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About Super Audio CDs

Super audio cd is also known as SACD. It is a read-only optical disc format that supports audio storage only.

Sony and Philips introduced this format in 1999. The intention was to invent a successor for the compact disc format. The SACD format allows multiple audio channels, including surround sound and multichannel sounds. These formats also provide a higher bit rate with more extended playing time as compared to conventional CDs. The SACD is designed in a way that they can be played only on the SACD players. The hybrid SACD is the most popular and commonly used type that contains the Red Book Compact Disc Digital Audio layer. This layer allows the user to play these CDs on standard players.

Everything you need to know about SACD

The super audio compact disc, by construction, is an optical disc format that is aimed at high-performance audio playback. The super audio cd releases date back to 1999. It was launched by Sony and Philips companies. The same companies introduced now known CDs or Compact Discs. Although the SACD couldn’t grow much because of the growth of MP3 Players, they still have a specific position in the market. Here are some basics that you may need to read about SACDs to understand the product before purchase. It is important to read below-mentioned details carefully and understand each factor before you head to make a purchase online.

CDs vs SACDs 

A compact disc is recorded with 16 bits resolution at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. SACD players and discs are based on DSD (Direct Stream Digital) processing 1-bit format with a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz. This is 64 times more than the rate of the standard compact disc.  Also, the higher sampling rate results in more comprehensive frequency response and audio reproduction with better details. Also, the frequency range of a CD is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, roughly equivalent to human hearing. While the SACD’s frequency range of 20 Hz to 50 kHz. Another prominent difference is that, unlike CDs, the SACDs don’t have any video content – they are audio-only.

Types of super audio discs    

Today you can find three main super audio compact discs: hybrid, dual-layer and single layer. The hybrid discs have two layers where a higher performance layer can play only on SACD equipped players. The CD layer will play on the standard CD player. Some hybrid SACD has both a 5.1 channel surround track and a stereo track. The single layer SACD discs will play only on SACD equipped players with no support from standard CD players. The Dual-layer discs can store twice the data you can keep on a single-layer disc.

Benefits of using SACD 

Even the most modest stereo system can process high-quality sound and fidelity of SACD discs. The exceptionally higher sampling rates of these discs contribute to extended frequency response. Moreover, the SACD discs are capable of greater dynamic range playback, and details as most of the SACD are a hybrid type to play on SACD and standard CD players. Hence you can enjoy these discs on a home audio system and car or portable audio systems. However, they will cost slightly more than regular CDs. But the superior sound quality is worth the higher costs.

Connects for SACD players  

Some SACDs players may need analogue connections. This can be either two channels or 5.1 channels to a receiver to play the higher quality SACD layer. This is because of copy protection issues. The CD layers can be played via a coaxial or optical digital connection. Some SACD player also permits a single digital connection, generally known as iLink. It works between the receiver and player to eliminate the need for analogue connections.  

Tips on how to buy Super Audio CDs online in the UAE 

Super Audio CDs are mostly used in a corporate setting and for commercial or professional use. These CDs can store a larger amount of data and are an easier and somewhat secure way to transfer the data from one place to another without putting anywhere on the web. But with a cheap super audio cd, you will also risk the data, specifically if you don’t have a backup of your files anywhere else. Luckily, all the top brands and CDs manufacturers have gone online. So you can easily find top quality branded super audio CDs for sale online in the UAE. If you plan to head and buy CDs online, here are some pointers to keep with you.

  • Look for a reliable brand – There are dozens of brands out there. You must be buying a reliable product for your data storage needs. The brand will ensure that the data are written and will not be corrupt, encrypted or any other issue.
  • The price factor – Branded items will always cost you a bit more for all data and reliability security. But this is nothing expensive than your precious files. So always opt for reliable branded products even if you have to pay a bit more.
  • Go for packaging – These CDs come in packaging of 6 12 or more cards in each box. Each CD is usually packed in its casing, which secures it from scratches and other such issues. Buying these CDs in bulk will always save you a lot of money and the hassle of rebuying them every few months.
  • Look at packing – Make sure you are buying a package that has a separate casing for each CD. Otherwise, your CDs will be open to scratches and stains. These casings will also protect the CD from breakage and any other type of damage.
  • Shipping and warranty details – You might need the CDs in a few days. You should look at the shipping duration and search for the seller that offers minimum shipping time and cost in such cases. Likewise, it is always wise to look for products that come with a warranty and easy return or exchange.

It is always a good idea to look at the product description section to find details about the packaging and other specifications. You can also find information on the installation, supporting programs or any additional such information that you should know. Also, take some time and read the customer review section to know what previous buyers have to say about the product and the seller, manufacturer or service provider. It will help you make a smart, hassle-free buying decision.

Question & Answer

How to play a super audio cd on pc?

Unfortunately, you cannot play the super audio CD on any computer device. To play these devices on your computer, you will need to attach a sound system as an output device with the computer. At times you may also require special programs to run and read the data written on these CDs. While at other instances, you may want to upgrade the system to support the SACD. For more instructions, you can consult the user manual or website of the SACD seller.

Are super audio cd still sold today?

Yes, the super audio CDs are still sold on the physical as well as online market. These CDs are mostly used to copy and secure big data files. When small size data, files, audio and videos or documents can be stored in USB and other data storage devices, these CDs are of great importance in the corporate world. They are used to write bigger and supreme quality audio and video files or secure heavy document files that need additional space with unique programs to play them on any system.

Where to buy super audio CDs online in the UAE?

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