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Why strain to reach for your phone when you can prop it up right next to you? An average human reaches out to their phone around 98 times a day. If you’d like to reduce the number of times you pick up your phone and keep them in close proximity, then the best solution is the simple phone holders. In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few trending models of phone stands that you can utilise for various purposes, plus a few quick tips on how to buy phone holders online in the UAE.

We all know that phone stands are small objects that you can use to prop up your mobile device. They’re designed to sit on a hard surface, like a desk or table. But, with today’s advanced technology, you can use them for various purposes. You could even use them while working on multiple projects, driving a car, while in the restroom (gross but useful), working in the kitchen, or carrying them along with you for a bicycle ride. Well, we can think of endless uses of the phone holders. But, ultimately, the primary purpose of the holders is to keep your phone safe and clean. That said, not all phone holders are constructed equally. Some are better than others. Which means you might have a hard time picking out the best ones. But not if you know which ones to choose. Let’s take a look at the few trending models.

The top-selling mobile stands for various purposes

Each purpose has a specific type of phone holder. This means you can find various kinds of phone stands in different colours and styles. From weird and quirky to sleek and practical. Some of your options include types like pop sockets, stress toys, rings, folding, standing/base, stick-on, auto-mount, and easel. Each one has a different feature and characteristics that define the uniqueness of each type. Thus, it’s essential to understand each style to make an informed decision. That said, let’s have a look at a few trending models that you can invest in. 

The best mobile holder for bike

Whether you’re biking around a park, or going on a long ride for a cross-country race, nothing beats the wind blowing through your hair while pushing down on those pedals. But of course, cyclists or not, no one can live without carrying their phones around. But, the ride can get bumpy at times and thus you’ve to figure out a way to keep these expensive gadgets safe and sound. Well, what can be better than the bike phone mounts? Today, you can find several types and buy bicycle phone holders online in the UAE itself. Some popular model includes Ram Mounts, GUB Bike Phone Mount, and more as such. 

The finest car phone holder

Our mobile phones have a lot of great features that enable us to use them as multifunctional devices. For instance, you can use speakerphones while driving in a car. However, with new laws in place, it’s imperative to mount your smartphones correctly while riding a car. Besides, it’s safe too. A car phone mount in such cases seems handy. The phone holders hold your device in the optimum position for safe viewing while driving. Want to explore your options, then just type ‘buy car phone holder near me’ on google and you’ll see the sheer number of options that pop up.

The CD slot ultimate phone holder

This ultimate phone holder from Mpow is an excellent option to buy. The company knows and understands your struggle to access your phones while driving. With these models, all you have to do is to place your phone within the grips, adjust the sides and it’s all set! Moreover, the model can accommodate wide devices and also some GPS systems. Furthermore, the product provides access to the phones headphones and charging slots. Above all, the base of the product allows a 360-degree rotation of the mounted phone.

The windshield cell phone bracket

Now brings you another great cell phone stand that you can mount on your windshields. It comes with a premium aluminium design for its long arm that is 8 inches long. The product ensures closer proximity to your phone or device. Besides, it simultaneously offers you convenient flexibility too. By the way, you can also mount them on rough dashboards and windscreens. Also, the product utilises a push-button technology for fixing and removing, along with a strong gel suction cup. This makes the mounting process easy.

Tips on how to buy Holders online

The sheer variety of phone holder options makes your buying process a bit tricky, particularly if you do not know what to look for. This means if you know what to buy, where to buy, and have a few quick tips to make an informed decision handy, then you can make a wise choice. Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed out a few tips below that’ll make your holder buying process a breeze.

