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About Lightning Cables

Apple owners are always concerned about the latest releases from the company. Luckily, Apple Inc developers have never let their consumers down. Because they are still creating products to improve their devices’ use. A major issue faced by Apple device owners is faulty charging cables or cables that do not meet power needs. As Apple devices grow in size, they consume more power. Hence, users require better options.

Even though Apple has taken out wireless charging to most of its devices, a lightning cable is the best solution to battery power management. It is useful in fast charging. Most Apple devices’ charging cables easily break or damage. People always search for durable products. But the market is full of fake products that one can find at cheap prices. A lightning cable is your device’s power lifeline. You can use it for charging and data transfer between Apple products. A high-quality, eight-pin cable that will not crack is essential to keep your devices running. As flexible as lightning charging cables are, it is good to carry around a spare cable to avoid issues if yours suddenly stops working.

Buying guide for the best lightning cables

The Apple lightning cable is a cable connector released in 2012. It was to charge Apple devices. It has been made standard for a range of Apple devices. But you can use it on any other device with a lightning cable port. Even though light cables are easier to manage and carry around, you may damage them easily. Several other brands started producing these cables that work efficiently with Apple and iPad devices. You can search for other cables online that may prove more efficient too.

MFI certification on your lightning cable

Less than two decades ago, the only lightning cables available were for Apple devices. Several other devices have adopted these cable ports over the years, thus creating a rise in demand. Several makers offer a variety of Apple-compatible cables. But, they are not the same. MFI means Made for iPad, iPhone/iPod. An MFI certificate obtained from Apple determines whether a product is designed for Apple devices. Apple looks through the product’s production and quality care. An MFI certified lightning cable has trusted parts and durable quality to ensure safe and effective use. An improper cable can damage your ports, battery, or motherboard because of overheating issues and other issues. A cheap non-MFI certified lightning cable is not worth the risk of destroying your device.

Fast charging using a USB C lightning cable

A majority of Apple device users have started using a USB C to lightning cable because of its fast charge efficiency compared to other types of connectors. USB C is slowly becoming a standard charging cable due to its adoption in most android mobile devices. You can use a USB C to lightning cable to fast-charge your AirPods, iPad, iPhone, and iPod as long as you connect it to a compatible port. You can also use it to sync your Apple device info to your Mac or PC and import media/photos. Also, you can use the USB C cable to charge your Siri remote using your PC, Mac, Power adapter, or TV since most TV sets do not support data exchange with cables. All in all, always ensure that you go for a quality cable to keep your device functioning properly.

Anker powerline lightning cable

The Anker powerline lightning cable is popular for its versatility over other devices. The company provides several connectivity options, including USB A, USB B, and USB C lightning cables, which provide unlimited alternatives if you are working with many devices. An advantage of the Anker powerline lightning cable is its durability over other cable types. It has strong ends that wrap nicely around the metal connector to prevent it from getting caught up in edges or desk corners. The Anker powerline lightning cable is similar to the original Apple cable, and it offers the same versatile features with more colour options and affordability. It is MFI certified, which is proof that you will get the most out of the product. Otherwise, you can look for other top-rated options.

Top-rated lightning charging cable brands

Many brands produce quality lightning cables for Apple devices. These cables vary in colour, length, and many other features, but they are MFI certified, meaning they are tested for reliability. Some brands that you can check out are; Belkin, Mcdodo, and Aukey. The Belkin Lightning cable has a benefit over others because it comes in two variants: one with a headphone port and a lightning port. Since some Apple devices use the same lightning port for headphones, you can use the port to charge and listen to media using your wired headphones. The Mcdodo and Aukey cables are also an option if you are going for a product to serve you extensively. These brands have a range of features that you can use to connect various ports to your advantage.

Tips on how to buy Lightning Cables online in the UAE

Quality lightning cables offer resilience and convenience since they can save you more than 300 hours of charging time in a year; this is worth your investment. Even though the best lightning cables often come at a high price, remember that expensive ones are not always high-quality. You have to consider several factors to get a cable that will work for your needs. Use these tips to find an authentic solution.

