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Brizler 25W USB-C PD Wall Charger - PD-070PT
Brizler 25W USB-C PD Wall Charger - PD-070PT
Brizler 25W USB-C PD Wall Charger - PD-070PT Match safety standard to avoid over-load, short curr...


Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Dock with AC Adaptor 90 Watt - 40AG0090UK
Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Dock with AC Adaptor 90 Watt - 40AG0090UK
Lenovo ThinkPad Basic Dock with AC Adaptor 90 Watt - 40AG0090UK Package Dimensions: 8.6 L x 41.2 ...


Trands USB-C to Lightning Female Adapter Cable - TR-CA1020
Trands USB-C to Lightning Female Adapter Cable - TR-CA1020
Trands USB-C to Lightning Female Adapter Cable - TR-CA1020 Empowered with high-performance DAC ch...


Trands 65W Ganfast Charger - TR-AD9386
Trands 65W Ganfast Charger - TR-AD9386
Trands 65W Ganfast Charger TR-AD9386  Designed to support most of the fast-charging protocols to ...


Philips Fiber Optic Audio Cable 1.5 M With 3.5 mm Adapter Grey- SWA4302S/10
Philips Fiber Optic Audio Cable 1.5 M With 3.5 mm Adapter Grey- SWA4302S/10
Philips Fiber Optic Audio Cable 1.5 M With 3.5 mm Adapter Grey - SWA4302S/10 High-quality fibre o...
Philips 30W Dual Port Wall Charger Black -DLP2621/05
Philips 30W Dual Port Wall Charger Black -DLP2621/05
Philips 30W Dual Port Wall Charger Black -DLP2621/05 2 USB ports charge two devices simultaneousl...


Philips 25W PD PPS Fast Wall Charger Black - DLP4331C/05
Philips 25W PD PPS Fast Wall Charger Black - DLP4331C/05
Philips 25W PD PPS Fast Wall Charger Black - DLP4331C/05 Smart protection against overheating, ov...
Targus USB C Multiplexer Adapter Docking Station - ACA47GLZ
Targus USB C Multiplexer Adapter Docking Station - ACA47GLZ
Targus USB C Multiplexer Adapter Docking Station - ACA47GLZ Make your Targus universal powered do...
Wall Charger Pd20-(Multicolor)-(06928288525555)
Wall Charger Pd20-(Multicolor)-(06928288525555)
BrandJELLICOConnector TypeLightningConnector TypeUSBCompatible DevicesCellular PhonesCompatible P...
Choetech Pd+qc 30w Fast Charger-(Black)-(Tc0006-bk)
Choetech Pd+qc 30w Fast Charger-(Black)-(Tc0006-bk)
Choetech Pd+qc 30w Fast Charger Black

About Chargers & Adapters

Power integrations provide an array of highly integrated, high-voltage, and stand-alone regulators for off-line power conversion in chargers & adapters for laptops, cameras, and phones. Just like other electronic accessories, people often misconstrued the function of chargers & adapters. Though chargers & adapters are believed to perform the same function, they execute varying actions that often complement one another. Therefore, in this post, we’ll look at various chargers & adapters for you to buy. Plus, we also give you a few tips on buying a charger & adapter online in UAE 

Chargers & adapters are gadgets that supply power to electronic devices and assist in converting one type of voltage into another. Specifically, a charger is used to power an electronic device such as a laptop or mobile phone. On the other hand, an adapter is used to power a charger as it lacks an internal mechanism to charge a battery. When you use a charger in unison with an adapter, both gadgets take the electric current out of a battery and convert it to DC from AC power. Chargers are essential in regulating the amount of electricity transmitted from an adapter or a wall socket. However, chargers tend to be specific to a single type of device they charge. Though chargers & adapters may seem to fulfil the same purpose, they are two distinct electronic accessories that collaborate to power diverse devices. That said, let’s now look at their various types next! 