  • Know the purpose – Even before you start your search, it’s essential to know for what you’re buying the phone holders As mentioned earlier in this article, you can use these stands at different places. For instance, you can use them while driving a car, while you’re in a bathroom when you’re riding a bicycle, or even when you’re in the kitchen. However, remember, there’s a different stand for each purpose. And if wise, you can smartly pick your perfect model.
  • Research is imperative – Once you know what you want to buy the phone holders for, the next step is to dig in a little deeper into the product. See if you can check out their types, figure out the prevalent manufacturers, and places to buy the best ones. Understanding all this gives you a fair idea about the product. This, in turn, makes your buying process much more straightforward. Moreover, choosing the perfect model becomes much easier too.
  • Explore your options – Phone holders come in a variety of types, materials, sizes, and shapes. Of course, you’d have figured that out by now, considering the list we’ve mentioned earlier. However, there are many more types out there. This is why, it’s best to understand the various features, their merits, and their demerits. The more you know about the product, the better it is. You’ll know which one will suit you and the ones that won’t work.
  • Look out for compatibility – Certain types of cell phones stand only work with certain types of mobile phones. This means you ought to buy holders that sit right with the phones you have. Remember, you’ll get stuck if you buy the wrong phone. Besides, you’ll be spending quite an amount too for nothing. However, many a time you might also find a few options, like the universal models, that work with all kinds of phones.
  • Sizing is important – The phone holders come in several sizes, and it’s definitely not one-size-fits-all in nature. This means you need to be extra careful while picking out a holder for your phone. It’s best to buy one that fits your deal. See if it fits in your car, bedside table, office desk, or kitchen counter. Apart from that, make sure that you buy a model that you can easily carry around. You do not want models that are too heavy to install. They’re a spoilsport.
  • Check out the design and style – Most of us are so engrossed in looking at the technical specifications of the product, that often we tend to miss out on the design and style factor. Yes, it’s important. You should always check out the look and feel of the product. Why? Because you’re going to affix them at a place where you’ll be seeing them often. Therefore, you want something that pleases your eyes and also the one that matches your aesthetics.
  • Pick one with good ergonomics – Various stands have different builds. Some might be tilted, while other magnetic or vacuum. Just make sure that the one you buy gives you the right height, length, and size to glance at comfortably. Remember, you’re going to be looking at your phone frequently. And you do not want to be craning your neck each time you turn to look at your phone. This is regardless of where you install them.
  • Read reviews online – Many genuine buyers take time to review the product they buy online. It’s a good idea to check out those reviews. It helps you put yourself in their shoes and understand the performance, the pros, and the cons of the product you intend to buy. If you find more positive feedbacks, then it clearly means you can go ahead with the product. However, mixed reviews indicate that you need to be careful before you buy them.

Yes, we know this might be a lot to take in. But, having these tips at the back of your head will help you explore your options better. Besides, it also helps you narrow down your choices and pick the best one. After all, you do not want to buy a phone holder that doesn’t fit your space or suits your aesthetics.

Question & Answer

How to use the Nillkin phone holder?

Nillkin is one of the famous brands that offer various models of high-quality phone holders. Each model has a different working and installation process. One of the most basic models allows you to open and use them easily. The first step is to, of course, open the holder to use them. Next put it on a desktop or any flat surface. The third step is to put your phone on the holder horizontally. That’s it; you now have your phone mounted on the stand. By the way, it’s a universal model that works with all sizes of mobile phones.

How much is a phone holder?

Phone stands come in various designs, styles, and types. This also means that they come at different rates too. You’ll find a cheap car vent phone holder as well as a high-priced phone holder for scooters. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you buy them online. You could also phone holder for sale online in UAE. This way, you can purchase a perfect model without having to spend too much. Besides, it also curbs unnecessary expenditure.

What is the best cup phone, holder?

The cup-shaped phone mounts are a great alternative to regular ones. The reason behind this is that they conveniently hold your phone or any other device like the tablet. The blend of heavy-duty plastics, powerful magnets, and rubberised grips make them a practical yet extravagant option to mount your phone onto. In fact, it’s one of the best magnetic phone holders out there. Some famous brands that you can consider buying them from including Belkin, Macally, Lorima, and many more.

What is the best car phone, holder?

The best car holder is something that suits your needs, has great ergonomics and style, and finally, is the affordable one and of high quality. Well, if you wish to purchase a phone holder for your car that’s durable, reliable, long-lasting, and elegant in style, pick them from well-known brands. Some brand names that you can consider while buying your best phone stands include Promate, Lottie, Baseus, Spigen, Anker, Scosche, and Popsocket.

Where to buy a Weathertech phone holder online in UAE?

UAE is an ocean of online platforms that bring you an array of phone holder options for your various needs. Of course, you can find the Weathertech phone holders among the various platforms. However, if you wish to get your product from a reliable, superfast, and smart shopping search engine, then is the best place to be online. From standard phone stands to expensive and complicated cellphone mounts you can find them all here. And the best part, you can buy them from your favourite brands and online stores.

You see, the cell phone mounts today are not just a luxury but a genuine requirement, considering how our lives depend on smartphones. Therefore, you ought to make sure that you buy the best ones from the finest online shop. So, don’t just think, get into action and start exploring your options today on Because our site not only offers you several choices of phone holders but many more multimedia devices. Who knows, something might tickle your fancy if you browse through!