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About Composite Cables

Composite cables are the most basic forms of connectors one can find in all video player devices. After getting your HDTV, you might expect it to work perfectly, but the truth is that most suppliers rarely supply quality cables with their products. Even though most users often neglect their cables for alternatives like HDMIs, a composite cable is always the last resort if you lose your cable. Any problem with your cable will become a headache because of poor video quality. Hence, we will check them out in detail in this post. Plus, if you stick with us till the end, you’ll find a few valuable tips on buying composite cable online in UAE.

A composite cable, also known as an RCA video cable, performs the same functions as an HDMI cable and video connectors. Its benefit over other cables is that it is cheap. You can use it to deliver reliable and high-quality displays from your media system to your HDTV. Many people think that RCA video cables are long gone as they have been used since the ’40s. Many developments made these cables ineffective in most devices. They are universal, as you can find composite cable ports behind all media devices. RCA video cables can come in handy when you want to use other cables for other purposes. Hence, you should always ensure that you have the best RCA video cable on the market to increase your visual quality. 

A complete RCA composite cable buying guide 

A composite cable is a video plug that extends from one end to another. The pin on one end connects to the RCA video cable port on the media device player and the other end of a visual output device. You can find RCA video cable ports at the back of computer display screens or TVs. An RCA video cable transmits video signals from a source to an output device in electrical impulses. The plugin cable is yellow and matched to the adjacent port both on the media source and the receiver. You can use your RCA video cable to stream high-quality videos from your camcorder to your stereo, TV, headset, and any other media player device with RCA ports. But, you require more cables for sound since the cable cannot transmit both sound and video information. 

The standard RCA composite cable features

Standard RCA cables have three wires that are marked with different colours. Makers usually divide them into composite and component cables. The yellow coloured cable transmits composite video signals, while the other two, marked red and white, represent the right and left stereo outputs. You’ll also find them divided as analogue. Note makers of the cable differentiate the analogue signals into three signals. Thus, bringing them into one cable reduces the signal quality. RCA video cables work well with 480i NTSC and 576i PAL standard definition signals. They cannot work with high-definition signals. Hence, they are not suggested for high-quality video streaming.

The distinct types of composite video RCA

You must be careful while searching for these cables online. That’s because they come in a lot of forms. Composite video cables are popular as CVBS cables in some regions, and they are divided into three types. The primary type of cable used by professionals is BNC. Other consumers prefer using SCART, but the RCA type RCA video cable is the most adopted type. RCA RCA video cables have a single pin surrounded by a circular ring in their centre. It is usually yellow for quick identification. Composite video cables only transmit video signals. If you intend to transfer both video and audio signals, you should buy additional audio cable connectors for audio signals. A complete RCA type cable has all three composite and audio cables. 

The aspects of composite video cable to HDMI

Evolving technology always creates compatibility issues in gadgets from different generations. In some cases, you might want to connect an old AV device or a device with composite analogue ports to your TV that only uses HDMI and other ports. Since there is no standardized connector, buying a composite cable to an HDMI converter will work for you. An RCA video cable to HDMI adapter is a device that receives video data in the form of electric analogue signals and converts them to HDMI signals for connection via an HDMI port. A composite cable to HDMI adapter has a composite port and an HDMI connecter on adjacent ends. You can use this converter to stream high-quality videos from your analogue AV device to your high-resolution television for quality graphics. You can check out Enko products for RCA to HDMI adapters to understand what quality cables should provide. 

The reliable brands of composite video cable

Makers have realized that even though better devices have replaced the best composite video cables, they are widely used in many devices for visual streaming. Hence, many of them have developed solutions to improve these cables and deliver them at low prices. But, most of them are not credible, so you cannot depend on them for trusted products. Buying products from the best brands on the market will help you avoid problems that come with bad quality products. Some best brands are ZedLabz, iSimple, Startech, HDE, and Fosmon. These brands have shown good performance in most of their products, and they are all certified, thus promising excellent results. But, you can also search for great products in different categories for one that will match your needs.

Tips on how to buy Composite Cables online

Several factors affect the quality and performance of composite video cables. Considering that thousands of composite cables are on the market, selecting a particular product can prove challenging. Some buyers suggest that you go for old generation cables because they are always reliable, but you can never trust this notion. These considerations will help you to identify a reliable product from the multiple offers.

