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About CD/DVD Cases

Media and data storage is not only about space-saving, like most of the storage products are meant for. However, some promises to protect the products inside and make them durable – something that CD / DVD cases should have in them. If you are also looking for these storage cases, you got to explore them as the marketplace is loaded with many variants. Choosing one that fits your needs is not a daunting task but neither a comforting job.

The storage hubs for discs is an engineered product keeping the needs of discs in mind. The outer look that is the material of the product is a flexible plastic. Then, there is an outer tray and inner tray out of which the inner one should be exactly the size of the disc to provide perfect disc-locking. If your product doesn’t fit sturdy to the case, it may damage just by storing – this is why the disc dimensions are the same universally. When you need to pull the disc out, you have to press in the middle and take the disc, keeping your actions gentle. While exploring, you will find slight variations in the product’s anatomy we have discussed, but the objective remains the same. So, scrutinise every product you see and choose only the best CD / DVD case.

DVD versus blu ray cases

We are talking about the discs here because Blu Ray discs sure have advantages over DVD. However, the storage point of view is different here. You can identity Blu Ray disc cases with their translucent blue colour. Also, they are shorter and lighter as compared to DVD cases. Many of you might like their looks over the standard black colour of DVD cases. On the other hand, if we talk about DVD cases, they come in more variations, which makes them an all-time favourite among customers. But both are equally functional and protective of the discs inside. Whatever you choose, you must have a look at both while buying a CD / DVD case online in UAE.

Slim CD case

Slim CD cases have a legit name as Jewel cases. By the sound of it, you take note of the product being classy and expensive, which is not precisely the case. They have been named jewel cases as finding data storage options at the time CD release has been the top priority. Then these jewel cases came into the market. These cases have a plastic material, measuring 142 by 125 by 10mm and are capable of holding a CD, insert, and a back card. Another slim CD cases that you can invest in are the paper sleeves with clear windows to see disc labels. Other than that, there are also sleeves for mini CD cases, such as pocket CDs. You can explore all of them at our retail search engine .

DVD and CD wallet

A wallet is a product that can store the bulk of your CDs and DVDs without any hassle. From the exterior, the wallet will look sleek and stylish or as you have bought it. From the inside, you will find many plastic or paper sleeves with visible labels. There may or may not have space for label inserts, depending on your buying preferences. All in all, the DVD and CD wallet is a must-have option if you have a large number of discs and want to save space by having them all together. To start exploring, you can check out some DVD/CD case for cheap.

CD and DVD binder case

A binder case looks like the binder folder that you buy for documents. These binders also have snap rings with sleeves to insert your discs. The advantage of having these binders is that you can add or remove sleeves, depending on the number of discs you have. Also, you will find many variations in the binders. For example, some products will have a separate space for inserts and labels in case you have a special multimedia album. Another feature is the binder label in the front rings space. Aesthetic-wise, these CD / DVD cases look like document folder when stored. So, if you are looking for something unique and stylish, you must look at this variety of optical disc packaging.

Tips on how to buy CD/DVD cases online

Every product, no matter how tiny and ignorant it looks like, has its upsides and downsides. When it comes to storage items, they are often ignored and think like they are all the same, which is so not true. Imagine having a storage item without much protection a product demands – the sole reason why we emphasise fact-finding research. Here, we have compiled some fine points for you to keep in mind while purchasing a CD/DVD case. We are hopeful that these points will help you to narrow down your purchase.

  • Safety assurance – A CD/DVD will damage in case of light exposure, being dusty, and having scratches. So, the storage case you buy must promise to keep all of that away and protect the case no matter what.
  • Save space – If you have a heap of CD’s and DVD’s, having them organised all the time is a task in itself. You can either have single storage cases or one case with multiple sleeves. Both are equally functional and adhere to the standards of safety and quality. Well, the latter feature of quality varies from product to product.
  • Future needs – You can either have the exact number of sleeves of boxes as the CD’s and DVD’s you own. You can also think of future needs when you buy more items, so having the cases in advance is a good idea.
  • Visible disc labels – Some discs come with a picture and label of what is inside. However, some are plain on which you write the titles with the permanent marker. In both cases, it is a better idea if you buy storage cases having clear windows so that you can see the label and save your time finding the one you want. However, if you have fewer discs, you can ignore this feature.
  • Note the aesthetics – Usually, the CD’s and DVD’s are kept near to the TV unit, which is in line of sight for everybody. So, choosing something that will enhance the aesthetics of the overall TV corner would be a better idea. You can match the colour combination of what you have placed already in the unit or choose something different – all up to you.
  • Room for accessories – You may have a memory related to a specific media album or other discs. In that case, you can store any insert, back card, or folding paper with the disc. If you have such things or precisely any paper that you want to store with the disc, you can invest in the discs with more depth.
  • Quality factor – We have no intentions of putting the quality feature at the end of the list. However, it is a reminder not to overlook quality while scrutinising the tiny details we have mentioned in the tips section. You should explore the products and choose the product that fits your needs irrespective of what’s trending or in fashion.

Apart from tips, you should also know some brands from where you can commence your shopping drive. Some of them include Memorex, Fasmov, and Aidata. You can easily find their products at our shopping platform, Not just these brands, but there are more you will see upon your visit. There are more than 500 online shops, which promises to provide you with the perfect product. You can also start your shopping from the discount section as we have CD/DVD cases for sale online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

Where to buy CD / DVD case online in UAE?

Usually, storage product like CD/DVD case comes in various designs, styles, colours combinations, and patterns. You can buy something from subtle range or go a little bit over. But when it comes to exploring such products, you better choose a platform that can show all under one roof. It becomes easier to compare and decide when you can see the products at once. Our shopping search engine is one such platform wherein multiple shops and brands showcase their products in such a way that your purchase will be nothing but always an informed decision.

Why are CD and DVD cases are of different sizes?

Although CD and DVD are of the same sizes, their cases come in different sizes. If you wonder about it, there is a legit reason for it. Cinematic media like VHS tapes, movie posters, and even screens have always been rectangular, which is why DVD has a particular shape, and they even look like VHS tapes. On the other hand, music packaging is typically square. When the industry was shifting from VHS to DVD, they marketed DVD in shape and looks of VHS to make it look familiar to the customers. We hope now the size difference makes sense. It’s nothing but a marketing gimmick of previous times.

How to recycle CD and DVD cases?

You can find a dedicated DVD recycler in your local areas, or you can also find one that recycles plastic. Also, there is a paper covering on DVD, which you can strip off and put in the recycling container. The rest is plastic, which you must try to find a way before throwing it into the garbage. You can also check the E-waste recycling community, based in Dubai. You can find more such organisations if you search online.

How to choose the right CD and DVD cases online?

Choosing the right CD and DVD cases is not a daunting task if you pay some attention to the material and capacity of the products. It isn’t a complect product. All you have to analyse is the number of CD’s and DVD’s you already have and leave some room for future needs. Coming to the aesthetical point, it is all up to you as there are plenty of options in the market. You can explore all of these options at our shopping platform,

You don’t know you need a storage item unless you have them and see the place all cleaned up and looks tidy. It saves a lot of your space plus looks good. Small multimedia devices like CD’s and DVD’s are fragile. Even a tiny scratch can ruin the whole experience of watching your favourite movie. So, protect all your units by buying something functional and unique from

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