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About VGA Cables

VGA cables were first manufactured in the 1980s. Over the years, they have improved and become the leading method of connecting various electronics to monitors so that you can view the footage or manipulate them. You will find a cheap 15 pin VGA cable to use for your PC, projector, gaming console or extend the display of your laptop.

There are various technologies and brands that have been put into a VGA cable. Most of these brands are available on our Dubai search engine. Therefore, you have a greater choice of cables that you can use on your electronics. While most of them can work with any device with a VGA port there are a few brands that work best for one type of equipment and not the other. It is good to know which brand would work for your device. Besides, there are others with features that enable enhanced functionality and better imagery. This article helps you learn more about this cable, how to buy one and how to use one depending on your device. Let us get started with the paragraphs below.

What you need to know about dual VGA cables

If maybe in a situation where you want to show an audience what you are doing on your computer or connect to a TV so that a bigger audience watches the content as you do. In such cases, you need a dual VGA cable. This cable splits the signal from your device so that you show it two monitors. This cable is sometimes called Y-splitter or just Y cable. It works like the conventional VGA cable only to deliver the video signal to two monitors. You can find various dual VGA cables on our platform at different price points and lengths. Explore the brands using the filters and the information provided so that you pick the Y cable that best serves your projection needs.

Connect to devices without VGA ports

HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) is the newer technology for transferring high definition video and audio using a single cable. Most newer devices feature an HDMI port alongside the VGA or without the VGA port. If you have a monitor that does not have a VGA port but has an HDMI port, you can connect the two with a VGA to HDMI converter. This includes a converter that has a VGA port and connects to an HDMI outlet. There are also HDMI to VGA Cables to help you connect HDMI outputs to VGA monitors. However, just like the VGA to HDMI cables, they also come with a mini converter to enable conversion of the high definition signals to analogue ones. The cables also come with an audio jack to capture audio from HDMI. You can buy cheap HDMI to VGA cable on our platform.

VGA vs SVGA cables

A standard VGA cable carries analogue video signals and supports a resolution of up to 640×480. However, over the years, manufacturers have improved the quality of the video signal transmitted through the introduction of SVGA. The latter technology is able to transmit videos of a resolution of more than 1024 x 720. This is the most popular type of VGA cable in our Dubai search engine. The reason is obvious; better video quality than the former. We have taken care to differentiate these cables by documenting the maximum resolution for each cable. Therefore, we recommend that you check the information below each image so that you get the right VGA cable for your use.

VGA cable is different from DVI cables

Apart from HDMI ports, you may find devices with a DVI port. The DVI cable comes with 28 pins divided into equal groups of 14 pins and a single pin at the extreme end. It is also used to transfer signals like the VGA cable. However, unlike the former that transfers analogue signals, this one can transfer either analogue or digital signals. Its ports are white, while those of VGA is blue. The ability to carry digital signals enables sharp images. However, just like the VGA cable, it does not carry audio signals. Therefore, if your monitor has inbuilt speakers such as the TV, you would run an audio cable from the source of the signal to the monitor Make a choice between the two, depending on your monitors and sources.

The ideal length of the VGA cable

Most of the standard VGA cables come w in a standard length of about two metres. However, if you are projecting video on a monitor that is far away, you need to estimate the size of the VGA cable that will reach the monitor. Most manufacturers make VGA distances with a multiple of five (5, 10, 15 and so on). It would be good to estimate the distance so that you are able to choose the right length of the cable. On the other hand, you may need adaptors to connect to some devices such as your PlayStation. Therefore, the best VGA cable for Dreamcast can include an adaptor for HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI. In most cases, you buy the cable separately from the adapter, thereby allowing you to choose the ideal length.

Tips on how to buy VGA Cables

We have explored one of the salient features that you will find in VGA cables, along with some common variations. This helps you differentiate various cables in the market and where you can use them. However, some customers still encounter problems when shopping, given a large number of sellers on our platform. For that reason, we have created a list of tips and tricks that will help you determine an ideal VGA cable as per your need. We have researched this information from tech gurus and past customer feedback on the same. Therefore, you are likely to make decisions based on these points. You can always add points based on your need and preferences. Let’s get started below.

