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About Thunderbolt Cables

Facilitating fast-paced data transfer in a digital-driven global community is always the goal of Apple Inc developers. In its third-generation release, the thunderbolt cable is currently the most advanced data transfer and device charging cable on the planet. The latest Mac book from Apple only has a headphone jack port and a thunderbolt cable 3 port. Thus, easy adaptation comes along.

The latest thunderbolt cable version 3 is the first collaborative development of Apple and Intel. Everyone who has used this cable 3 appraises its quality. Its most exciting feature is that you can use it to connect several other similar cables and port-enabled devices. Even though it is easy to confuse with USB Type C chargers, they vary significantly in uses and capabilities. Compatibility is often the critical factor to consider because incompatible ports will not work. Since these cables are now common, it is advisable to buy a high-quality cable to use on a range of devices for more extended periods.

The difference between a thunderbolt cable 3 and a USB C

When Apple upgraded from thunderbolt 2 to 3, they adopted a USB type C design to provide their users with a convenient universal port. USB C refers to the port interface. Therefore, this cable can perform a USB C charger’s operations. However, a USB C is not comparable to a thunderbolt. This cable operates at lightning speeds of about 40Gbps, while a USB C cable transmits data at 10Gbps. It can also process 5K videos and two 4K displays simultaneously, while USB C can only process one 4K display. Enhanced video performance is another advantage with the cables. On the other hand, USB C is preferable for charging and simple media file transfers only. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether to go for a thunderbolt cable or USB C.

Thunderbolt cable variations

The advancement with thunderbolt cables moves data fast between two devices. They come in different variations compatible with various devices. Thunderbolt introduced its hardware back in 2011 with cable 1 and later cable 2. They are all capable of transmitting audio and visual data, but they differ in transmission speed. Additionally, the first two generations use a mini display port connector, while cable 3 exclusively uses a type C design port. Most Apple devices specify the cable they use, so it is relatively easy to pick a compatible charger. Apple has integrated cable 3 in the latest Mac Book Pro, iMac, and iMac with Retina Display. Several other mobile and PC devices from other brands have adopted type C cable design.

Features and uses of a thunderbolt cable

Thunderbolt 3 offers various practical uses, making it preferable over all other connection cables and chargers. You can use this for high-performance networking because of its versatility. A thunderbolt to Ethernet connection can allow you to transmit data at speeds up to 20GBps. Additionally, you can use cable 3 to connect a device to your TV for seamless transmission of videos and audio. However, you must have a display port or a mini display port with compatible capabilities. You can also use cable 3 to connect an external graphics card to a screen for gaming and heavy applications. Some users prefer cable 3 to connect external hard disks for convenient data transfer. Suppose you want to use these cables on several machines with different ports. In that case, you can purchase a compatible adapter for added convenience.

Thunderbolt 2 to 3 cable adapters

Most of the time, users require a range of variations depending on their type of device. The latest Mac book Air comes with four ports, while a Mac book Pro comes with two ports designed for cable 3. Suppose you want to connect your Mac book pro with Mac book Air or devices that use Display Port, USB-A, HDMI, Thunderbolt 1, or 2. It would be best to use an adapter. Several leading brands offer firewire to cable adapters, USB c to cable adapters, 2 to 3 cable adapters, and Display port to adapters. You can purchase any of these adapters to meet your connectivity needs because they adopt the same fast-speed technology implemented in type 3 cables. Alternatively, you can buy a combination dock with several ports on a single device to help you avoid walking around with several cables.

Thunderbolt optical cable

These cables use a technique to transfer data at extremely high speed. The only shortcoming with standard thunderbolt cables is a decrease in transmission over long distances. Thus the development of thunderbolt optical cables came into the picture. Unlike regular cables, which use copper wires to transmit data in electric pulses, optical ones transfer data using a glass medium in the form of light. Optical cables ensure that they are efficient. Additionally, they cannot lose any energy, enabling them to transmit data over long distances without interference. A standard cable promises data transmission at high speed. Still, it is nothing compared to thunderbolt optical cables over extended distances. A thunderbolt optical cable can transfer data from 5 meters to 50 meters at excellent quality, perfect for heavy data transfer in corporations.

