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About Stylus

A stylus is a pen-like instrument that comes with a tip used for pointing and drawing on touchscreens. The tip can be made of capacitive plastic or conductive rubber. The pen is a good substitute for the finger as it is slimmer and more precise. This is the reason it has remained be a useful tool even as touchscreen technologies evolve. There are different types of stylus devices depending on the screen and devices.

There are two types of stylus: active and passive. The active one has a pen-like tip with several electronic components. It has features like electronic erasers, memory and pressure sensitivity. You can create heavy or light lines depending on the pressure you apply to the screen. With this type, you can rest your palm on the screen without any interference. On the other hand, a passive stylus acts like a human finger, and there are no electronic parts included in the instrument. It works by conducting the electrical charge from your finger onto the screen. This allows it to be used on any touchscreen, whether capacitive (active) or resistive (passive). Let’s look at different features of each category to help you buy from our Online shopping UAE platform.

Pick a stylus with a pen for writing on hard paper with convenience.

If your work involves signing or writing on paper surfaces, you may consider going for a stylus that has a pen. Then, after you are done with stylus CSS writing on your laptop, you can write hand notes without requiring you to have an extra pen. These pens come in different designs from which you can find a design that matches your preference. Besides, the pens have an ergonomic shape that makes them comfortable to write with on different surfaces. Therefore, you can write fast and long without fatigue on your fingers. The material can be hard plastic or metallic. However, the manufacturers have ensured that the grip is rubberised so that it easy to hold the pen even with wet or sweaty hands.

Avoid smudging your Chromebook screen with a stylus chrome pen.

You can now buy a stylus pen for a laptop online in UAE with ease. The pen helps you avoid smudging the screen of your Chromebook with your fingerprints and having to clean it every while. You can use either an active or passive stylus for this purpose. This is because these laptops come with a capacitive screen that can work with both technologies indicated above. Smudging your laptop is also unsanitary and may expose you to different types of bacteria and viruses that you would have otherwise avoided if you had used a pen. Therefore, if you have a stylish Chromebook at your disposal, complete it up with a stylus pen that will make your work easier from our product comparison sites.

A stylus pen saves you during the frigid weather.

Many people have problems working on smartphones and tablets during the cold weather. This is because the screen is not able to register electrical contact pauses from your cold finger. On the other hand, when you wear those thick groves, your finger can no longer conduct the electrical charge to the screen. Fortunately, a stylus pen is not affected by frigid weather and will still work even when it is frigid. The best stylus to use in such conditions is the active pen. It has inbuilt electronics that enhance conductivity even if there is no direct contact with the finger. Explore the large collection of active pens offered by different brands on our platform and pick one that will work when you are out there in cold weather.

Draw efficiently with a quality stylus

Have you ever tried to draw with your finger? The chances are that you may have a problem drawing bold and light lines. Intricate images are also hard to replicate on a touchscreen with your finger. Fortunately, you can draw with ease using a stylus pen. The active one can also help you determine your lines’ weight by varying the pressure on the screen on the intended parts. Therefore, if you regularly draw, especially on your iPad, you can get the best iPad stylus for drawing from our Dubai shopping engine. There are also drawing gulp stylus pens for Android and Window phones. Such a stylus is good for scribbling notes on the screen, drawing sketches or just any small drawing for your art lesson.

Enhance your style with Bluetooth and Wacom stylus technologies

If you are looking for a stylus for your graphics tablet with less distortion, Wacom and Bluetooth digitising stylus are your best choices. The Bluetooth type does not use pressure sensing to communicate with your tablet but rather Bluetooth technology. It has features such as palm rejection, pressure sensitivity detection and shortcut buttons. On the other hand, the Wacom digitiser offers accurate optimisation and delivery of your inputs. It has high-pressure sensitivity. Some models have such features as right-click, eraser and shortcuts. Both of these types come with an app. While both of these technologies are great, check the device compatibility to buy the right defined stylus.

Tips on how to buy Stylus

There you have them! Some of the most salient features of stylus pens. Determine what features are best for you. However, we know that it may still be difficult for you to choose the right stylus given the tens of the available options in each category. In our pursuit to cover the needs of each customer, we have partnered with hundreds of sellers offering the product so that there is something for each user. We have then created filters to help you narrow down to stylus pens that meet your need. In addition, we have come up with a few tips and tricks that you can use to filter results on Please go through the points before making a purchase. We might as well help you make the best choice based on your needs and preferences.

