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About Cable Components

With technological advancements, we cannot imagine living without multimedia gadgets and machines. There is a wide range of products that we use for varying purposes. A cable is an integral component that thing that connects these devices.

These long threads of metalwork with many parts generally fall under the name tag of cable components. A cable is usually made of two or more wires that tend to run side by side. These metallic wires are twisted, bonded and sometimes braided together to create a uniform assembly. Both ends of these cables connect with devices to allow the transfer of electrical signals between them. These cables are a part of various applications like electronic devices that power and signal circuits.  Besides the main threads, these cables contain multiple components to connect with different devices. But before you head to buy these cable components, it important is to understand the types of cables you are going to use.

Understanding your cables before purchase

Although the users refer to cable and wire interchangeably, it is important to understand is that there is a difference between a wire and a cable. And the two come with major differences. A wire comes with a single electric conductor (a metallic material like aluminium or copper that conducts electricity and allows it to flow from one point of the wire to another). At the same time, a cable contains multiple conductors that are wrapped in a non-conductive material called a jack. And with such a major difference in construction, both cables and wires have varying functions to perform. Hence, you cannot use a wire to perform the tasks of an HDMI composite adapter. Here are some basic popular types of cables.

Coaxial cables

They include a central conductor and have a cover of a soft layer of insulation. This insulating layer has a surface of metallic shield that works as the second conductor. The outer portion then has a cover of an insulating jacket. They are commonly called HD AV cables. The most common use include TV and radio transmission equipment.  They are a common part of feed lines to connect radio transmitters, receivers, antennas, computer networks, digital audio and cable television setups.

Ethernet cables

They are part of networks for connecting LANs with devices like switches, PCs and routers. There are two types of Ethernet cables: stranded and solid. They offer a better quality of performance besides added protection from electrical interference. Commonly they are an ideal option for wiring business networks in offices and under the floors of laboratories.  They support one or more industry standards like Category 5 and Category 6. Also, a crossover cable is a unique type of Ethernet cable intended to connect two computer devices. Many Ethernet cables are ideal to connect the computer with a router or switches.

CCTV cables

They fall under the category of electric cables that work in combination with cable and communication wires. They help to record images and use the camera. Additionally, they are ideal for use to communicate with the data centre. A new range of CCTV cables is available that encompasses the latest technology of gas injected foaming. These cables have low weight and enable the loss of free signal transmission. These cables are a common part of  CCTV citrus in both large and small setups.

Computer cables

They are another common type of cable that you will find in the market. These cables have an outer cover of plastic. It is ideal for connecting a computer to a power source. There are different types of this cable. It also includes Digital Visual Interface or DVI, widely used these days. You can also use these cables in both digital and analogue. Like DVI, the HDMI is also capable of sending both video and audio signals simultaneously.  These cables are ideal for connecting all computer peripherals like a flash drive, mouse, keyboards or wireless adapters.

Tips on how to buy Cable Components online in the UAE

With the advent of technology and machines, everyone has to deal with cables and related parts. So no matter if you need the best ps3 component cable or want some best Wi-Fi component cable and parts, facing the problem is your only choice. But as a buyer, you will need to keep a few things in mind while looking for wires or cables online in the UAE. To help you with the buying process, we share some of the most important areas you should pay attention to. Focusing on these features while selecting different types of cables can help you get a reliable option.

  • The voltage – It is the first thing to pay attention to while buying. The voltage is specified by manufacturers post-testing. While buying online, you can find details about the voltage in the product description section. It is generally fine to use a cable with a voltage of 100′] 0V on a 24-volt system.
  • The strength and durability – The next area you will need to focus on, is the cable’s durability and strength. Make sure that the cable insulation is tolerant of other chemicals that might get in contact. Likewise, the best cable to use in engine bays must be fuel and oil resistant.
  • Ability to deal with heating – It comes with quality. A high-quality cable will be capable of handling current safely without overheating it or the insulation within. You can calculate it from the current that passes through the cable and its resistance.
  • Size of cable – According to experts, the size of cable should be long enough to travel from one point to the other without any stress. The wires are measures based on gauge size, and you can read the details in the description section.
  • Consumer reviews – If you are buying cable for the first time, look for expert opinion and search for the specified product. Otherwise, you can look for best-selling products with more than a 3.5-star rating.

When it comes to multimedia products like cables and cable components, it is important to look for a high-quality product. A high-quality product will ensure that the purchased product will last with you longer and can cause no harm to your devices it’s connecting. The best way to ensure quality is to look at branded products. Luckily there are dozens of brands selling top quality products on retail search engines online. For instance, at, you can find top global brands and manufacturers selling cable components online.

Question & Answer

Can I connect the component cable to composite input?

Yes, you can connect a component cable to the composite input. The pattern in which that shared input works for modification of the video input circuitry of the TV can accommodate both composite and component video source connection. In such a setup the component video cables can connect normally. However, you can use the green component video input connection to connect a composite video connection. But with such a shared configuration, you cannot plug in both component and composite video signal sources.

Can I use the component cable for a subwoofer?

Yes, you can use the component cable for the subwoofer. A component video cable, individually, is available for purchase. In such a case you can find it under the name of subwoofer speaker cable. You can easily find these cables on any product search engine that sells multimedia products. You can also have it backwards in terms of reverse. These cables will always work for analogue audio while an analogue audio cable does not require the same process and many not well for a video.

How to use the component cable on PS2?

You need to locate the audio and video component sockets on the back of the TV and plug the red, green, and blue non-audio cables into the Y/Pb/Pr sockets. Now plug the red and white audio cables into the audio sockets. They have clearly marked Audio and IXOS cables. Now plug the other end into the back of your PS2. For more instructions, you can refer to the user manual or go online to watch video tutorials that are more elaborate and easier to follow.

Where to buy component cable online in the UAE?

As discussed previously, when it comes to multimedia products, the quality of the product must focus in the first place. Therefore, you must head to an online platform that offers trusted products from top brands. For instance, at Shops, you can find all the top global brands offering cables, wires, cable components and all types of multimedia products for your personal or commercial needs. Here you will also have the opportunity to explore and search for products from different brands before you shop.