  • MFI Certification – This is Apples’ standardisation method that determines whether third-party lightning cable producers meet their quality regulations. MFI certification ensures that the product provides optimum performance and is safe for your device. It is possible to purchase a non-MFI certified product if you want a fast solution on the go, but it is advisable to go for a quality product if you are looking for something that will last.
  • Warranty – If you plan to use your product every day, it is better to go for a lightning cable with an extended warranty period. A minimum of one year warranty is sufficient to determine whether the product meets your needs. An extended warranty and a money-back guarantee prove that the manufacturing company is reliable and dedicated to producing durable products. Always avoid a product without a warranty.
  • Length – Like all other cables and connectors, lightning cables come in varying sizes. You can find a cable from 3 feet to 10 feet, making it difficult to pick a preferred length. A short lightning cable is convenient for PC connections and portability when travelling. Otherwise, it is advisable to go for longer cables if you will be using your cable on power sockets or a desk /counter that is some distance away. Think about your charging environment and other uses before considering a length.
  • Materials and durability – The materials used to design your lighting cable should provide maximum durability. A more sturdy design resistant to wear and tear will last longer than plastic designs that break easily. A product’s durability is also an indication of its quality as the company must have invested appropriately in its development. A durable product might come at a higher cost, but it offers more value for your money.
  • Ease of use and storage – If you occasionally travel with your lightning charging cable or consider moving with it from place to place, it is necessary to consider its portability and storage options. A retractable lightning cable is a good option since it is lightweight and designed for portability. Nevertheless, consider all the options above for the best lightning cable for you.

Choosing a lightning cable that will work for you is effortless if you stick to a specific criterion. You can use a quality short lightning cable on your Apple devices and other lightning cable compatible devices without experiencing complications. You should never compromise your lightning cable’s quality because of price or other factors.

Question & Answer

Can a fake lighting cable damage your iPhone?

Even though a quick lighting cable purchase is often the best solution if you need your charger temporarily, using a fake lightning cable can significantly damage your iPhone and Apple devices. Apple charging elements have a regulator chip that regulates current during charging, syncing, and other processes. Fake chargers do not have this chip, meaning that your device is prone to overheating, which may damage the motherboard or your battery. Additionally, inferior quality materials may break and expose you and your device to electric shock. Most of these chargers do not have standard sizes, which might damage your lightning cable port. Cheaper products are better used temporarily for single-device use because they are susceptible to damage. Better yet, go for an MFI certified product because it adheres to Apple’s standardization guidelines.

Why is a lightning cable so expensive?

Apple lightning cables are the most expensive charging accessories on the market, but they have strong reasons to support this. Apple lightning cables go beyond what their users expect. Apple has integrated complex technology in lightning cables to make them more efficient and sturdy than other chargers. They have super-strong AC prongs and a complex overvoltage and over-temperature shutdown circuit. This technology ensures that users receive maximum charging capacity and ultimate safety both to the user and the device. Lightning cables are also manufactured using quality raw materials to ensure their longevity. With these unique features, it is not surprising that lightning cables for AirPods can cost up to three times the price of ordinary chargers. Whenever you make a purchase, keep in mind that you are buying the best product the market has to offer.

Where can you buy the best lightning cable online in the UAE?

Since several producers sell their products at affordable prices, it might be challenging to make a purchase. A critical factor that you should always acknowledge and scrutinize is the dependability of your suppliers. Purchasing a product from certified brands and shops will provide a better chance of getting a reliable product. If you want a trustworthy place to buy a lightning cable online, we recommend Our website is an online shopping platform where you can find genuine apple lightning cables. When you search for your preferred products, you will only receive offers from reliable brands. We have a range of options that you can use to your advantage. Browse through our search page for exclusive offers!

Your lightning charging cable should offer adequate power support whenever you need it because mobile devices are dysfunctional without power. The best iPhone lightning cable will provide you with added convenience since you will protect your phone and deliver reliable charging to support your needs. If you want to avoid the problems of purchasing a fake lightning cable, then search through our product search engine. We offer the best magnetic lightning cable and other multimedia products from more than 500 shops and brands in the UAE!