  • Check out the materials used to make the connectors – The materials used to manufacture an RCA video cable show their durability. They also have an impact on the product’s price and performance as high-quality components promise impressive results. Some common connector materials are silver, gold, or copper. Gold connectors are the best option, but this may significantly drive up the product’s price since gold is expensive to obtain. Nevertheless, gold connectors are corrosion-resistant, and they require little maintenance. Silver connectors conduct signals sufficiently, and they are preferable over copper since it is less reliable.
  • Look at the cable shielding – Cables need proper shielding to counter electromagnetic noise and frequency interference. Shielded cables have a metal foil around the wires that prevent interference. On the other hand, unshielded cables have no barrier; thus, they are prone to electromagnetic interference, affecting signal quality and performance. A shielded RCA video cable works by either reflecting interferences off its body or passing them to the ground, depending on its design. The most common types of shielding are braid shields, spiral shields, and tape shields.
  • Consider the cable length – Sometimes, longer cables are inevitable because you might want to connect devices that are far apart. Unfortunately, longer cables are not as efficient as shorter cables. Longer cables are exposed to more interference and resistance, impacting your signal quality. Suppose you require a longer cable; always ensure that you purchase the best quality to maximize its usability and convenience. Otherwise, always try to minimize your cable length for quality video output.
  • Pick a product with a warranty – A product’s warranty is always important to consider because it acts as a money-back guarantee. In case your composite cable accidentally malfunctions, you can claim a replacement within the warranty period. Additionally, a product’s warranty assures its reliability. Always go for a composite cable with at least one year warranty since this period is sufficient to figure out whether you bought a quality product.
  • Consider the cost – Despite having the upper hand, the best quality composite video cables are sometimes costly. The reason why the best products are costly is their manufacturing process. Reliable brands use high-quality materials to build their components. Additionally, the products are engineered to ensure versatility. If you are comfortable with the price ranges, you can find a product that will serve you extensively. Nonetheless, you can always get the best composite video cable for sale online in UAE on various online stores.

A composite cable is the last resort whenever you need a quick and simple video connection. Selecting the best cable is helpful since you will use it effortlessly. Keeping around high-quality RCA video cables is beneficial because you never know when you will need one. RCA cable ports are found on almost all media devices, making these cables a necessity. However, ensure that you always obtain the best quality RCA video cable to enjoy its advantages.

Question & Answer

How to use a composite cable?

A composite cable port is a yellow female RCA jack found behind devices on the AV input or output section. The cable handles transmitting video signals from the output to the input. Output connections are usually located on DVD players, Music players, decoders, and MP3/CD players. Input ports receive video information from the output and convert it to visual and audio forms perceived by the user. Since RCA video cable connections are not designed in a particular way, you can easily plug the cable from the input to the output in any direction. RCA video cables have a simple working mechanism that enables them to offer convenience. Their resilience has ensured that they stand the test of time, but only the top-quality RCA video cables will serve you for years.

Can I use a composite cable for the component video?

A component video cable consists of three RCA-type connectors with blue, green, and red cables. The connector tips are usually connected to corresponding ports on your media device and receiver. It is possible to use component and RCA video cables interchangeably, but it is not advisable. Devices with component video input and outputs are designated to carry colour information from the receiver’s media device. The green cable is responsible for colour brightness since it only carries black and white signals. On the other hand, the red and blue cables carry multi-colour signals. It is easy to find component cables that are a scam because some manufacturers use the same cable type and only change the plug colours to suggest that it is a component. You can avoid these scammers by buying products from reliable brands.

Where to buy composite cable online in UAE?

Composite cables are the cheapest forms of cables that are obtainable in several outlets. The only issue with any cable is that you cannot assure its quality and reliability. Quality RCA video cables are designed to improve efficiency and last longer. Purchasing a low-quality cable might prove disappointing because it may develop faults when you need it the most. If you are looking for a place to buy an RCA video cable online in UAE, we recommend We have a platform that adopts modern technology to help users to find reliable products. Our product search engine will only provide solutions from trustworthy brands and shops. All the suppliers are top-rated, meaning that you will experience convenient service delivery to match your needs.

Ensuring that you have a reliable RCA video cable lying around even when you are not using it can save you from frustration when you need to connect any multimedia elements. You can use a composite cable as a substitute RCA audio cable, making it necessary for added convenience. Browse through some of our top categories for unlimited options! You will find a variety of composite cables for Roku, composite cables for Wii, and several featured products that you can use on any device.