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About Fibre Optical Cables

Versatile audio systems have several connectivity options to improve their usability. Nevertheless, if you want to get excellent results from your system or TV set, an optical cable, commonly known as a fibre optic audio cable, is the best solution. They are widely identified as TOSLINK connections because they were first standardised for Toshiba’s audio devices (Toshiba-link) back in 1983. Since their development, these cables have proven to be more resilient than other HDMI and wireless connections. Moreover, the latest releases adopt cutting edge technology to improve audio streaming and sound quality.

You can find optical audio ports on the back of several computers, TV screens, DVDs, Home theatres, and other multimedia devices. HDMI cables are accessible and preferable because people do not have an idea of optical cables’ value. Even though several media devices offer USB and coaxial cable connections, optic lines can benefit you with quality sound. Many people suffer through noisy audio systems that is a default setting on the TV. This is usually the lowest quality output in many devices since the organisation may develop the system using substandard components. Here, a reliable optical wire can work magic. Only the best optical cables can effectively transfer signals without electrical interruptions.

Optical cables buying guide

A fact well known by media device consumers is that cables are never the same. Purchasing a cable might be as simple as a walk in the park, but you have to be careful because there are several cheaper imports and counterfeits. Even though optical cables look similar, they differ in many ways. If you are a frequent buyer, you’ve probably come through the poorest quality cables that hardly work or may not work at all as soon as you plug them in. You can quickly identify these cable types with the right buying skills. Several media devices have a range of connectivity options, but systems like Dolby Digital decoders cut off sound if it does not meet top-quality transmission requirements. In this case, only a quality fibre optic cable will relieve you from the headache of contacting your technician every time.

How do optical cables work?

Fibre optic cables work on a physical connection. They transmit audio signals from a source to a compatible playback device. First, the audio information converts from electrically coded digital impulses to light using an LED bulb. Then, the data passes through the wires from the playback source. At the other end, the light pulses are converted back to digital electrical signals. Finally, the signal passes into the receiver, where it further amplifies and is converted into analogue sound signals. These are the signals that you hear from your speakers. The main advantage that fibre optic cables are that it does not lose any sound quality irrespective of the travel distance.

Benefits of using optical cables

Optical cable offers a range of advantages compared to other connectivity cables. It can support very high bandwidth. This bandwidth enables them to transmit high volumes of data and produce quality, fine-tuned sounds. Along with that, the cables are effective over long distances. And they are resistant to interference from environmental factors like heat and electromagnetic forces. Other features are being flexible, small, and lightweight. That means you can fit them into small spaces and easily make loops for usability. Additionally, they are more affordable than most media components because glass is the main component in their construction, and it is cheaper than copper. You can use optical cables on a range of devices, both current and older releases.

Converting digital optical signals to RCA coaxial

A challenge that media device users often encounter: a music system with an optical output option but a receiver with a coaxial input option. If you face this dilemma, an optical to RCA coaxial converter is a simple solution. An optical to RCA coaxial converter transforms the signals from the optical output into RCA coaxial signal outputs. A bidirectional converter can convert an optical output into coaxial signals and back, which is an added advantage. Additionally, you can find additional converters if you have a range of connectivity options. For example, you can purchase optical audio to jack converter and optical audio to aux converters. Using converters helps solve many potential issues, especially when you have several devices requiring a mix of connections and audio types.

Digital audio optical cables for Samsung TV

If you have a new Samsung TV, you can significantly benefit from high-quality sound. In the Samsung TV, the optical audio port is right on the back. It resembles a small hole and a compartment to fix the cable port to stick its pin in place. To transmit your TV’s sound to your stereo or home theatre, plug in the optical cable on your TV’s port and the other end on your stereo, and you are ready to go. The Bose sound system is a top-quality product with a customised optical cable feature that you should check out. The Bose system is a one-piece speaker system with an optical wire for a soundbar. You can connect it to your TV set or any audio device for better sound quality. In addition, the product is reliable for the best movie and music experience.

Tips on how to buy Fibre optical cables online

Toslink cables are quickly becoming the standard audio connectors because they are accessible and dependable. Nonetheless, you need a quality product to enjoy its benefits. Therefore, before you purchase a cable, you need to consider factors to consider to get a reliable product. Since there are thousands of products to choose from, you should keep the following in mind.

