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About eSATA Cables

External hard drives have a few options for connectivity. Most of the time, you will find one type of hard disk in almost all computer desktops with the same connection type. A SATA cable (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is the standard connection interface for data access in modern IBM computers. An eSATA cable is a type of SATA cable that you use to connect external storage devices to your computer motherboard.

E-SATA hard drives are better than USB hard disks because of their large storage space. Most people carry around eSATA disks to store data or use them as a backup solution when they do not have their computers. eSATA hard disks are not functional without their connection cables. An eSATA cable connects your computer’s internal SATA interface with your eSATA drive for data exchange. One of the main issues with this is that it requires a separate power cable for the external hard drive. Luckily, you can purchase an eSATAp cable that integrates USB power capabilities to an eSATA for ease. You must ensure that you have this high-quality cable to maximise its efficiency.

Esata cable buying guide

SATA cables are used to connect internal hard disks to the computer’s motherboard for information processing. You can also use a SATA connector to connect a hard disk to another hard disk within your computer or ATAPI/ATA devices to a computer’s motherboard and an external computer. Hence, an eSATA is the external SATA connector you use to connect your storage device to your computer’s motherboard or other hard disks. Manufacturers have developed these cables using cutting-edge technology to make them more convenient, reliable, and useful. They are portable and versatile. Unfortunately, most of these cables are not good due to their bad quality. Read through our buying guide to understand the benefits of a quality cable.

Features of an eSATA cable

They use a cable that can be as long as 2 meters. These cables are better than the technologies like USB and IEEE 1394. They offer a good connection of external SATA hard disks to PCs. eSATA cables work like standard SATA cables using flat plugs at their tips and pins to conduct coded data as electrical signals from the motherboard to a device and back. Modern cables prevent interference by magnetic waves. The main difference between eSATA and SATA cables is that eSATA uses an external device connector while SATA cables are used in internal device connections on PCs. Both types of cables are cheap and transfer data at very high speeds.

Benefits of using eSATA cable

Over the past decade, there has been a production of hard disks that use FireWire or USB 2.0 connections. Due to the new Serial-ATA, eSATA cables have started coming back into the markets. Compared to USB 2.0 and FireWire connections, they have different benefits when used on hard drives. These can transfer large data at great speeds, up to 6BGps. They are the right choice if you want to stream high-quality video files and media. Also, some flash memory cards can benefit from these cables’ features as they have eSATA and USB connection ports. This means that you will not need a USB to eSATA adapter cable for connection with the disk.

ESATA connector types and adapters

You might want to connect devices with different ports to your eSATA port on your PC in some cases. If you face it, you can search for eSATA connector adapters to help you. An eSATA cable to HDMI adapter is sufficient to connect devices with an eSATA port to HDMI ports. In addition, you can get an eSATA to USB converter to connect your PC to a device with USB ports. You can use some eSATA cables interchangeably with SATA connections. But, the connection is not reliable because eSATA and SATA plug layouts are different. You should purchase an eSATA to SATA cable adapter for added convenience. The main advantage of using eSATA cable adapters is that it maintains high transmission speed and quality. You can use these adapters to connect several devices with different ports for interoperability.

Characteristics of eSATA to eSATA cable

It must meet SATA-IO guidelines to provide the highest level of ease of use. A standard cable has an L-shaped key that is designed to fit into the eSATA cable ports. The keys have an insertion depth of 6.6 mm to provide a firm hold. In addition, the transmission wires have shields to reduce emissions. ESATA plugs are recessed to minimise ESD damage. This feature leads to the durability of up to 2500 cycles. Unlike SATA cables, these cables are designed for hot plugging. This means that you can unplug the disk from your PC and switch it with another or replace it without rebooting your computer.

Tips on how to buy eSATA Cable online in the UAE

Finding the best eSATA cable online is easy with the right specifications. Due to the high influx of inferior quality products into the market, you must be careful when choosing a product to ensure its efficiency. Several brands offer their products at affordable prices. Unfortunately, most of them are not reliable. Always consider these tips to choose a preferable product.

  • Materials – An eSATA cable’s construction material is a top consideration because it will alert you whether the product is built for durability. Durable eSATA cable connectors are made using robust materials like hardened plastic or rubber. Additionally, look at the pin designs for the metal used as it will play a significant role in conducting electrical signals. Gold pins are the most preferable, but you can go for silver pins or coated copper pins since they are less expensive.
  • Specifications – All products have specifications that describe their capability and construction design. Always go for a shielded eSATA cable since it has magnetic resistance advantages over other types of cables. Additionally, you should choose a product with high specifications in terms of transmission speed and other uses. Cable specifications will enable you to know whether you are buying a standardized product.
  • Warranty – A product’s warranty is important because it provides additional options and a solution to malfunctions. You will have no alternative if your eSATA cable suddenly malfunctions without a product warranty. A reasonable warranty period should be at least one year since this time is sufficient to determine whether you have a quality product. An extended product warranty indicates durability and high quality.
  • Cost – Even though a standard eSATA cable is costly compared to other connectors, it is possible to find cheaper or more expensive products than expected. The main reason why some eSATA cables are more expensive is their building materials. High-quality building materials cost more than cheaper quality materials. The advantage of more expensive eSATA cables is that they promise durability. It is better to buy a high-quality eSATA cable that will serve you for a long time instead of an unreliable cheaper option.
  • Brands – The product brand is also crucial to consider. The increased demand for eSATA cables has given rise to several manufacturers. The top brands that have proved to provide the best eSATA cables for sale online in the UAE are Whizzotech, StarTech, Akasa, iStarUSA, SilverStone, and Tripp Lite. All these brands are certified to distribute a range of eSATA to eSATA cables, eSATA cables to USB, eSATA cables to SATA, eSATA to HDMI adapters, and other eSATA connectors.

You should never forego a product that will work for you because it is costly. The best eSATA cable should serve you for years and even decades because this technology is here to stay. You can go for products from our top brands to ensure that you get the best. Preferably, you can use our tips to find the best eSATA cable for your external hard drive that meets your needs.

Question & Answer

How does an eSATA cable work?

An eSATA cable is a SATA type of connection that enables you to connect your external drive to your computer. It has the same working mechanism as a standard SATA cable. ESATA cables have large wires that allow them to transmit data faster than other cables. Additionally, the plugs are designed to read data, convert it, and rewrite it at high speeds. An eSATA cable only transmits coded information in the form of electrical signals and not power. You have to obtain a separate power cable for your external hard drive to read data. The eSATA cable plug has a definite design that allows the cable to stay in place after inserting it into the port. When connecting your eSATA cable, ensure that the plugs are compatible to avoid issues.

Can you use an eSATA cable for SATA?

Even though eSATA and SATA cables share the same qualities, you cannot use a SATA cable in place of an eSATA cable because they have different connectors. An eSATA cable works with a power cable, and it is designed for rugged plugging and unplugging, while SATA cables are not. The two cables are not compatible. However, if you must use a device with eSATA to connect to a SATA port, you can purchase an eSATA to SATA converter or adapter. A multi-port adapter is better since you can use it to connect your hard drive to several other devices. It is always advisable to note your eSATA plug design to acquire a product with matching pins. Since there are multiple versions of this cable, you will significantly benefit from confirming compatibility.

Where to buy eSATA cables online in the UAE?

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