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A printer is a peripheral device. It helps to produce an illustration of texts or images on a piece of paper. Though the output of all of them is readable, the bar-code devices represent an advanced application of printers. You should consider getting quality printer parts online in the UAE.

Printer parts include different parts that work together to attain the desirable results of a printed paper. The aptitude to produce a large number of printed texts quickly is based on the type and quality of its parts. However, manufacturers are now able to produce printers that are cost-effective and with great printing capacities. Printers include varying moving parts that come out of great making to produce desirable outcomes. The parts of the canon printer include the image drum, toner cartridges, fuser unit, mirrors, belt, and laser. Since there are many sizes, aptitudes, and prices, you may put yourself in confusion. So, here is the guide to help you.

What you need to know about printer parts

Charles Babbage invented the first printing device in the 19th century. It had mechanical parts. An electronic printing device was taken out in the market in 1968 by Epson. These utilized the electric teletype and typewriters machines. This is to produce a representation of text or images on paper. People wanting high-speed printers assisted the invention of different systems that are still popular in the modern world. Desktop publishing came with the development of low-cost printing devices in 1984. Hence, the advanced parts allowed the production of fliers. In the modern world, 3D printers will enable the creation of physical objects and help artwork by printing photos.

Toner cartridge

This is a replaceable printer part with a plastic powder combined with iron particles. The powder undergoes heating to form the printing ink used to produce text and images. The iron oxide particles act as the developer who charges electrically to yield the printing outcomes. For instance, as the charged drum unit passes through the toner, the particles attract to enhance their transmission into the drum. These cartridges are responsible for holding the photosensitive drum and the toner cylinder into position. The normal production rate is around 800 sheets, while the high-capacity parts may offer more than twelve thousand papers. Since this part requires replacement when their level is too low to produce the desired print, individuals should explore to acquire high-quality laser printer parts.

Drum unit

The drum forms an extended part of the toner unit which plays an important role in the printing of images. The printer part consists of an aluminium cylinder that charges electrically. The drum unit captures the image that one needs to print on paper and attracts the toner cartridge that lies on the page. After the commands from the computer to the printer, the drum unit picks the ink and places it on a sheet of paper. One should not expose the drum to extreme light, and its surface must be maintained free of fingerprints, scratches, or debris. This fosters its durability and the production of superior prints. Since the drum unit serves the role of delivering the printing ink from the toner to the required surface, you must conduct regular replacements of brother printer parts to attain desired output.


The laser serves the role of transmitting light from the diode through a series of mirrors. The mirrors reflect the laser onto the photosensitive drum to print the outline of the print. The optics can scan the laser beam across the drum unit, thus producing images and text on paper as a grid of small dots. On the other hand, the drum’s surface responds to the laser by developing a static electric charge. Hence, the drum unit melts the toner powder which is then pressed onto a paper. The print head houses the cartridges and has a different sized opening. Also, the print head has a ribbon that is placed at the back. In the event of a non-functioning laser, you should buy Epson printer parts on

Tips on how to buy Printer Parts online in the UAE

Owing to the sheer number of options available on, you may experience difficulties selecting the most appropriate printer parts. encompasses products from more than 500 brands across the UAE. Despite the convoluted terminologies used in the market for diverse printer parts, you must adopt a rational criterion on how to select the most superior products. For appropriate purchase decisions, consider the following factors when making an order online.

  • Type of printer – Before making purchases, always consider the type of printer you own. Printers may range from inkjet to laser varieties which register differing operational mechanisms. The best printer parts are compatible with your printer model.
  • Expected workload – Different printer parts register varying levels of printing capacities. This necessitates you to assess the expected workload to determine the most appropriate printer parts to purchase. For instance, a heavier workload may require printers with several trays for input and output purposes to avoid the folding of the paper.
  • Cost – It is always important to consider the cost of printer parts before making purchases. A wide range of companies in sell printer parts at varying prices. Therefore, select printer parts that fall within your set budget.
  • Durability – The chosen printer parts should be highly durable. You should ensure your selected products are resistant to abrasion and other types of damage. This will help in eliminating replacement and repair costs.
  • Ease of maintenance – Ease of installation is a vital aspect to evaluate when buying printer parts online in UAE. You can avert hiring experts by purchasing products that are easy to install and maintain. This will eliminate unnecessary expenses that could have been incurred.

A printer is a peripheral device that helps to produce an insistent illustration of texts or graphics on paper. Printer parts comprise diverse components that work in collaboration to attain desirable results of a printed paper. The aptitude of a printer to produce a large number of printed texts in a short time is primarily based on the type and quality of its components. Explore for high-quality products at an affordable rate.

Question & Answer

What are the parts of an inkjet printer?

Inkjet printers are a type of printing device that recreates a digital graphic by propelling droplets of ink onto paper. Inkjet printers are globally recognized and range from expensive professional models to small economical devices. The inkjet printers encompass diverse printer parts that operate in association to produce the desired output. For instance, the printers have an in-built print head that is designed to last for the lifetime of the device. Nevertheless, you may replace the print head by purchasing Lexmark printer parts when changing the toner to ensure its effectiveness. An inkjet printer also contains a motor-driven belt and a ribbon that transmit electric charge from the control panel to the printhead. To ensure that the printer has the aptitude to spray ink from a toner unit across a piece of paper, you should buy genuine HP cartridges here on

Where to buy 3d printer parts online UAE?

To buy printer spare parts online in the UAE, you should consider the exceptional offers on We are recognized as one of the best shopping search engines across the UAE. So, you can explore our offers when you are on a hunt for cheap printer spare parts for sale in Dubai. Additionally, for a superior HP 1005 printer cartridge, you should evaluate the exceptional offers on Printer formatter boards are available in different sizes and designs on our online search engine. is the best place where you can buy 3d printer parts such as the HP p3015 pickup roller from various brands like Samsung, Canon, and HP. Therefore, is the best place to buy 3d printer parts owing to the various offers from different brands across the UAE.

How to choose the right printer parts?

To acquire the best fuser assembly, you must understand the primary functions of all printer parts. Adopting an effective criterion is essential in offering guidance on how to select the most appropriate printer parts in Dubai. For instance, before making purchases, you should consider the type of printer you own. Printer models may range from inkjet to laser varieties which register divergent operational mechanisms. The best printer parts are compatible with your printer model. Different printer parts register varying levels of printing capacities. This necessitates you to assess the expected workload to determine the most suitable printer parts to purchase. In brief, the most apposite printer parts to purchase majorly depend on your personal preferences.

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