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About Video Cables

Many kinds of video cables are available for connecting devices like computers, TV, etc. However, one should select based on the purpose of connection and the type of data you need to transmit. Here is the guide that will help you choose the best.

If you have ever visited a store to buy cables, then the vast supply must have put you in confusion. Devices such as TV, monitor, and peripherals require a variety of video cables to work. Coaxial, component, composite, DVI and S-video cables are some of the common types. Different cables may be different in functions. For example, coaxial cables are in use for both used for audio and visual purposes. But the component is for analogue video. They transmit just the visual images and are often used with different audio cables. On the other hand, the composite type looks similar to the component, but it can carry both visual and audio signals. We will know more about finding the best place to buy video cables online in the UAE on this page.

Exploring different types of video cables

Video cables come in a wide range of options, varying in length, type, brand, and more factors. However, some common ones include DVI, HDMI, coaxial, composite, component, and display port cables. DVI cables are one of the most common digital video cables that you can find attached to your desktop. HDMI Cables are another popular type that people use to transmit video and audio signals from their device to a monitor or TV. Coaxial cables are also a popular type for both audio and video purposes. Composite and component cables look similar, but the former can carry both audio and video information. The latter transmits just the visual images. Let us explore the popular types in detail. You will also find some tips for buying video cable for PC and other devices Towards the end.

VGA & DVI cables

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It used to be the connector popular for video cards, monitors, and laptops. Then, digital connections like HDMI and DVI took their place. However, it is still popular in retro gaming and requires a connection to cheaper monitors and displays. DVI cable, on the other hand, stands for Digital Visual Interface. DVI connections are popular for transmitting uncompressed digital videos in modes like DVI-I, DVI-D, and DVI-A. DVI-I combines analogue and digital signals in one connector. The D version supports just the digital version, and A supports the analogue.

Composite & component video cable

Among other popular types are composite and component video cables. Component cables are for analogue video. They can transmit just the visual images. These cables often pair with separate audio cables. They have RCA plugs at the end. Those are mostly colour coded to match the right port during installation. Composite cables, on the other hand, look similar to the former. However, these cables can carry both audio as well as visual information. They also have colour codes, mostly red for left audio, white for right audio, and yellow for visual.

HDMI audio/video cable

The most popular digital video connection is HDMI, which stands for High Definition Media Input. HDMI connections are used to transfer uncompressed audio and video to devices such as computer monitors, TVs, and DVD players. The best part is that these cables are backwards compatible. So, you can use the one with advanced features on old devices. The reverse is also true in the case of HDMI cables. It means that an old cable can be used on a new device. There are three types of HDMI connectors popular. Type A is the full-sized connection for home theatres and TVs. Mini-HDMI, i.e. type C, is popular for its use on laptops and tablets. Micro-HDMI, i.e. type-D, is used on mobile devices.  

Tips on how to buy Video Cables online in Dubai

A video cable seems to be a quick pick, but you will not stop yourself from overwhelming if you get into technicalities. Video cables for monitors and other devices come in various constructions, lengths, connectors, and brands. Moreover, they may vary hugely based on quality and price. However, if you keep some things in mind, this purchasing will become easier for you. So, here are some tips that would help you throughout your buying journey.

  • Consider length – Cables come in various length options, from small to large. If it has to be installed and just left, then you can go for the short length. There is no need to coil it up unnecessarily. But if it has to cover a large distance, then go for the large one.
  • Consider quality – The quality of the cable will not affect the picture quality. However, the build quality will decide how reliable and durable the cable is. So, look for durable ones so that you do not have to replace them again and again. 
  • Consider the connector type – There are different types of connectors the cable may come up with. For example, standard, mini, and micro are some of the main types of HDMI connectors. So, while buying it, make sure to choose the right type of connector; else, it can be a waste for you. 
  • Go for trusted brands – If you want a reliable cable, you should go for trusted brands. The good part is that you can find some of the best brands right here, like Promate, Vention, and Belkin.

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Question & Answer

Where to buy cheap video cables online in the UAE?

You can buy cheap video cables from any electronics retail store or online shop. However, if you are looking for quality options, you have already reached the right place. You can find the best video cables right here on We are a retail search engine where you can find hundreds of online stores. If you feel confused looking at so many options, you can easily narrow down by setting your preferences like price, brand, seller etc. You can even compare costs to find the best quality under your budget.

What is a composite video cable?

Composite and component video cables are two popular types of video cables. Component cables are primarily for analogue video. They can transmit just the visual images. Composite cables look similar to them. However, these cables can carry both audios as well as visual information. They also have colour codes, mostly red for left audio, white for right audio, and yellow for visual. Composite and component cables look similar, but the former can carry both audio and video information.

Which video cable is best for gaming?

Video cables come in a wide assortment of options. However, looking at a wide variety, you might wonder which one will be suitable for you. HDMI is a popular choice if the purpose is to connect a gaming console, Blu-ray player, or streaming device to the TV. You can go for DVI is if you want to make the most out of your high frame rate on a 1080p monitor. You can also go for other types depending upon the requirements and setup you have.

How much are composite video cables?

It can be as cheap as $5 and as expensive as hundreds of dollars. The price depends upon the type and brand you choose. If you are looking for low-cost options, then you are in the right place. Here, you can compare prices to find suitable options under your budget. Moreover, you can filter and sort the results based on price to quicken your search.

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