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About Lens Cap

Whether you are a specialised photographer or amateur who has just started to use a digital SLR camera, you must be cognizant of the consternations of misplacing a camera lens cap. While these gears appear as a small piece of cover, they attend to a very imperative role of shielding camera lenses from scratches. For many, lenses are more important than cameras because they cannot function if the lens is damaged. So, let us explore the importance of lens cover in detail.

A lens cover is a small detachable lid that guards camera lenses while not in use. Many lenses cover available in the market are standard with most cameras, but a more sheltered lens cap is the metal screw-in lens cover which cannot pop off a camera lens fortuitously. Some cameras feature a programmed cap that unwraps when the camera is switched on. They are usually plastic in nature and do not offer many fortifications. For numerous photographers, carrying numerous lenses to the pitch is more an obligation than an elective because they can easily scratch and need replacement. Buying a new camera lens is quite affluent than investing in a cap for the lens to safeguard it from external forces. The lens cover is affordable and readily available. On this page, we will explore more so that you can choose the best replacement cap.

Things you need to know about the lens cap

Camera lenses have to be secured while not in use because purchasing a new lens just because it’s scratched is very luxurious. Lens caps are economical and are made to guard the lens from damage. These are the common ones that you will encounter in the market. They include a front cap, which is either Snap-On cover which is an ideal cap of choice for photographers who employ lenses that customs filters. Push-On Lens covers are ultimate if your camera lens lacks filter thread. The proprietary lens cover is also an added subcategory of the front lens cover. Another type of cap is the rear one, a perfect choice for a camera that customises interchangeable lenses. Let us explore some popular ones in detail.

Canon lens cap

Since the lens form an integral part of every photographer’s world, protecting it becomes of utmost importance. Without any doubt, we can say that Canon has established itself as one of the best lens manufacturers. The lenses are of good quality, and so is the picture quality. Hence, it is no surprise that they are also trusted manufacturers of caps. There are unique caps available for all their lenses. Camera lenses should be protected when not in use. So, if you own a Canon, it is imperative to use the cap for the lens. If you have damaged yours, then there are also replacements available. You can choose from a wide range of options here if you want to buy a Canon lens cap online in the UAE. However, go for the one that is compatible with your camera type. And there is no need to double think about the quality.

Nikon lens cap

Just like Canon, we all are aware of Nikon and its quality captures as well. A giant in the world of photography, Nikon is a well-known name for its quality products. If you search for caps of impeccable quality, you cannot go wrong with Nikon caps. Just like other manufacturers, Nikon also manufacturers unique caps for different lenses. Buying a cap is so much more affordable than changing the lens itself. You can find two types of lens covers: front and rear caps. Nikon caps are built to protect the lens from damage and scratches. You can find a wide range of products in the market but go for a trusted one compatible with your camera. 

Tamron lens cap & other popular brands

As a photographer, you all need the best lens cap to protect your camera from scratches and damage. Speaking of the good brands, you must have also come across Tamron. Yes, a third-party lens manufacturer is also involved in customising its caps for the lenses. The lens is of top quality and so are the lens cap. Whichever lens or camera you choose, it is imperative to invest in a quality and compatible cap. Other popular brands and products include the Gopro hero five lens cover, Leica cap, and Sony a5100 cap. So, go ahead and go for the one suiting your requirements. 

Tips on how to buy Lens Cap online in the UAE

Lenses are an indispensable part of a photographic kit and, since it’s so fragile, they call for protection. One of the photographic accessories known to give optimum guard to camera lenses is the lens cap. And with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be an intimidating task. Lens caps are camera covers that have been fashioned and polished to offer the utmost protection to the lenses. To get the right lens cap, here are the tips to follow. They include:

  • Types – Before buying a lens cap online, you must understand the differences between the front and rear lens caps and when they are applicable. For example, front lenses, more specifically the Snap-On lens, are an ideal choice if your camera uses lenses that accept filters, but if your lenses have a threaded mount, then a screw-on rear lens cap is the most appropriate.
  • Lens size – Camera lenses have distinct sizes, and so does the lens cap. Before making a step to buying a particular lens cover, it’s good to measure the size of your camera lens first to enable you to choose the right lens cover size that can fit it appropriately. You also need to look at the colour and choose the one which complements its décor.
  • Budget – It’s worth capitalising on the best lens cap you can afford; nevertheless, if you are working on a partial budget, only go for lens cover you can manage to pay for. All lens caps offered at are of quality and are matchless. Just stick to your budget and get your camera’s best lens cap with ease.
  • Security –Website security is a very vivacious factor to contemplate while shopping online. This is because while making payments, information regarding your credit card might fall into the wrong hand. And as a result, your financial status might be at risk of being ripped off. So, you must always check the security and privacy terms to guarantee safety to the site you are visiting.

While determining which lens cap is more appropriate for you, take your time and go through the tips mentioned above. Remember, a camera lens is a big asset, thus the need to secure it satisfactorily. And that’s why the best lens cap is preferable. With the tips, we are certain that you will never miss your very best. Are you searching for the best lens caps? At, you can find a wide range of options at your fingertips. Find popular brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Leica. Also, do not forget to explore other camera supplies and multimedia products here.

Question & Answer

Can you use a lens cap with a filter?

Although caps offer utmost protection to a camera lens, they must be kept off when the camera is used. And if your camera lens employs a filter, you might wonder whether you can use a lens cover together with a filter. In most circumstances, the answer is yes! Most cameras have a thread on the front sides to give room for adding a lens cap. Correspondingly, a lens filter comes with a façade thread for soothing cap attachment. And while using a lens cap with a lens filter, you must always use precise dimensions to get an unspoiled fit. If your camera applies UV, ND, or CPL filters, always check out the corresponding symbol in both lens cap and filter. With NB filters, the cap must be huger than the filter because ND filters are made of two glass layers.

What lens cap sizes do I need?

As you buy a lens cover, you need to know the diameter of your camera lens. There is no need of calculating or measure as they are always provided in the form of a code. That code is what will direct you to the size of lens cap you need. With the size information at your fingertips, you can now choose a cap of a diameter slightly larger than the one for the camera lens. For instance, if your lens size is 54mm, you can get a good quality cap of 56mm. The following is the list of capsizes you will encounter in the market. They includes 37mm, 62mm,67mm,77mm,41mm,39, 28, etc. The list is not comprehensive; explore our product search engine for more details!

Where to buy a Canon lens cap online in the UAE?

If you are looking to buy a good lens cap, consider visiting online sites. Do you know why? It’s because there is boundless good for you to choose from. And because the lens is a special investment, care must be taken while looking for its cover for safety purposes. With numerous bonuses offered online, you can acquire a quality product at a lower price. And since you can access customers’ analysis of a particular product, getting unstandardized goods is impossible. On the other hand, some online stores are full of scams, thus need for site trustworthiness. If you are looking to buy your preferred products, explore and pick your preferred lens cover from over 500 online stores.

The lens is a fundamental part of a camera, and just like an eye, the camera is nothing without them, and that’s why they have to be protected for better performance. One technique of guiding a camera is by using a lens cap that is easily available and affordable. If you need one, explore our product search engine and get your favourite lens cover from over 500 online stores and brands! Whether you are looking for the best silicone lens cap or some other variety, you can find many options here.