Most of the leading brands also come with pouches or travel boxes. They allow you to arrange all the items into one location and reduce the chances of losing some. Explore our platform for the available universal chargers so that you pick one that best meets your needs.

Check your devices before you pack

Most travellers find themselves at a loss when they realise that their devices cannot be charged even with the travel adapter, for they are not made to use the available power output. It is always good to make one final verification of the allowed power inputs for your electronics before you leave home. This gives you a chance to purchase the necessary accessories so that you can use the electronics when you reach your destination. We recommend that you check for these at least a week before you fly out of your country. This offers you a window where you can buy the item online and have it delivered to you in good time before you leave for your trip.

Check the electricity rules of your destination country 

It is important that you are familiar with the electricity rules for different countries. This helps you to plan accordingly in good time. For example, the UK has strict power safety rules, and all charger4s must meet a given power standard. Some countries also limit what devices you can bring into the country on your trip. You do not want to have some of your electronics thrown out at the airport or be accused of causing a power issue in your hotel. Therefore, take time to search for any relevant information on travel chargers and other electricity standards that are set by the destination country. It will save you from problems later and ensure that you have a fruitful and comfortable trip. 

Tips on how to buy Travel Adapter online in the UAE

Above, we have provided some of the salient features that should come into mind when purchasing a travel adapter. We believe that we have given you some insight into what goes on in the world of adapters. However, you are likely to get hundreds of travel adapter brands on our Dubai search engine, including leading brands such as the Skross world travel adapter. This may make your purchase decision a little difficult to come by. For that reason, we have come up with a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when making your purchase decision. These tips have been sourced from customers that have bought products in the past and experts in the world of electronics. Let’s go.

  • The country’s power output – What is the main power output of the country? Can your device handle the voltage? Check the allowed voltage on the side of your charge or device plug. If the voltage is beyond the accepted range, you need to have a converter. Otherwise, a travel adapter plug would work.
  • Socket plug/pin format – What is the socket configuration of your country you wish to visit? Put this into mind when making a choice. For example, if your country uses a type D socket and is visiting a country that uses a type G socket, you need a type g plug adapter.
  • Additional features – You may also consider additional features that you may find in some of the best power travel adapter brands in the market. This may include the ability to be used by more than one device, availability of USB ports and a power meter.
  • Safety – Ensure that the travel adapter that you pick is safety certified so that you don’t damage your devices abroad. Some countries have set standards that must be met when using a travel adapter. For example, in the UK, all travel adapter brands must meet the BS 8546 safety standard.
  • Your budget – Travel adapter brands vary widely in price. Fortunately, in our shopping search engine, you may find a cheap international travel adapter or the best that there is in the market. We advise that you look at the price as the last thing when making your purchase so that you pick the most important features.

There you have them! The five most important things to keep in mind when exploring and settling on travel adapter for sale online UAE. This is just a guideline. It is good to check the best adapter based on your needs. Our platform has inbuilt filters to help you narrow down to the ideal model. In addition, our platform sells a host of other electronics that may come in handy for your next trip. Some of the multimedia products that you can buy on our Dubai search engine include power banks, micro travel adapter, laptops, phone cases, travel bags notebooks, mobile devices, and tablets.

Question & Answer

What is the best world travel adapter?

There is no single travel adapter that can be said to be the best in the market. Your choice boils down to how best a model can cover your needs. Most of our customers who travel around the world go for a universal travel adaptor such as the Bestek universal travel adapter. However, others go for a travel adapter to use in a specific country. Fortunately, you can get all these options at the online shopping UAE platform. We suggest that you also read customer reviews when making a choice. You get some insight into the use specifics of the selected brand that you may not find in the description section of each product. Fortunately, most of the sellers on our platform have raving reviews.

Where do you buy a travel adapter online in UAE?

You can buy a quality travel charger online at Our UAE search engine has a wide choice of adaptors that cover all the countries around the world. You can go for a universal adaptor such as a Belkin travel adapter that has different pins for different countries or go for a specific adaptor that matches the pins in the country you intend to visit. Our platform gives you so much choice that you get a perfect solution for your need. In addition, we sell several types of electronics that you may need for your travel such as power banks, Bluetooth earphones, travel bags, travel iron boxes and everything between. Please explore to explore our product listing in preparation for your travel.

How do you use a universal travel adapter?

When you reach your destination, locate the wall socket or a power extension to use with your devices. Examine the socket pins that are required so that you can plug your charger. Open the universal travel adapter box and pick pins that match those of the wall socket. Then, plug them into the wall socket. From this point, you can plug in any devices that you want to power as you do at home. On the other hand, if you want to power devices that cannot use the power output of your destination country and have a power converter with you, plug it into your travel adapter before plugging your electronics. Some devices have a manual switch that allows you to switch between 110v and 240v voltages. Change the switch accordingly.

How much is a travel adapter?

We have travel chargers at different price points to take care of the price-sensitive customers as well as those who are interested in the best functionality. In fact, is the cheapest place to buy travel adapters online in the UAE. It is also home to the best universal travel adapter in the market. We have hit the perfect balance between quality and price. It is advisable to explore the available adaptors before settling on a budget. This helps you narrow down the search to adaptors that meet your need that is not driven by price. After you have found the ideal product, you can then compare items that have similar features so that you pick one that comes at the best price.

There you have them! Our easy tips and insights on getting the best travel adapter for your next trip abroad. We have detailed information on each travel charger brand on our platform. Browse to pick the best travel adapter from over 500 brands and shops.