  • Length – Mostly, optical cables that are shorter than 5 meters work perfectly without a signal booster. On the other hand, a cable longer than 10 meters is a poor choice because it might interfere with the transmission. If you require a cable that extends more than 100 feet, you should go for products made of melted quartz. Nevertheless, shorter ones will serve you extensively.
  • Durability – Products manufactured by the top brands promise durability, but you can confirm this by checking the product’s design and the types of materials used in its manufacture. Look out for quality and durable materials on the cord jacket and the connectors. Additionally, a PVC coating or nylon sheet around the wires will keep the fibres intact and safe. Finally, check out for any damages to the product because a faulty product will disappoint you in the long run.
  • Bandwidth – Your cables should have a bandwidth of about 9MHz to 11MHz for the best performance. The higher your product bandwidth, the better it will work because it will transfer large amounts of data at high speed. If you are using a device like a CD player, a drop in bandwidth will not cause a substantial effect as in a home theatre. Nonetheless, a higher bandwidth produces more apparent sound quality.
  • Cost – Optical audio cables are a little expensive compared to USB cables and coaxial cables. In exchange, they provide better performance in reproducing digital sound since there is no interface connected to any other devices. The type of product you are going for will significantly affect the cost. If you are looking for pocket-friendly cables, you can go for plastic fibre cables. Nonetheless, higher-priced high-quality wires will provide the best experience.
  • Brand – There are several brands that you can rely on for a reliable product. However, it would help if you scrutinised their deals properly to avoid counterfeited products. If you find offers with throw away prices, you should question the source. Ensure that you go through consumer reviews to know what you will experience with a particular product. Additionally, you can purchase products from top brands like Audioquest, Monster, Sony, Bose, Apple, and Belkin.

Almost all wire-based cables have gold plated connectors to avoid corrosion. At the same time, you can get them at affordable prices. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a high-quality optical cable as it will serve you for generations to come. Use these tips to make an informed choice for the best results.

Question & Answer

Which is better: Bluetooth or optical cable?

Many individuals are usually worried about the loss of sound quality when using wireless connectivity options on their systems. Bluetooth works by compressing audio files to transmit them at a higher speed. The main issue with this transmission is that you may not receive the same audio quality after the file converts back. Optical cables transmit light signals that are resistant to any interference, thus maintaining the audio quality. It does not compress files, and the wires do not lose any energy or bandwidth during transmission. Therefore, optical cable transmission is better than Bluetooth transmission when going for maximum impact. If you experience low-quality sound when using these cables, you should check your sound source. Alternatively, check your audio settings to ensure that they have the customise settings for your surroundings.

When should you use digital optical cables?

Optical cables are useful if you want to maximise the sound quality coming from your audio device. Optical channels can carry as much as 7.1 channels of high-resolution sound. You can use them to transfer sound from your DVD player to a receiver. Also, you can use it on your CD player, portable sound devices, soundbar, home theatre systems, and game consoles for an enhanced gaming experience. Additionally, you can use optical cables on older devices as most of them have optical cable ports. Despite the numerous advantages and essential benefits, only high-quality optic cables will facilitate practical usability. Therefore, you should carefully select a product that will suit your needs.

Where can you buy optical cables online in the UAE?

Several distributors offer a variety of products at affordable prices. Whenever you want to purchase a product, ensure that you go through its description to know its manufacturing process and its reliability. Better yet, you can buy products from trusted suppliers on the market through Ours is an online product finder that you can use to browse through a range of optical cables from several brands and shops. Additionally, you will have the chance to select the best budget optical cable according to your plans. It would help if you never wasted your time with cheap products that will disappoint you. Top-quality products offer value for your money as you will not need any replacements.

Now that you know how to find a product that will work to your advantage, the next step is finding one that suits your needs for a flawless sound experience. features the top optical cables in various categories from more than 500 shops and brands. All our suppliers are trustworthy and verified, which will ensure that you get the best service. So visit our product search engine today for a fulfilling shopping experience.

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