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About Component Cables

Old telecommunication devices used analogue signals and thus demanded an entirely different medium for transmitting data. But component cables are a relatively newer concept.

Newer devices, however, use digital signals, and each of them can have different types of connectors to support everything to work together. For instance, in-home theatres, analogue signals usually use two different connector types: component and composite. The composite RCA cables feature a yellow connector for video and a red and white connector for audio transmission. In contrast, component cables use the red and white audio connector. Here the video is divided into three or more components. Among this three, one is for luma, and the remaining two are for colour information.

Everything you need to know about component video cables

Both composite and component cables transmit audio and visual data using an analogue signal. But this is also where the similarities between the two end. Modern devices and data standards no longer support the old-style composite cables. On the other hand, the new component wires are much more relevant and capable to work with modern high definition devices. Although they also have limited use and suitability, they can still be used both at the commercial and domestic levels. Here is what you may need to know about component video cables before you head to buy one.

The component video cables

The component video cables split the video signals into three red, blue, and green cables. Each of these cables transmits a specific component of the video signal. Another name for green cable is the Y cable. It is responsible for transmitting the brightness information of a signal. The blue and red are respectively known as Pb and Pr. These two are responsible for transmitting the picture colour. The green components are inferred by a combination of all three signals. As the video signal spreads across three cables, it does not need compression in the composite video. Thus, it allows support to HD resolutions as high as 1080p.

Common uses of component cables

Initially, these cables replaced composites as the de factor analogue video cables. The decision was based on the improved picture quality cables can offer. Another benefit of use was its ability to support HD devices and data signals. Today, almost all HDTVs have at least one set of component inputs. Likewise, the component video gets support from DV players, gaming consoles, cable set-top boxes, digital video recorders or Blu-ray players.

Limitations of component cables

Component video cables are highly analogue. Also, just like composite cables, they have inherited limitations that are associated with the analogue format. The analogue cables transmit their signals via waveform. The digital cables transmit their signals the same way as the computer transmits data via binary code decoded by the displaying device into a colourful viewable picture. Now, as they travel via waveform, the signals are susceptible to interference from radio waves. Likewise, they can experience interference from electronic signals resulting in increased compression that harm the picture quality.

Tips on how to buy Component Cables online in the UAE 

Multimedia and other electronic products and accessories are a one-time investment. Therefore, buying a high-quality product is always of core importance. However, many brands on our top retail search engin e can help you buy VGA to the composite converter and other such products at economical rates. is one such platform that can help you buy reliable, high-quality cables for all your transmission needs without losing hold on your budget. However, there are some points to consider while choosing an item online. Here is a glimpse of the aspects you need to keep in mind while making a purchase online.

  • Reliability – Although the cable quality has nothing much to do with the picture quality, the cable quality does define how long it will serve you. That said, most of the cheaper cables will not stand the test of time. So, look for a reliable brand to choose your product online.
  • Know the required length – Generally, you may need one connector to link the cable with any device. You can commonly find these cables in lengths of 0.6, 0.9, 1.5 and 1.8 meters. To pick one, you need to measure the length of strings between two points.
  • Connector size and style – Pay attention to the HDMI cable connector style and size. They come in standard, mini, and micro styles. You can also use them for connection items like cameras and camcorders etc. Before buying, check the size of the HDMI connector on both ends.
  • Price and brand value – These cables are not expensive items to buy. Therefore, you can always set a window for increasing your budget and buying the best-branded items available in stores online.

When you buy component cables online, look for brands like Samsung, Nintendo, Elgato, LG, Monoprice, Sony, Apple, Monster, Best Buy or Cooler Master. Always pay attention during the buying process as you can find many choices in HDMI cables online. It is always important to balance quality, the length of wire and the general requirements of devices you want to connect. Also, the right-angled connector on the HDMI cable will bring you many advantages for certain A/V installations. So being attentive is the only way to make the best purchase.

Question & Answer

What is a component cable?

A component cable uses white and red audio connectors. However, they divide the video into three components. Here one is for luma or brightness, and the other two are for colour information. This is also known as Pb and Pr cable. Both composite and component audio-video connection cables can transmit video via analogy signals. The modern component cable formats were designed to work with modern high definition devices.

What are the colours of component cables?

They are available in a variety of colours and are compatible with different applications. For instance, cables with 75 Ohm impedance are suitable for SPDI and video. Generally, these cables are available in red, white, black, green, yellow, grey, brown, and blue colours. You can also find them in tan, purple orange and red colours. These different colours are suitable for different applications, and compatibility depends on different factors.

Is a component cable as good as HDMI?

Today consumers demand a high definition image and video. To get the best picture, both devices and cables that connect the entertainment systems are important. The two most demanded connectors of HD videos are HDMI and component wires. Both of these cables work fine but among the two HDMI is the most preferred choice. This cable can work for both audio and video hook-up that delivers superior picture quality, 3D support, surround sound audio and much more as compared to component cables.

Can component cables do 1080p?

Yes, these cables are capable of carrying full bandwidth 1080p signals. This is why with all things being ideal, a component cable and an HDMI cable can bring you almost the same level of quality. Therefore, with 1080p TV it should be possible to get a theoretically better picture if you are connecting it to the PS3 via HDMI. Luckily, you can find these cables online easily on and from top global brands. These include Slingbox, Thermaltake, Cable Mods, DirecTV, HD Retrovision, Seasonic, Antec, and Corsair.

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