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About Power Supply Cables

The electronics we have, especially computers at our homes or offices, are made of different components. Every device needs a stable power supply that is neither too much nor too low for every device to run. Hence, you need the correct power supply cable to connect your device to the power source. You should ensure that the supply cable you purchase suits your device.

A power supply cable is a component that breathes life into any device in the form of electronic currents. Without them, you would never be able to use your devices, be it a computer or television, since different connectors come with different supply cables for computers. You should get one that fits your computer ports correctly to avoid power supply problems. A high-quality power supply cable will improve your computer. And in some cases, you may notice some improvements when tackling tasks that use heavy apps or when gaming. There are many types of supply cables that provide different voltages for different computer parts. So, when buying, be on the lookout to get a supply cable that matches your device’s voltages needs.

Getting a high-quality power supply cable is a big win to your pc

PCs are very sensitive to the power supply and should always have good connections to protect them from unusual power surges. The components need specific voltages through them, so to be safe, you should have some knowledge when replacing or buying a new power supply cable. This will help you get cables that supply the correct amount of power needed. Since most computer parts are expensive, mainly the gaming pcs, one should invest in a high-quality supply cable to protect them and keep them working to the best. Quality pc power supply cables are also durable and can provide your computer stable power supply for longer. That too without common issues like overheating and energy losses!

Knowing about the different power supply cables 

PCs have different parts, and they are connected to the power supply unit through various supply cables. These vary from pc to pc based on features, but some are common in all pcs. Knowing about them helps when looking to buy online. The main power supply cable is the 20 or 24-pin connector that supplies the motherboard with power. Other important cables are the PCI-E connectors that provide power to the graphic card. The 4-pin peripheral power cable delivers small amounts of power like 5W to 12W to hardware. The SATA connector, a power supply cable for SSD and hard disks are other useful cables to know. Some more are there.

Give your PC ultimate protection and performance

The safety of your system is always under threat, as you don’t know when there will be a power surge that may fry the various parts of your pc. Having a quality cable from the supply unit can be your only protection in such situations. The PSU does the major part of reducing the voltage, but also, your supply cable plays the role of controlling the amount of power reaching the components by getting rid of energy as heat. In terms of improving performances, when you have the right cables, the power that goes through it is the recommended amount, and thus pc parts like the graphics cards, storage, and even the motherboard get energy fully.

Customise power supply cables to your own liking

Today, you can go for custom cables if you need something special for your device. Many top supply cable makers give users an option to provide the features for the extra features they would like added to the supply cable of their choice. For example, if you want flashy colours, you can custom order RGB cables with the colours of your choice. Another benefit of buying braided PSU cables is that you can craft cables of the length that fits directly into the system. With custom length cables, you reduce the clutter caused by wires lying around, making your pc and workspace even neat and organised. Finally, custom power cables are made as per the needs.

Tips on how to buy Power Supply Cable online UAE

After discovering the importance of having the right quality power supply cable, the next thing is to know the tips to follow if you want to buy the best power supply cable extensions online in the UAE. There are many good options from some of the best manufacturers like Corsair, Evga, Seasonic, and even from HP, but with the guidance at, you can get a power supply cable that best suits your needs. Follow the below tips for an easy time when purchasing a power supply cable online. After discovering the importance of having the right quality power supply cable, the next thing is to know the tips to follow if you want to buy the best power supply cable extensions online in the UAE. There are many good options from some of the best manufacturers like Corsair, Evga, Seasonic, and even from HP, but with the guidance here on Shops. ae, you can get a power supply cable that best suits your needs. Follow the below tips for an easy time when purchasing a power supply cable online.