  • The length of the VGA cable – Determine the distance between the source of the signal and the monitor and buy a cable that connects both without having to stretch tightly. On our platform, you will find the length of the cable indicated in the caption section below the image.
  • VGA or SVGA – The choice of either is primarily influenced by the competing resources of your device. Most modern devices will work with SVGA, while early devices and gaming consoles will only deliver video resolutions low enough to work with VGA.
  • The need for a converter – If you are working with two devices where one does not have a VGA port, consider buying a converter or a cable with the ability to convert signals from VGA to other types or vice versa. Check the port on your device to get a matching converting cable.
  • Customer reviews – All VGA cables are not built equal. You will find some with tough cover while others are more flexible. Check what customers have said of each of the types before making your buying decision. Avoid sellers with overwhelmingly negative reviews as they seem to sell poor quality cables.
  • Budget – We have covered both value seekers and those who want to buy the best VGA cable brand that there is in the market. Explore the marketplace before setting a budget. This way, you will be able to set it within levels where you can find the VGA cable that covers your needs.

There you have it: five tricks to get you started in picking the best VGA cable for sale online in UAE. It is our hope that they have given you some insight on areas to check so that you do not buy blindly. Our UAE search engine also has inbuilt filters to help you narrow down to the product that you want to buy. Apart from VGA cables, our platform has other types of cables such HDMI, DVI and RCA cables, as well as cables with converters from one type of signal to another. In addition, we sell a wide range of electronics that include TV sets, led, LCD and TFT monitors. You can also purchase projectors as well as accessories for each of the electronics.

Question & Answer

What is a VGA cable used for?

A VGA cable is used for connecting a device to a monitor or a display from which to display some video signals. They are mostly used to connect a desktop computer to a monitor to enable you to work with your computer. However, there are also TVs with VGA ports, which allows them to connect with a VGA output such as that of a TV. VGA is one of the most popular means of displaying video footage from electronics onto displays. The output and inputs are hard-wired inside the devices sending and receiving the signal. Therefore, your work only involves connecting both with cable, and you are good to go. Before buying the cable, check to see that both the receiver and the display have these ports.

What is the difference between HDMI and VGA cables?

There are several differences between a VGA and HDMI cable. To start, the VGA cable is an analogue interface. It sends analogue signals from one device to the other (receiver). On the other hand, HDMI is a digital interface that can only be displayed by a receiver that has a digital capability. Second, a VGA cable is primarily a video interface. This means that you only get the video footage and not the sound. However, the HDMI cable transmits both digital video and audio in one. Third, the video quality from an HDMI output is several times better than that of the VGA. With HDMI, you can watch a full HD video (1080P), while the VGA output can only transmit a video resolution of up to 1024 by 720.

Where to buy VGA cables online in the UAE?

You can buy quality VGA cables online on Our platform is home to hundreds of sellers and brands that sell VGA cables. You can find both premium and cheap cable, depending on your budget. We have also built several filters into the platform to help you narrow down your search to the most relevant results and make your cart checkout very fast. You can buy other types of cables on the platform that includes HDMI, DVI, RCA and audio cables. On the other hand, if one of the devices does not have a VGA port, you can purchase a cable that has a converter from VGA to the other type of receiver and vice versa.

Which VGA cable should I buy?

You should buy an SVGA cable for your devices. Unlike the traditional VGA cable, which has a resolution of up to about 480 x 640, the SVGA cable is able to transmit video footage in high definition (1024 x 720). This ensures that you get better quality footage for a better watching experience. However, if your computer or device does not have the computing power and does not transmit footage in that resolution, you can go for a traditional VGA cable. However, even the SVGA cable is still able to transmit low-quality footage. Therefore, you do not have to think hard about it. On our Dubai search engine, we have given you all the information that you need to get the difference between the two right on the page.

How do you connect VGA cable to your laptop?

The VGA cable for a laptop looks similar to any other VGA cable that connects other devices. Before purchasing one, check if your laptop has a VGA port. The port has a unique blue colour with 15 holes onto which the male VGA cable locks in. To connect the cable, remove the cap that protects the pins of your cable. Then, match the pens with the slots on the VGA port such that all the pins fit perfectly. You can do this by matching the shapes of the port with that of the cable. Then, insert the pins in place. If your device has nuts beside the port, screw your cable in place. Do the same on the other end of your cable. You should now transmit footage along the cable without any problems.

When do you use VGA cable?

You use VGA cables when connecting a source of footage to a monitor. For example, connecting a computer to a TFT monitor. You can also use the VGA cable to split a signal so that it is seen on two monitors. In this case, you would need a dual VGA cable to split the signal. On the other hand, if using the cable on a laptop, you use the cable to transmit the signal from a laptop to a display such as a TV or a monitor. For you to use the cable, both the device sending the signal and the one receiving the signal has a VGA port. If one of the devices does not have a VGA port, you can use a VGA converter whose output matches the port of the other device, such as a VGA to HDMI cable.

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