About Metal CDs

Heavy metal is a genre of rock music featuring intense, virtuosic, and powerful songs. It is the most commercially successful genre of rock music. The heavy metal genre itself has several sub-genres. Like, black metal, avant-garde metal, Celtic, doom, gothic, power, nu-metal, and more. The common characteristics running through these genres are heavy riffs, and aggressive distorted electric guitar sounds.

Heavy metal is a genre of rock music featuring intense, virtuosic, and powerful songs. It is the most commercially successful genre of rock music. This itself has several sub-genres. Like, black metal, avant-garde metal, nu-metal, and more. The common characteristics running through these genres are heavy riffs, and aggressive distorted electric guitar sounds.  Heavy metal rose into prominence in the 1970s. The pioneers include bands and musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, the Yardbirds, Cream, and the Jeff Beck Group, who started using heavier drums, bass, and distorted guitar sounds. The most popular metal CD of 1970s Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. The top albums include “deep Purple in Rock,” “Led Zeppelin II,” and “Paranoid.” Metal CD of bands such as Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Kiss, and Judas Priest, have become best-sellers across the globe.

Things you need to know about metal bands

The top-heavy metal bands include Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, Slipknot, Nuclear Assault, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Eddie Van Halen, Ozzie Osbourne, and others. Several black metal bands, such as Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, and more have also created their successful niche. The best CDs from all these bands has made powerful social impacts. Scorpions “Winds of Change” for instance, is associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Metallica’s “One” shot into fame as an anti-war song. Heavy metal CDs are the most commercially successful genre of rock. The fact that the heavy metal genre rose as a way to vent about social evils made the lyrics of most heavy metal songs controversial, but popular. Our retail search engine is the best place to buy metal CDs. We offer a host of cheap death metal CDs, collectables, and other metal CDs, of all leading bands.

Black metal CDs

Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal. The characteristic features of black music include a shrieking vocal style and raw lo-fi recording. Also, a fast tempo, heavily distorted guitars, and an emphasis on atmosphere. Most black metal tracks have unconventional song structures. This became popular in the 1980s. The CDs of the 80s, belonging to artists such as Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer and Venom are still popular. Black metal CDs of the early 1990s, dominated by Norwegian bands such as Burzum, Darkthrone, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Immortal, and Satyricon and also extremely popular. The black metal CDs of Sweedish bands such as Abruptum, Dissection, Marduk, and Nifelheim, also belong to this period.

Metallica Greatest hits CD

Metallica is one of the biggest hard rock band in the last thirty years. The band has released several albums, such as “Hardwired… To Self Destruct,” “Death Magnetic,” and more. “Black Album,” released in 1991, ranks as one of Metallica greatest hits CD. The album features top tracks such as “Sad but True,” “Reload,” another top album, contains chartbuster tracks such as “Fuel,” “King Nothing,” “Until It Sleeps” and “The Memory Remains.” “Orion,” another top Metallica album features one of their most popular track, “Master of Puppets.” “For whom the Bell Tolls,” yet another Metallica greatest hits CD features another top track, “Ride the Lightning.” Other top Metallica hits include “One,” “Fade to Black,” “Creeping Death,” “Blackened,” “Welcome Home,” “Battery,” and “Seek and Destroy.”

Slipknot CD

Slipknot is one of the popular heavy metal bands from America. It was formed in 1995 by percussionist Shawn Crahan, drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray. The band has since then expanded, with several high-profile joining and exits. The band rose to fame through its aggressive music, backed by attention-grabbing image, and hyper-energetic live shows. Apart from the debut album, the other slipknot CDs include “Iowa,”, “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses,” “All Hope Is Gone,” and “The Gray Chapter,” and “We Are Not Your Kind,”. The band has also released live albums, “9.0: Live” and “Day of the Gusano: Live in Mexico,” a compilation album “Antennas to Hell,” and five other live records. Slipknot CDs have sold 30 million records worldwide.

