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A camera remote is a must-have item in the toolkit of a professional photographer. Using one has many obvious advantages. As they are available in a variety of price ranges, there’s something affordable for all.

Camera remotes are known under various names. People also call them wireless triggers, shutter releases, and remote triggers. All of these do the same thing; to help you capture the sharpest possible image. For normal photography, everybody uses the shutter button on the camera body. However, there are some situations in which you cannot use that button. When you are using long exposures, you want to eliminate even the smallest shake. A remote-control camera is something that you should use in this situation. But that’s not all. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them. Having a better understanding of remote shutter releases will help you make the right choices while shopping.

Four best camera remotes for every major camera brands

A remote-control system for the camera will have two parts: the receiver unit that sits on the camera and the transmitter or the actual remote that you can operate from a distance. The receiver attaches via a cable to the camera, while the transmitter is normally the size of a key fob that you keep in your hand. You only have to push a button on the transmitter when you are about to take a picture, and it fires a signal to the receiver, which in turn operates the shutter. This enables you to shoot hands-free, which is essential because even the slightest camera movements can ruin a picture sometimes. Of course, they will also let you take group selfies without anyone missing out from the picture.

Canon BR-E1

This is the newest wireless controller for canon cameras. BR-E1 utilises Bluetooth and does not need cables. Unlike previous versions that used infrared, Bluetooth connectivity has many advantages. BT-E1 is compatible with all the recent mid-range and high-end cameras from Canon that has built-in Bluetooth functionality. These include the mirrorless EOS RP and even the beginner Rebel SL3 DSLR. Before you start, you need to pair up the camera and remote. With Bluetooth 5.0, this is a relatively seamless operation. You can also control the focus and aperture using the remote.

Nikon ML-L3

This model works with every consumer-level DSLR Nikon with wireless connectivity that they have ever produced, except for the more recent ones that do not have an infrared sensor. Ml-L3 uses an infrared beam for signal transmission. So, you need an uninterrupted line of sight between the controller and the camera’s IR receiver. You will get a maximum range of 5m with it. However, the IR feature is not found in Nikon’s professional cameras. That means pro users won’t be able to take advantage of this inexpensive fast and simple tool. ML-L3 is also surprisingly small as well. The functionality is limited. It has a one-stage trigger button that does not allow separate autofocus function.

Sony RM-VPR1

By providing two separate cables with this remote, Sony has done a huge favour to its customers. With these two cables, you can connect this remote to pretty much all the cameras sony has ever released. This includes their modern mirrorless Alpha series, older SLT versions, compact cameras, and even camcorders. The cables are each 80cm long. You also get a good set of controls for such a low price. There is a lockable release socket, with a secondary video recording stop/start button and zoom controls for compatible motorised zoom cameras.

Phottix XS

Unlike the previous three remotes in this list, this is a versatile third-party model. The Phottix XS is lightweight, simple and incredibly affordable. Still, it has the impressive built quality and comes with a set of different connectors to suit the link sockets of different camera manufacturers. The textured finger grip on the rear surface of the control unit gives you a firm grip on the remote. The buttons on the remote have good action for light-press autofocus, light metering, and shutter release. For bulb exposures, there is a dedicated sliding button-lock system. That means you don’t have to keep pressing the button for long exposures.

Tips on how to buy Camera Remotes Online

Camera remotes might be a simple tool that lets you control the operation of a camera without actually touching the camera. However, finding the right type of model can be harder than you might think. One reason for this is the sheer variety of remotes that exist out there. However, finding the right one is easier if you know what factors to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for remotes.

  • Wired vs Wireless – Not all shutter remotes are wireless. Wired remotes are so much cheaper than wireless ones. While you might not be able to fire the shutter from a few meters away or take a group selfie with a wired remote, it will allow you to eliminate the camera shake. Wireless remotes are generally more expensive and also pack more features.
  • RF vs Infrared vs Bluetooth – Wireless shutter releases uses three types of technologies to connect to the camera. Older models used infrared connections similar to TV remotes. But modern remotes offer better connectivity using RF and Bluetooth. So, which one should you use? Well, whichever one your camera has. RF and Bluetooth are almost similar in their functionalities. But Bluetooth remotes are easier to connect than RF models.
  • Compatibility – When you are buying a remote, you should make sure that it is going to work with your camera model. The connectivity feature in the remote must be compatible with that of the camera. This applies mostly to wireless remotes. In the case of wired remotes, this isn’t so much of an issue as you only have to look at the connector cable.
  • Range – The range of the remotes vary quite a bit depending upon the model. Wired remotes have the shortest range. You can only be as far away from the camera as the cable allows you to. Infrared remotes have an average range of five meters, given that you have a direct line of sight between the camera and the remote.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you will need many other camera supplies other than the camera itself. These include things like tripods, lenses, filters, battery grips, shutter releases, lens caps, lights and flashes, camera bags, straps, and cleaning kits. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the features of the products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other products from the Multimedia category.

Question & Answer

What is the best camera remote?

Among wireless camera remote controls, there are two kinds of technologies that are common. In order to establish communication between the transmitter and receiver, remotes either use an infrared signal, radio frequency connection, or Bluetooth. Generally, most people prefer an RF wireless remote over the more traditional infrared ones. This is because the trigger will not work if there is any object that is blocking the path to the camera. But most modern cameras have built-in Bluetooth receivers. Bluetooth remotes are easier to connect and offer better range than infrared remotes.

Why should you use a camera remote?

This is the question most beginner photographers will have in their mind. If all you do is street photography or shooting portraits, you don’t actually need a remote. For those cases, the default shutter control is the right option. However, there are some situations where a remote is necessary. If you are shooting long exposures at night or trying to capture a picture of the milky way, even the slightest movement of the camera can ruin the picture. A remote will let you release the shutter without touching or shaking the camera. Another less common scenario is taking group selfies.

Where to buy camera remotes online in the UAE?

Every photographer goes through a journey from a beginner who is trying to teach himself the functions of all the buttons on the camera to using specialised accessories to enhance the pictures. Camera remote is something everyone will need eventually in this journey. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to find good remotes in the UAE. But the best places to look for them is of course You will find some really good models for affordable prices.

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