Tips on how to buy Thunderbolt Cables

Thunderbolt optical cables are advisable for large companies and professionals who work some distance away from their CPU or storage disks. Since they are costly and require professional skills to install correctly, their quality assurance is paramount. Nonetheless, this is not the case with standard thunderbolt cables. Thunderbolt cables have recently experienced overproduction, thus limiting the product’s quality. Here are tips to help you choose a reliable product.

  • Product specifications – A thunderbolt cable should only differ from another in length. Otherwise, all thunderbolt cables have specific capabilities and product specifications. Always check to ensure that your thunderbolt cable meets the minimum product specifications for thunderbolt cable 1, 2, or 3. Additionally, check for certifications as they indicate the reliability of a product.
  • Materials – The materials used in building and constructing your thunderbolt cable should be resilient and of high quality. A cable designed using durable materials will serve you for a longer time, and it will ensure that you do not experience complications while using your cable. A Low-quality cable can go as far as damaging your device. Therefore never compromise product quality.
  • Warranty – Reliable thunderbolt cables have a warranty of at least one year. A more extended product warranty is better, but a year is sufficient for you to determine whether the product you bought meets your needs. A product’s warranty indicates that the product is durable since the manufacturers have faith in its efficiency.
  • Safety – All electrical components are significantly hazardous, calling for the need to consider safety issues. Even though several adapters can control power input or output on your devices, it is advisable to purchase a product that adheres to safety standards in construction and usage. Inferior quality products can break easily and expose you and your device to electric shock. It is always better to stay safe.
  • Brand – Your product’s brand is also a vital factor because several new entries into the thunderbolt cable market promise exceptional results. Industry-leading giants like Apple and Intel are reliable for quality products, but you can also check out brands like Belkin, Anker, StarTech, Razer, Ugreen, and Promate. A product from reliable brands will save you from trial and error purchases, which often proves disappointing.

The best thunderbolt cable should facilitate an excellent connection between your PC, mobile, or other devices, and it should maintain exemplary performance. You should carefully scrutinize all your options to get a product that will work to your advantage. It is advisable to read through some customer reviews to have an idea of the user experience before your purchase.

Question & Answer

Why is a thunderbolt cable so expensive?

An authentic Apple’s thunderbolt cable can cost up to $49, which is a bit expensive considering you will mainly use the cable for charging purposes. One of the reasons why the thunderbolt cable is expensive is its construction and design. Apart from being manufactured using sturdy materials, thunderbolt cables depend on cutting-edge technological innovations that allow them to transfer data at speeds of up to 40 Gbps, deliver 100 watts of charging energy, and support fast video and audio transmission. Due to the expensive construction process, thunderbolt cables have to be costly to meet return requirements. Thunderbolt cable prices also vary with length. A longer thunderbolt cable is more expensive because more materials are used in its construction. Nonetheless, they offer incredible results and efficiency. It is better to purchase a costly thunderbolt cable that promises quality than a cheap unreliable product.

Which thunderbolt cable do I need?

The thunderbolt cable you acquire should meet all your needs. If you want a cable that you can use for charging and media streaming, or data exchange through your laptops and mobile devices, you can go for a short portable thunderbolt cable. However, suppose you are looking for a high-end product that you can use to transmit large volumes of data for internet/Ethernet purposes and computer networking, it is better to go for more advanced models like thunderbolt optical cables. If you are spoilt for choice, you can check out the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 cable. Belkin is a top-rated thunderbolt 3 cable that has proven resilience since its release. You can trust Belkin to produce reliable products that are certified and efficient on Apple devices. The Belkin Thunderbolt 3 cable promises outstanding results since it has been designed using durable, sturdy materials and reliable technology.

Where can you buy a thunderbolt cable online in the UAE?

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Purchasing a thunderbolt cable for your needs should not be a challenging process. As long as you know what you need, you will not have a problem. Even though most thunderbolt cables are expensive, you can browse through several offers to find one that will meet your needs. The next time you think of buying a cheap Mac thunderbolt cable, search through for unlimited convenience! We assure you of quality multimedia products and cables from more than 500 brands and shops.