Nuclear Assault Survive CD

Nuclear Assault is a popular American thrash metal band. “Survive” is the second studio album released by the band, and arguably one of the most popular heavy rock albums of the times. The album, released in 1988, rose to number 145 in Billboard 200 list, and remained on the list for ten weeks. Nuclear Assault Survive CD is now a collector’s item. The top track on the CD is “Brainwashed.” Other tracks in the album include “Rise From the Ashes,”, “Get Another Quarter,” “PSA,” “F#,” “Survive,” “Fight to be Free,” “Great Depression,” “Wired, ” “Equal Rights,” “PSA,” “Technology.” and “Good Times Bad Times.” The album features the band’s most accomplished and also lyrically controversial material. The main credits for the album go to John Connelly for the vocals and guitar, Anthony Bramante for the guitar, Danny Lilker for the bass, and Glenn Evans for the drums.

Tips on how to buy Metal CDs online in Dubai

On the face of it, buying a metal CD is as easy as browsing through an online catalogue and picking up an album of your favourite band. But selecting a metal CD that will satiate your taste is a tad difficult. Firstly, you have to make sure the CD cover is a true representation of the content and does not simply include the face of a popular musician. You might end up with one or two songs you like, and scores of tracks you have no interest in. Next, if you go blindly by the price, you might end up with a cheap, substandard or pirated metal CD, which might even damage your CD player. Also., make sure to buy the metal CD from a legitimate seller, or else it could be a copyright violation. Consider the following when buying a metal CD.

  • Check the contents – Make sure the contents of the metal CD match your needs. Rock has different sub-genres. Some metal CD may mix and match tracks from different genres, whereas others may focus exclusively on some sub-genre.
  • Do a quality check – Beware of fakes and imitations. Many stores sell illegal recordings or pirated copies. Not only are these copyright violations, but it poses a risk to your music system.
  • Consider price – Two stores selling the same rock CD for different prices need not always mean the cheaper priced one is illegal or damaged. The low price may be owing to promotions or the seller’s low margin pricing strategy.
  • Go for a trusted seller – Make sure the seller is authorised to sell the metal CD.  Unauthorised seller violates copyright laws, and the transaction will be illegal.
  • Know the delivery timeline – When you buy a metal CD online, buy from reputed sellers, who assure prompt delivery. It does no good to have your favourite metal CD delivered a month later or worse, come damaged due to poor packing

Buy metal CDs online UAE using Here, you can compare the different metal CDs in detail, read the product description, and get listings of the tracks in the CD. Also, you can avoid poor quality recordings, pirated copies, and substandard CDs. Also, do not forget to explore other products under the multimedia category right here. So, go ahead and explore now!

Question & Answer

Which is the best metal CD collection to buy?

The best metal CDs of all time include albums from Metallica, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Led Zepplin, Immu Borgir, Slipknot, Nuclear Assault, Scorpions, Eddie Van Halen, Ozzie Osbourne, and more. Many metal CD features a mix of different bands, and even sub-genres, whereas others focus on a particular band or genre. At times, a metal CD contains one or more famous hits of a famous band. For instance, Aerosmith’s album “Get a Grip,” features tracks such as “Cryin’” and “Crazy,” both chartbusters. At times, a popular track may appear on multiple metal CD. In such cases, buy the metal CD in which the other tracks suit your taste the most.

How to choose the best metal CD?

The first consideration when choosing the best metal CD is the tracks in the CD. Most albums have a few hits and several ordinary tracks. For instance, Aerosmith’s album “I don’t want to miss a thing,” is famous for the track bearing the same name, and which has also featured in the movie Armageddon. Buying this metal CD will be worth it for this track alone. But ultimately, what constitutes a “good” track depends on the taste of the audience. Next, make sure the metal CD features the sub-genre you prefer. The common sub-genres of heavy metal include avant-garde metal, black metal, Celtic metal, doom metal, gothic metal, power metal, and nu-metal.

Where to buy the metal CD online in the UAE?

The best place to buy metal CDs is our shopping search engine i.e., The search site lists all popular sub-genres of metal CD and carries extensive product descriptions. It also features metal CDs of all popular bands. The alternative of looking up individual websites and online stores is a hassle and runs the risk of entering websites that may no longer offer the metal CD you need. You can buy with the full assurance the metal CD contains the tracks you like and offer the best value for money. Stores here offer an extensive listing of cheap death metal CDs. These metal CDs are by no means of inferior quality. Rather, many sellers give big discounts as promotional offers, or to get rid of their old stock.