Types of chargers & adapters for your various needs 

You’ll find several types of chargers and adapters out there on the market. Therefore, we discuss the types; you should know the fundamental difference between the two. The primary difference between an adapter and a charger is the mode of transmission. A charger refers to an electrical gadget that transmits electric current to chargeable devices such as batteries. On the other hand, an adapter is an accessory that offers a power supply to an electronic device such as a USB fan. The adapter functions in the presence of a rectifier circuit and transformer. Though often used interchangeably, chargers & adapters vary in their mode of performance. Now that you’re clear about their differences, it’s time we look at their various types. Below we’ve compiled a few. 

The HDMI adapters

A typical HDMI adapter provides you with a standard HDMI connection. Remember, the HDMI cables do not include in this. Nevertheless, these adapters are an ideal choice for those who wish to build a multi-screen setup. Fortunately, you’ll find several types of HDMI adapters out there on the market today. One of the best among the many others on the market has to be the QGeeM USB-C to the adapter. It offers a mix of function and form. Besides, it also features full Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C compatibility. Apart from that, it also provides a true 4K resolution. 

The USB wireless adapter

The finest USB adapters offer the perfect stop-gap if anything disastrous happens to your PC’s networking capabilities. If your built-in Wi-Fi or LAN ports spoil then, a USB Wi-FI adapter comes to your rescue. It gets up and running within minutes. However, do not get us wrong; a wired connection does provide better stability in the connection. They shine, in terms of performance, when you use them in combination with other routers. But we all know that having cables strewn throughout your place is dangerous. 

The travel charger

The best travel charger & adapter are useful when one is travelling between countries that use different sockets. These devices allow the use of a plug from one region with a foreign socket. AC adapters convey electricity from household mains voltage to low-voltage DC that is suitable for powering consumer electronics. In a computer adapter, the host controller connects a computer to a peripheral gadget such as a storage device. Similarly, car chargers allow a person to keep a phone battery fully charged when travelling. A cheap universal charger & adapter comes with a USB for all types of devices. 

The Apple USB c-adapter

The USB-C adapters are now emerging as the standard for charging and transferring data. Right, you’ll see them with devices like laptops, tablets, phones, and given the time – it’ll set its footprints in pretty much everything that currently uses older USB connectors. The type C-adapters today feature a tiny physical connector. They support various existing new USB standards like USB 3.1 and USB power delivery. Thanks to their compact and universal compatibility, the connectors of different shapes and sizes are now coming to an end. One of the best USB c-adapter includes that from Apple.

Tips on how to buy Chargers & Adapters online

It is critical to understand that virtually all electronic devices have varying charging ports, energy requirements, and current tolerant capacities. In this regard, one should conduct a thorough assessment of the most appropriate chargers & adapters for diverse devices by following the criteria indicated below.

  • Know your requirements first – Understanding what you need has to be the very step in an online buying process for any multimedia products. Nothing changes for the chargers & adapters too. For what are you buying the chargers and adapters? Which model do you prefer? Answering a few such questions will help you to buy the perfect one.
  • Research a bit – When it comes to cables and connectors, it’s essential to have in-depth knowledge about them before you begin your search online. The more you know about the product, the easier it is to scrutinise your options. Moreover, adequate knowledge about any product results in a wise purchase.
  • Explore their types – We did see earlier the various kinds of chargers & adapters that you can buy for yourself. However, each one has multiple features and purposes. Therefore, always ensure you have adequate knowledge about the distinct types before you make your final decision. Besides, exploring your options helps you get to your ideal charger or adapter quickly.
  • Look at the voltage – Voltage is the force that pulls the energy into a device. For instance, if a charger has a very high voltage, the device may blow out due to a circuit’s overload. As such, one should ensure that a travel charger’s voltage is within the limit of the current required by an electronic. So do keep in mind the voltage requirements when you buy them.
  • Pick a compatible model – Though used for the same purpose, devices come in specific designs to only function with a specified charger or adapter. To attain the best outcome, assess the type of device you own to select the most compatible chargers & adapters in the market.
  • Go for branded models – Nothing ensures the quality of the chargers & adapters like top-class brands. Check out brands like Apple, Netgear, Ugreen, Lencent, Belkin, Anker, Samsung, and Huawei if you want premium quality chargers and adapters online.
  • Consider the cost – Before making purchases, ensure that your desired device’s price is within your budget. You’ll generally find both expensive and cheap models online. This helps to eradicate unexpected expenses when visiting a physical store or order via online platforms. You can also get your hands on a premium quality charger & adapter for sale online in UAE.

