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About Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre optic cable has become a popular means of transferring data across long distances and sharing it among different clients. It can get higher speeds than wireless connectivity when used for internet connections. Also, it is a reliable way of interconnecting your offices in the same building or connecting a data centre.

When buying a fibre optic cable, you need to consider several issues, as discussed in the section above. Besides, depending on the type of fibre cable you pick, you may be limited on the speed and distance you can transmit your data. We know that you may face problems when making a purchase. For that reason, we have put together an article that highlights the most critical aspects of the fibre optic cables for sale online in the UAE, capabilities of each type of fibre optic cable and other essential things that you should have in place to succeed in getting the very best that optical cables have to offers. Let us explore.

The role of a fibre patch cord

A fibre patch cord is a fibre optic cable capped on both sides with connectors. This allows for easy connection to the optical switch, router, or another device. Buying these cables saves you the time and work that goes into the termination and insertion of connectors. Hence, you are able to complete your project in no time. But, these cables are short, and one can only use them indoors, possibly to connect one terminal to another. When expanding your workspace or adding new terminals to your internet connection, this is the best choice for making the connections quiet first. Consider going for it to cut costs too.

Go for multimode fibre connection for short distances

If you want to connect an area that is less than 500 meters apart, consider using a multimode fibre optic cable. For distances over a kilometre, the fibre optic cable is less effective as light modes may crisscross. This cable has a wide diameter that allows for a bigger bandwidth over short distances. The average core diameter for a multimode fibre is about 25µm and 50 µm. This cable is able to deliver several modes of light at the same time. Check our Dubai search engine for various brands that sell multimode fibre optic cables for your short distance connections. Estimate distances, then pick this type of fibre optic cable.

Pick single-mode fibre cables for long distances

If you want to connect premises over a kilometre apart, single-mode fibre cables are your best choice. Unlike multimode fibre cables, these cables transmit light at one mode at a time. This reduces the chances that light transmission will disrupt. The cable transmits data without any losses over these great distances. Companies that offer internet across several villages use it. You can get quality lossless fibre optic cable brands such as corning optical cable on our platform. Use the search features on the platform to make the best choice depending on your budget and needs. Use customer reviews to determine the best fibre optic cable.

Know when to go for simplex or duplex fibre cables

Simplex fibre cables allow for the transmission of data in one way. This means that the receiver device is not able to communicate with the server. On the other hand, duplex fibre cables allow for communication to and from either of the devices. You use simplex cables for such communication as from PC to printers. However, since duplex would also do, you may just use it for all your fibre optic connections. We have included this information on all our cable descriptions along with fibre patch cables captions so that you are sure of the kind of cables that you are purchasing.

Ribbon fibre optic cables are good for multiple connections

If you are laying cables for a busy premise that requires tens of individual connections, a ribbon fibre cable is the best choice. These cables are of up to 24 glass fibres. During the making, these glass cores are layered such that they form a fibre optic line. A new layer is then added to the initial layer and then connected to the earlier layer. After layering, a PVC or metal jacket covers them to keep them safe from damage. This saves you from having to run several fibre optic cables at the same time. There are many brands selling these cables on our platform at different price points.

Tips on how to buy Fibre Optic Cables online in the UAE

Those are the salient features that define different fibre optic cable types. Use the information to determine the best type of fibre optic cable that will work for your case. At our Dubai search engine, we have taken steps to ensure that all the relevant product information is included in every product so that you are able to differentiate between various items. We still know that you might have a difficult time selecting the best fibre optic cable, especially if you do not have any technical training due to the sheer number of brands available in the market. For that reason, we have come up with a list of things that you should keep in mind the next time you go shopping for a fibre optic cable. Let’s go.

  • Installation environment – The choice of the best fibre optic cables depends on the installation environment. For example, undersea fibre optic cable operates in a different environment than a similar cable that you may buy for your internet. Depending on the number of users and physical environment, you may need tougher housing and different connectors.
  • Material – If you are running a fibre optic cable for short distances, such as from the router to your terminals, the core can be made of plastic. However, long distances of over a kilometre need a glass core. This ensures that there is little infrared loss in the spectrum.
  • Cabling type – The cabling method that you pick determines the kind of cables that you pick for your project. Raised floor cabling is a little different from riser cabling or trays cabling. Ensure that you pick a cable able to handle rigorous installation without being crushed.
  • Budget – At our Dubai search engine, we have different types of fibre optic cable brands at different price points. While most of them have similar characteristics, they differ on the kind of material, coating and effective distances. Explore our marketplace for different brands before settling on the amount to spend. There are both premium and cheap fibre optic cables.
  • Speed and distance – When you go for a multimode cable, your speed increases. However, the distance you can use the cable decreases. The opposite is true for the single-mode fibre optic cable. Compare your distance versus speed needs and pick the most appropriate cable.

That is our list of the five important things to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for fibre optic cable for the internet. We believe that a combination of the tips and insights will enable you to narrow down to the exact fibre optic cable that best serves your need. On we have several filters that you may use to get the right product. In addition, our platform also has other Internet connectivity accessories and electronics that include routers, switches, Wi-Fi boosters, Cat 6 networking cables, computers and software. Therefore, if you are setting up an office or expanding one, explore our product search engine to find the best fibre optic cable.

Question & Answer

What are the types of fibre optic cables?

There are three fibre optic cable types in the market. The first is the single-mode fibre cable. This cable has a single strand usually made of two glass fibres. However, only one get used for transmission. It is narrower and has high speeds. The second is the multi-mode cable which has a wider diameter. It is usually used for longer distances where a high-speed connection is required. The third type is the plastic-based fibre optic cable (POF) which provides high-speed data transmission just like their glass counterparts. However, POF can only be used in smaller distances. We have provided information on each brand on our platform.

What are fibre optic cables made of?

Fibre optic cables are made of a plastic or glass core that propagates the light. The core is then covered by a glass cladding. The material is a good choice for it reflects most of the light that escapes the fibre optic cable core. The material is then covered by a jacket that can be made of treated paper, metal or PVC. The number of layers and the choice of material is dependent on the environment where the cable will be used. At online shopping UAE, we provide details of each brand so that you are able to make the right choice. There are hundreds of fibre optic cables for sale online in UAE. We believe you will get the right combination of materials for your project.

Where do you buy fibre optic cables online in the UAE?

Visit if looking for fibre optic cables for sale online UAE. Our platform sells hundreds of leading fibre optic cable brands around the world for all types of internet connection needs. We have heavy-duty fibre optic cables for use in long distances, such as transatlantic fibre optic cable and others for use in short distances. In addition, our platform sells other internet accessories and gadgets such as connectors, routers, switches, power management systems and switches. We sell different brands of these products on our platform to serve various needs and budgets. Consider visiting us for your next internet project for convenient, fast and quality product purchases.

How do you connect two fibre optic cables?

Fibre optic cables transmit light through their glass chamber. Therefore, you must ensure that the joint allows light to pass through at the right angle. We use connectors to connect two cables. These connectors come in different types, such as bionic and lc fibre connectors. For the joint to allow light to pass through, a ferrure is used. It is then held in place by the connector body. While there are different types of connectors, the mode of working is the same. There are fibre optic cables that come pre-terminated for easy connecting, such as the patch cord cables. We recommend getting a professional technician to do the joining so that it is done perfectly.

We hope by now that you already know the factors to consider when looking for a fibre optic cable. Browse today and choose from an extensive array of multimedia products from over 500 shops. Hurry, and enjoy amazing prices when you shop!