  • Natural feel – The stylus must feel comfortable when using it. It should not cramp your hand or fingers after writing with it for some time. Since you do not have the pen with you, check user reviews on the ease of using the pen. Our platform includes this in the description too.
  • Design- Review the features section along with the image of the pens to determine how it works. Look at the mode of action, how to protect the nib, any charging required, presence of a cap, among other things. Select one with the best combination of the features you need.
  • Precision- If you need a pen for drawing or creativity, determine the level of precision offered by the pen. Look for features such as pressure sensitivity and the type of nib that comes with the pen. It is also good to check if there are creative users who have bought the pen.
  • Technology- Do you go for an active or passive stylus? The choice depends on the screen type and the experience you want to have. There are some of the best capacitive stylus_x000D_ on the internet on our platform. You can also go for Bluetooth and Wacom pens.
  • Budget – Our platform has been penned at different price levels. Whether you are looking for a cheap drawing stylus or one with the best features, there are tons of options from which you can pick. However, we would recommend that you explore first before picking your ideal webpack stylus.

That is our list of points to keep in mind when buying a stylus for your laptop or smart device. Of course, you can always add more depending on your need and preferences. We offer a good collection so that it is easy for you to pick the right one. In addition, we have several mobile accessories, such as chargers, memory cards, power banks, OTG and USB cables, replacement batteries, pouches and screen guards, among others. Besides, we sell several leading smartphone and tablet brands at great prices. Therefore, if you need a mobile device for everyday use or accessories to enhance its functionality, we are the place to check. Browse over 500 stylus brands on our Dubai online shopping platform and pick the best for your device.

Question & Answer

Are stylus pens universal?

All stylus pens are not equal. Depending on the mode of action, some pens can work on one device and not the other. For example, there are pens that come with electronic parts that do not need your finger to send the electrical charge onto the screen. On the other hand, other pens, such as Bluetooth ones, use an app to work. There are still ones that need to be in contact with your skin for them to work on your screen. Each of these categories has other subtle qualities that vary. With these differences, it means that some categories may work on a particular device but may work on another. This is why it is good to understand the screen properties of your device before you decide to pick a stylus.

Where do you buy stylus online in the UAE?

If you would like to buy quality stylus pens online, go to Our Dubai product finder has tools to help you filter brands in the market according to your need. In addition, we provide enough information and clear images of the items that we are selling so that you are able to make the best choice. The pens on our platform come at different price points. If you are working on a tight budget, there is a cheap stylus pen _x000D_ for you. On the other hand, if you have some cash for the best stylus pen in the market, there are pens with premium features that will work for you. Besides, we sell all types of phone accessories, car chargers, power banks, headphones, screen protectors and covers.

When should you replace the stylus nib?

Most pen nibs last between two to three years. However, it could have a shorter or longer lifespan depending on your care. There are a few things that help you decide whether it is time to change the nib. First, the nib should feel smooth on your screen surface. However, if it feels rough and scratchy on your tablet, change it before it damages the screen. Second, if you need to put lots of pressure on the screen for it to register contact, the nib could be the problem and needs to be changed. Third, check on the wear on your nib. If it is worn out on one side, you should consider replacing it before it damages the screen. Depending on your stylus model, there are various nib extractors in the market to use.

What stylus works with Chromebook?

You need an active stylus for your Chromebook. This kind of pen has internal electronics that communicate to the device on the pressure, angle of touch and other user preferences. This gives you a custom experience that you may not find with passive pens. Most of the active pens on our platform will work with any Chromebook. Remember, there is no set standard by the manufacturers. However, the choice we have given here offers the best experience in any model of the Chromebook that you have. Explore our UAE search engine for the best pens in the market. We recommend that you use the points discussed in the section above so that you get the best product.

What stylus works with iPad air 2?

The iPad Air 2 screen technology is somewhat different from most smartphone technologies in the market. It is also not as sensitive as new markets in the market. This makes most pens not work on their screen. Therefore, you should be careful with the pen that you pick if you have iPad Air 2. It is best to use a Bluetooth stylus for the screen. Unlike other types, this type communicates to the device using an app. Therefore, there are no issues with less sensitivity, misinterpretation of signals and other issues experienced by other pens. However, you may have to charge your device more often as the Bluetooth connection drains the battery significantly. Notwithstanding the battery drain, it works very well.

Which stylus is best for iPhone?

Apple has been changing the technology it uses on screens, making it hard for users to go for a uniform pen across different models. Therefore, your choice may be influenced by the version of the iPhone that you have. Fortunately, there are several brands on our Dubai search engine that are compatible with your iPhone. Many of the brands are digital stylus pens that come with electronic components for a good writing experience, which mimics writing on paper. These pens need to be charged to work. However, they can last over 10 hours, long enough to cover your working or learning day. Other pens are Bluetooth and Wacom types that use an app to write efficiently on your device. Explore them before choosing the ideal one.

We hope you now have the information to pick the best pen for your Android or Apple device, as well as your touchscreen computer. Browse to access a collection of multimedia products from over 500 brands from various online shops on the platform.