Chargers & adapters are no longer sophistication. They’re now a necessity. Therefore, you must choose wisely to avoid making blunders. Take time to review the various models and then settle in for your final choice. We believe the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you secure the apt charger and adapter as per your device requirements.

Question & Answer

What is a 2A charger & adapters?

A 2A charger represents a powering device with a large output current and a fast-charging speed. The 2A charger is highly preferred to the 1A charger due to its charging speed and safety, as it poses no threat to the durability of a battery. Notably, A is an acronym for ampere, which refers to current units. The state of the load determines the output current of a charger. For instance, if a charger output is 20A and the phone charging logic control is 2A, the charging speed is not affected by the present charging current of 2A. An effective phone charger design comes with circuit protection that ensures consumer safety when the wind is too high. In brief, the 2A charger is a powering device with a maximum output charging current of 2A and a faster-charging speed.

Where to buy a charger & adapter near me?

One may buy some high-quality chargers & adapters online in UAE from the Micro less online platform. Mirrorless was formerly known as and has been in computer-based products and gaming systems in the retail business since 2011. The company offers clients a range of networking devices, gaming peripherals, and office supplies. You can quickly obtain some of the best travel chargers & adapters from the Desertcart website. Clients get an opportunity to select the best fast charger & adapter from a wide range of products. You can also pick cheap universal chargers & adapters from several websites and online stores.

Where to buy a laptop charger & adapter online in the UAE?

You can buy different types of laptop chargers & adapters from several online stores across the UAE. Most of them focus on selling high-quality laptops, mobile and tablet chargers & adapters. Better yet, they offer you door-to-door delivery services too. If you’re vigorously looking out for some premium quality chargers & adapters, then go ahead and check out the numerous options on Our product search engine brings you a comprehensive collection of reliable and durable chargers & adapters from top-rated brands and online stores across the region. Therefore, one should not worry about the malfunctioning laptop charger and adapter while in Dubai owing to the wide varieties available right here in

How to identify the original iPhone charger & adapter?

For efficiency purposes, Apple recommends using accessories that the company has certified and provided with the MFi badge, such as the Apple USB c adapter. Though prevalent in the market, counterfeit and uncertified chargers & adapters pose a threat to human safety and a phone’s durability. For instance, a fake charger & adapter for sale online in UAE may damage the iOS device, and one may fail to sync or charge the phone. To recognise counterfeit chargers & adapters’ one should access the packaging of the accessory. The MFi badge often accompanies Apple products on the packaging. An individual may also compare certified Apple accessories such as the Apple USB wireless adapter with counterfeit products to know the difference. To figure out a genuine iPhone charger, it must consist of a power adapter for the wall and lighting to a USB cable.

How to repair mobile chargers & adapters?

Though mobile chargers & adapters are delicate home necessities, they are prone to minor or extreme damage. For instance, one’s pet may chew through the wire, or an individual may insert the charger into the phone inappropriately. The chargers & adapters may be frayed or broken altogether. The end of the charger may bend, thus impeding it from working efficiently. In this regard, one should view the prongs through a magnifying glass on the charger’s end to evaluate the extent of the damage. In the case of bent prongs, one should use tweezers to straighten them into position. If the wires break, one should cut the cord to free the frayed insulation. The wires should be twisted together from each side of the cut and match the colours to the opposite side’s corresponding cables. Then one should wrap the exposed wires using electrical tape.