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About Jack Cables

These days there are many different ways to connect your smartphone or any other device to an audio system. There are Bluetooth, FM transmitters, and the good old AUX cable. But all the other options are inferior to AUX cables.  

There are a couple of reasons why AUX cables are the most popular type of audio cables. The most important reason is that most consumer devices like smartphones and laptops come with a 3.5mm audio jack. People can simply connect these devices to the speaker using an AUX cable without any hassle, and it will work. Also, when you consider the prices of the alternatives, AUX is very low. And because the connector pin is quite small, you can easily carry a jack cable in your pocket. Read this article to find out more about them.  

Four best AUX cables that you can buy 

3.5mm audio jack, also called auxiliary cables or AUX cables, has been the standard for audio output and input in computer audio devices for over a century. It is interesting that this piece of technology first came into being in the late part of the nineteenth century. That not very long after the audio recording devices or the microphone came into existence. Amazingly, you can find this connector in most audio devices even to this day. Here is a list of four of the best AUX cables that you can buy out there.  

iXCC Tangle-Free Jack Cable 

Measuring only three feet long, this is not a really long cable. However, with gold plated tips, braided cable, and only premium quality materials from tip to tip, this is a favourite of audiophiles. Hardcore audiophiles are ready to pay for this expensive cable so as to reduce distortions in audio signals. The braided cover around the cable makes it durable against sharp objects. Also, the cable does not break easily at all. It is the same braided cover that gives it the tangle-free quality. This is a 3.5mm audio jack connector making it perfect for car entertainment systems.  

Anker Premium AUX Cable 

Not all AUX cables will work with all kinds of audio devices. You might have noticed that some headphones are not compatible with your phone. This is because there are some minor differences in the placement of the contacts between cables. But Anker Premium cable offers universal compatibility across a wide range of devices. You can connect it to a professional amplifier as well as an iPod. When you compare it to the iXCC cable, it is relatively long as it is four feet long. This is enough for most people as a four feet long cable can reach the auxiliary port from anywhere in the car. 

iVanky AUX cable 

This one is also a 3.5mm mini audio jack that works with smartphones, iPods, and even amplifiers. The striking thing about this cable is its slim and sleek design. Because it is thin, pugging it in and out of the port and handling it is really easy. You don’t need another jack cable if you have this as it can work with most devices out there. While there is no braided cover around the cable, it is still pretty durable as the plastic covering is heavy-duty. However, this jack cable does not have mic support. It can only transmit stereo audio.  

Monster Cable AI 800 

If you want a really long AUX cable, then there should be no doubt. Monster Cable AI 800 measures a whopping seven feet long. Therefore, you can use it in a variety of different situations. You can use it to connect audio peripherals to your computer, or even in a modest recording studio. Metal contacts at both ends feature remarkable 24 karat gold plating to improve the signal performance. Using dual balanced signal conductors,  this cable is capable of transmitting audio signals with almost zero interference or signal distortion.

Tips on how to buy AUX Cables

Finding the right type of AUX cable is not a walk in the park. There are more than a few things that you should consider while selecting a cable for your audio device regardless of whether it is for your car or for your iPod. This is a bit tricky if you are buying the cable for the first time. While it is true that the functions that a jack cable does look simple from the outside, there are some pretty complex things actually going on inside. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for jack cables.

  • Length – The length of the cable basically determines how far apart you can keep the device that produces the signal and the device that receives it. If you want to hold your phone while sitting in the back seat of a car and still want to be able to connect the phone to the AUX port in the car, you need at least a four feet long cable. A seven feet long cable would be even better in this case.
  • Fit – Consider how well the connector of the cable fits inside the audio jack. A snug fit is essential for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about the cable coming out of the port every now and then. Secondly, if the connection is not proper, there will be a considerable amount of distortion in the signal quality.
  • Material of the conductor – The conductor material inside the cable differs depending on the price point. But the standard conductor material for good quality cables is copper. That being said, the quality of the copper might not be the same for all cables. Check the type of copper inside the cable and make sure it is a high-quality copper compound before buying. ;
  • Price and Built quality – AUX cables are available in a wide variety of price ranges. There are really cheap cables that sell for five or ten dirhams to the really good quality ones. Depending on the price range of the cable, the build quality, durability, and audio quality of the cable will be different.

Besides jack cables, there are plenty of other cables that are useful for computers, audio players, and many other devices. These include AV cables, coaxial cables, component cables, composite cables, DisplayPort cables, DVI cables, e-SATA cables, and firewire cables. The best part is that you can find all of them here easily using our shopping search engine. You can compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the multimedia category.

Question & Answer

Does the type of AUX cable affect the quality of the audio? 

Yes, there will be at least some effect on the quality of the audio just like any other cable that carries signals. However, the effect in most cases is not that noticeable for the average person. Because of the effect of electrical resistance, there will be a small decrease in the audio quality if the cable is longer than six feet. But this can be reduced by slightly increasing the cross-sectional area of the cable. The effects will be more noticeable as the length of the cable increases. Another situation when the cable introduces noise to the signal is if the cable passes through space with high levels of electromagnetic energy.   

What are the three wires in an AUX cable? 

If you have ever seen a cut portion of an AUX cable, you might have wondered why a cable that transmits stereo sounds needs three wires inside it. Well, the three wires that you will see inside it will be red, black, and white. Usually, the white and red ones are for left and right audios. It can either white for left or red for left depending on the model of the cable. The third one, which is black in colour is the ground. All these three wires are essential for the cable to work. In some cables, you will also see the fourth wire. This wire is for the mic and only exists inside AUX cables with a mic.  

Why do AUX cables stop working? 

Because there are no moving parts or complex electric circuits, a jack cable should last for a really long time with proper care. But if your cable stops working, it can be because of any internal or external defects or damages. One of the most common reasons why these cables fail is because of excessive twisting. Twisting the cable puts a lot of strain on the signal conductors inside the cable. If the conductor breaks, the cable will stop working. Another reason for failure is when the connecting pin gets damaged. In either of these cases, it can be really difficult to repair the cable.  

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