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Do you wish to add a dramatic mood to your photos to make them picture perfect? Thus, the grids are the ideal & simple light modifier tool to give your choice of photography. Besides, it is one of the essential tools for a photographer’s lighting kit. There are many more interesting facts about them. So, let’s unveil them in this article.

So, a grid is the honeycomb metal insert that is placed in front of the reflector. Besides, it helps the professional photographer in controlling the quality light & the area of the coverage on the set. You might have noticed that professionals often like soft light while taking photographs in their studios. And why not? It creates a dramatic look to your image, and the subject looks excellent. However, it helps restrict the light to the focus area to spotlight the subject. Besides, it allows you more control to focus on the light. Some of the grids are used for hair light or backlight. And picking the best softbox grid comes with a proper understanding of the product. So, keep on reading till the end!

Different types of photo grids for your photoshoot!

Choosing the best photo tool for your photoshoot is tricky! And why not? Getting desired dramatic look with a perfect balance of brightness & contrast isn’t too easy. So, during a photoshoot, professionals use different angle lights with a grid. So, the first is placing the key light on the subject with a 10-degree grid and handheld. It is placed because with 10-degree the area of coverage is narrow. And it will keep on adjusting and readjusting as the subject keeps moving a bit. Thus, study the different kinds of photo grids before you buy a softbox grid online in UAE. Have a look!

Softbox Grid

Do you know soft grids are the light modifiers? It diffuses the light into pleasing soft and even light. So, the closer the model or the subject is to the soft grid, the smoother the light will appear. However, the shadow of the soft photo studio tool might vary from rectangular, octagonal to square and long strips of light. So, the grid for the softbox comes with translucent cloth and attach with either studio strobe or Speedlight on a light stand. Besides, the white or silver interior cloth & the outer black cloth are wrapped with a wire-framed box. This box is covered with a diffusion panel in the front.

Honeycomb Grid Softbox

It is a tight structure that has a similar shape as a honeycomb made through bees. Besides, it gets attached in front of the studio strobe or off-camera flash. Thus, it’s a simple device that directs the light in a tiny beam. So, the light shines through the grid, and it creates a tight beam of light. However, it aims to create a focused beam with negligible diffusion. And it prevents the light from spreading out into wide & diffused beams. So, the best softbox grid comes with different channels. And each of the channels is the size & shape of the drinking straw.

Godox Softbox with Grid

Godox is a popular brand name in the domain of professional photography tools. Besides, it is highly appreciated all around the world for its affordable price tag and flexible systems. Thus, you get a good range of products, from studio lighting systems to camera lighting systems. So, when you seek to buy a softbox grid online in UAE, you get innumerable choices. And all the options like size and design suites your budget and requirements. Some of the products are for all types of photo work. It has a softbox that renders a soft and good quality of light with open shadows & adjustable contrast.

Tips on how to buy Grids online

By now, you have understood why you need grids while going for the photo shoot. However, it’s great for focusing the light source, creating mood & texture in your portrait. And the best thing about this photographer’s tool is that it isn’t expensive. But this tool is easy to transport from studio to field. So, when you decide to look for the best softbox grid, you need to have a valuable tips & tricks section. However, it might consume a lot of time as you need to surf the internet & go through little homework. But we don’t wish you to go through such a situation. Thus, we have listed some of the essential factors for you to go through while window shopping. And enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences. Have a look!

  • Look for types – It is the first thing to consider while seeking Godox grid softbox online. However, it helps restrict the light to the focus area and provide a spotlight on the subject. Thus, it gives you more control over the focus light. But you need to understand that different grids offer you different kinds of light.

  • Check on durability – Some of the photo grid models offer high light brightness & stable illumination. However, its design protects the LED bead with a protective cover. Besides, it comes with a temperature control function to prevent overheating after prolonged use. Apart from that, it has outstanding heat dissipation with a heatsink & built-in fan.

  • Select wired or wireless – It is another essential factor you need to decide while buying a softbox grid online. However, you might get confused between the wired and wireless grid. It is suggested to go for a wireless one that helps you adjust the brightness of the light. There are some of the models which allow you to switch the temperature between Celsius to Fahrenheit.

  • Compare the price – Many online shops came up with such a feature to compare the price between the reputed brands. However, it gives you enough opportunity to differentiate the feature, size, colour, and price then decides which one to choose. If you are looking for such an online platform, then browse

These are some of the important factors to look for while shopping online for your products. However, go through the tips & tricks part to guide you in your shopping trove. So, start shopping along with We are the best Dubai search engine with more than 500 notable brands & shops allied with us. Besides, you get myriad collections of products with the best price in the market. Plus, you enjoy unbelievable offers & discounts at every shopping hour.

Question & Answer

Why use a softbox grid?

Softboxes are one of the commonly used light modifiers for photography. But simply using softbox isn’t a pretty good idea! The light of the camera or the surrounding gets diverted. So, the light reaches the subject as well as directed to the background & shows in-detailed. Thus, you need to add a grid along with it. Besides, it creates mood along with that allows to have complete control & direct the light. Thus, while clicking a picture of the subject or object, you will observe that the background gets dim. So, the grid restricted the split of the light.

Where to buy a softbox grid online in UAE?

Online shopping has come out to be the best way to shop for your favourite products. Not only its fun to shop from popular brands all over the world, but it’s exciting to get outstanding offers & discounts on every purchase. Some online platforms allow you to compare the price and features among the top brands. Thus, it makes your shopping experience smooth and happening! So, if you wish to experience such shopping voyages, then click at We are the best UAE search engine with more than 500 notable brands & shops allied with it. Besides, you go through the myriad collection of products with the best price tag in the market.

Which is the best grid for softbox?

Elinchrom is the reputed brand name in the domain of grid and reflectors. It is known for its excellent tailor style & creating mood with its lighting tools. Besides, the photograph lighting tools make sharp & focused light with more contrast. Apart from that, it offers maximum light output for impressive and clear images. However, this brand stands best among its competitors for meeting high standards. So, some of its products are designed to use with honeycomb grids. Besides, it restricts the flash head’s beam spread & goes through the basics of various lighting effects. However, you can try other popular brands products like Godox, Aputure, and many more.

So, now you are all set to look for your desired products. However, consider the tips & tricks part of picking the right product for your photography purposes. If you are wondering which shopping platform to choose, then choose And enjoy your shopping experiences like never before! From shopping from an excellent collection of multimedia products to enjoying jaw-dropping discounts & deals, you will be spell-bound. There are more for you to explore! So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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