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1 pc 2 pcs 3 pcs Watch Screen Protector Compatible with Garmin Fenix 7/7X / 7S Fenix 5s Fenix 5 Fenix 6 Fenix 6 pro Max Coverage Touch Sensitive Bubble Free Tempered Glass Watch Accessories miniinthebox
1 pc 2 pcs 3 pcs Watch Screen Protector Compatible with Garmin Fenix 7/7X / 7S Fenix 5s Fenix 5 Fenix 6 Fenix 6 pro Max Coverage Touch Sensitive Bubble Free Tempered Glass Watch Accessories miniinthebox
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About Screen Protector

Smartphones and tablets are always at a risk of falling when placed on tables, cupboards or your car’s dashboard. You may also hit the phone against a sharp surface and crack the screen. The screen protector takes the blow and prevents the glass screen from getting cracked whenever your phone takes a hit saving you the high cost of replacing the screen.

Various screen protector brands in the market have varying hardness, materials, and other qualities. Your choice is mostly defined by your device, personal preference and what you know about the brand. Unfortunately, most people buy blindly without making any consideration except the size. This article shall provide some easy tips and other information to help you make an informed decision based on knowledge of screen protection. Our Dubai search engine has a vast collection of leading brands and types. Read on to know about different protector properties and find the best protector for any phone, whether an iPhone, tablet or an S9 screen protector.

Things you need to know about screen protectors

While looking for a protector online, you might come across a wide range of protectors. Some are glass, others plastic, and some may even come in paper-like material. Some sellers claim to offer military-grade protection, matte display and a privacy layer. However, stay away from fake products. Those brands that talk of military-grade protection claim to offer a tougher screen protector. However, it is not different from many brands. Others claim that a privacy layer on their protector brands so that other people are not able to read your phone from certain angles. Do not fall for these marketing gimmicks as they do not offer additional benefits. However, you can purchase a matte display for your mobile device. There are many things to consider! So, read on to know what exactly to look for.

Tempered glass screen protector for superior protection

Tempered glass is the grandfather of screen protection as it has been around more than most protectors. It is famous for its superior protection against scratches and accidental hits from sharp objects. It offers some protection to the screen if dropped. In most cases, the screen protector will break instead of your screen. However, the added protection comes with an added thickness that you will notice when installing it on your device. This glass protector has a smooth feel, just like your phone screen, making it a pleasant protector to use. These qualities make it one of the most famous protectors. The best part is that you can pick the best-tempered glass screen protector from our platform itself.

Paper-like screen protector for paper-like writing experience

As the name suggests, the paper-like screen protector mimics the feeling you get when you write on paper. This protector was created to provide stylus users with a good feel when writing. This way, their pens do not slide on the screen as they make notes, and they can write at any angle, whether on a flat surface, slanted or almost vertical position. On the downside, this screen protector is less smooth than either the tempered glass or TEP plastic protector. Therefore, consider going for this type if you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy s10 screen protector that allows you to take your notes with ease. There are tens of such brands in our UAE online shopping from which you can choose one.

Plastic screen protectors as cheap options

There are two types of plastic protectors: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyethene terephthalate (PET). PET is commonly used in popular plastics such as food containers and water bottles. They are thin, light, and cheap. You might not notice it when installed on your phone. However, they are stiff and cannot go edge to edge on your curved screen device. On the other hand, TPU is more flexible and durable. However, it is hard to install and not as smooth as PET. It has a rubbery feel and is not as thin. Its flexibility can make a good iPhone 7 plus screen protector but may have some glare when out in the sun. Both of the screen protectors are the cheapest in the market.

Tips on how to buy Screen Protector

We understand that a large number of options may make it difficult for you to pick the best screen protector. For that reason, we have put together a list of tips and tricks that you can use to narrow down to your ideal options. At, we have several filters that you can use when you need a specific type for your phone. For example, a screen protector for s20 ultra or the iPhone 7 Plus screen protector. So, let’s start.

  • Type – Do you go for tempered glass, TEP or paper-like screen protector. Read the information provided up there to learn the qualities of each type of protector. Determine the type you would like to use before going to other tips that we have shared in this category.
  • Device – Certain screen protector brands work best on particular device models. For example, the best iPhone screen protector may not be the best brand to use for your Samsung S9. In your search, use filters that identify the brand and compare the resulting search results.
  • Budget – There is a wide range of options available when it comes to choosing screen protectors. However, it is good to compare prices to find quality under your budget. Here on, you can find hundreds of sellers offering screen protectors at competitive prices. So, get the best deal under your budget now!
  • Aesthetics – Do you go for a matte or a smooth screen protector. Do you want one that curves like your mobile device screen? Are you looking for a thin screen protector? Include these preferences when making your choice. We provide most of the details for easy selection.
  • Customer reviews – It is important to check what other customers are saying about a particular brand before completing the purchase. Go for shops and brands with excellent customer ratings on areas such as user experience, screen protection and aesthetic properties.

Those are the five most important features that you should check when determining the best screen protector for sale online in UAE. You can add more depending on your need and particular preferences. It would be good if you explore our retail search engine before you settle on a particular model or brand for your mobile device. We also have other products falling under the multimedia category. Therefore, if looking to buy any of these items, explore our platform for the best and widest collection.

Question & Answer

Can the screen protector be removed and reapplied?

Most screen protectors come with an adhesive that sticks to your device’s screen. However, the adhesive does not stick permanently to your phone screen. Therefore, you can peel it when you need to change the screen protector with no damage to your phone screen. Therefore, if you are able to peel your screen protector without touching the adhesive side, you can reapply it to your device without any problems. In fact, we advise that you remove the protector when sending your mobile device to the repair shop. Please remember that reapplication may be difficult for some types of screen protectors, such as the plastic ones that require a liquid to put them in place.

What screen protector comes with Galaxy s10?

Samsung Galaxy s10 and s10 Plus are coming with a free plastic screen protector. While it is not the very best of protectors in the market, it can offer some form of protection against scratches. Samsung fears that its Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor may not work with some types of screen protectors. However, there have not been any reports that screen protectors are not working with the device. If you do not like the protector, you can always remove it and buy the one you prefer. The fingerprint feature is also available in the s20 versions. Therefore, check compatibility with the screen when buying a screen protector for s20 ultra. We have several options on our platform.

When do you replace the screen protector?

There may be many reasons why you may consider changing a screen protector. You may change it if you feel it no longer serves you as intended. This could be its user experience is not so good, it has inferior protection, or you would like to go for a better type of screen protector. On the other hand, you may change your screen protector if it is already damaged from many scratches, breaking due to a fall or use it for a long period to the point that it becomes ineffective. There is no timeline within which you can change your protector. Your OnePlus 6t tempered glass may take three months before breaking, while a friend’s s9 protector may work a full year.

Which screen protector is best?

There is no screen protector that can be said to be the best. It all depends on the qualities that you are looking for. For example, some people would be looking for the best protection against the impact of dropping your phone, while others may be looking for the best experience when using a stylus. We recommend that you come up with a list of things to check when buying a protector so that you are able to pick a brand that serves you the best. Fortunately, you can use most of the features that you list as filters to narrow down your search for the ideal protector. Use the information that we have provided in the section above to determine what brand to pick in our product comparison sites.

We believe that this article gives you all the information you need to buy a good screen protector. We have more information on our platform for individual brands. Browse for hundreds of screen protector branded products from tens of leading sellers. You can find here popular brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus, Oppo, LG, and Motorola.