  • Consider the price – When buying power supply cables, whether new or a replacement power supply cord, always have in mind the prices you expect to pay. This should be threshold and guide as you go through the different stores when comparing different brands’ prices. Before buying, ensure the prices are in the region of the price you have in mind so that you don’t end up overpaying and be cautious of the cheap, low-quality knockoffs. The best power supply cable may be a little bit pricey, but you can take advantage of discounts to buy the best power supply cable extensions online UAE at a lower price.
  • The PC component you are buying for – Different computer components have different power supply cables. If you are buying or replacing a single part, you should get a cable that fits the part. This might be difficult as they are sold mostly in sets. When doing a replacement, it is best you get the whole set of quality cables than just buying one every time they become faulty and cause problems to the system. When you see some power cables starting to cause problems, you should always replace the whole system’s cables to be safe. Buying the cables as a set will also help you save time and money.
  • Quality – When buying power cables, you should always choose durable and long-lasting ones. Quality cables should withstand high voltages and heat emission from the computer system or other electronic devices if you are not buying for your pc. For quality, looking for the most reliable brands in the market helps narrow your search since well-known brands produce quality power supply cables. You can also know if a power supply cable is of high quality by just checking the reviews from other people about the specific brand; if they are all positive, then it’s a green light to buy.
  • The brand or manufacturer – Always study the market thoroughly and research it to see the brands available and what people say about them. You can do this by checking for customer reviews for various power supply cables in the market. You may find out that some brands like corsair power supply cables and Evga power supply cables are some of the most reliable, meaning they will provide the right power to your pcs and give them the protection it needs. Also, computer manufacturers like HP sell some of the best power supply cables in the market.
  • Go for custom power supply cables anytime – If you can afford to get custom power supply cables, then you should go ahead and buy them. This is actually the best choice when looking for power supply cables. With braided PSU cables, you can buy the type that suits your preferences and specification in terms of colour and everything else. Getting custom power supply cables makes cable management an easy task since measuring is done, ensuring they are perfect for your pc. Thus, reducing wire clutter in your system.

Now that you have some knowledge about power supply cables, you can commence exploring our Dubai search engine in your search for the most suitable power supply cables for your pc. With the help of the tips and the reviews provided on various cables, you can be sure that what you decide to buy is of the best quality and will serve you without any disappointments.

Question & Answer

Where to buy power supply sleeved cables online in UAE?

Buying power supply sleeved cables has been made much easier as you can do so through our online shopping engine. Through you have access to different electronics and computer shops or stores where you can buy power supply cable for TV, computers, and other electronics right from your homes—shopping online through Shops. ae brings many advantages, including shopping from the comfort of your home and having your goods delivered to your doorstep. Another advantage is that you access several top shops and stores with great deals and discounts on some of the market’s best power supply cables. Buying power supply cables here on comes with several benefits. And to top it off, they come with pocket-friendly prices.

What power supply cables do I need?

A pc requires several power supply cables to be completely functional. The first important cable is the power supply cable that goes from the wall socket to the PSU. From the PSU, the power is supplied to the system unit. One of the necessary cables in the system unit is the ATX connector that supplies the motherboard with power. The other one is the ESP connector supplying the processor with power directly. For the graphics card, the PCI-E provides power directly to the graphics card as it is one of the most power-consuming components of the computer. Other important cables are the Molex, a 4-pin peripheral connector, the SATA cables, and Molex to SATA power cables, among other important ones. Knowing the different required power supply cables helps a lot when buying them online.

Can I use any power supply cable for my pc?

No. This is because different computer motherboards are different in very many ways, and one of them is the PC’s main power connector. Motherboards require pin connectors that range between 20 to 24 in number; thus, a 20-pin connector cannot work on a motherboard that uses the 21 to 24 pin main power connectors. For this reason, you should be very careful when buying, upgrading, or even replacing the power cables in a computer. Ensuring the connectors on the power cables match the motherboard’s pins will help you save your time and money as you won’t have to deal with the return procedures to get other ones. When buying a new power supply cable, you should have in mind some details about your pc to get a compatible power cable.

Improve your home or office PC’s performance while protecting it through using high-quality power cables. With access to more stores and shops selling power cables right at your fingertips, shopping becomes so easy. Plus, you get numerous discounts from different shops. Explore the Multimedia category on today, and take your online shopping experience to the next level!