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About Audio Cable

You may have a fancy surround sound setup for your TV room, or maybe you are setting up speakers for your turntable. Whatever it may be, you need audio cables. These cables allow you to transfer audio data from a source to your speaker. And without one, that fancy stereo setup won’t work! There are various types of these cables, and knowing which one is best for your setup can be daunting. Luckily, this article will help you through the challenge of buying the right product. Here we will look at different types of cables, what they are for, and some tips for buying the best one for you.

An audio cable is used to transfer analogue or digital audio signals from a source to an amplifier. This audio source could be your TV, stereo system, turntable, CD player or more. Depending on its use, you will need a different audio cable. There are two main types of audio cables. The first one is a digital audio cable, and the second is an analogue audio cable. Among these, cables’ subcategories include an aux cable, RCA cable, optical audio cable, speaker cable, and more. Knowing which one suits you best may seem difficult, but this article will help you out. First, we will take a look at the difference between these cables.

Everything you need to know about audio cables

Knowing the difference between a digital and analogue cable is key to finding which one works best for your needs. Both have completely different functions and work differently. An analogue cable transmits audio through waves of electricity. On the other hand, a digital cable sends audio through packets of data that a computer comprehends. In other words, digital cables transmit 1’s and 0’s called binary code. Both analogue and digital cables have their pros and cons, depending on their use. Analogue cables may work better for your TV since it uses less bandwidth. On the other hand, digital cables may be better for setting up your stereo system or listening to music through a headset. However, the exact type of cable depends on numerous factors which we will talk about. 

More types of audio cables 

Some common audio cable types are aux cables and optical audio cables. An aux cable is the most common type of audio cable out there. This the cable that your headphone uses to connect to your phone. Maybe you have an aux port in your car so you can plug in your phone and play music. Whatever it may be, an aux cable can be used with anything that has a compatible auxiliary jack. Aux cables tend to be the cheapest cable, but the audio quality tends to suffer. Optical cables are digital cables that transmit sound through flashes of light in an optical fibre. Your computer or speaker picks up these flashes and converts them into sound. An optical cable can be more expensive but has better audio quality than an aux cable. This makes it great for stereo systems or the home theatre. 

Types of outdoor speaker wire 

Outdoor speaker wires are very different from indoor cables. This is because they need to be able to withstand temperature, weather, wind and more. You wouldn’t want to go outside one morning and find your speaker wire completely ruined! In general, there are 2 main types of outdoor speaker wire. The first is a 16 gauge wire. If your wire only needs to be 80ft or less, this might be the best choice. A 16 gauge wire is great for something like an outdoor stage setup. The second type is a 14 gauge wire. This goes for anything up to 200ft. If you need a really long cable, a 12 gauge wire can run even longer than 200ft. However, the lower the gauge, the less durable the outdoor speaker wire will be. If you are using a 12 gauge wire, it may be best to leave it out when necessary. 

When to use a Toslink splitter 

One good reason to use optical cables is how easy it is to split the output. What does that mean? It is actually quite simple. Let’s say you have two headsets and want to play music on both of them. This is where a Toslink splitter or optical audio splitter comes into play. You plug in one cable, and it will split the transmitted audio into two outputs. A Toslink splitter has many uses. Most commonly, an optical audio splitter is used for television setups. If you want audio to play from your TV and your stereo simultaneously, a splitter will come in handy. In general, a Toslink splitter is quite easy to set up. They are also quite small so that they won’t take up too much space. An alternative to a Toslink splitter when setting up tv is a DisplayPort audio cable.

Tips on how to buy Audio Cables

Are you finding it hard to find the perfect audio cable for your needs? Choosing between digital and analogue, the connection type, and length are all important but can be challenging. To make the best purchase, you need to know how to decide what exact audio cable you will need. Luckily, we have several to help you out. We will cover how to pick between analogue and digital, the right brand, and knowing what cable type will work best for you.

  • Picking between analogue and digital – Choosing between analogue and digital can be quite challenging. The first thing you want to do is ask yourself, do I need good audio quality? If yes, an optical cable is the best way to go. However, choose carefully. Optical audio wires cost more than analogue audio wires.
  • Cable with best audio quality – As explained above, optical cables tend to have the best audio quality. When looking for a cable, RCA cables generally have the best quality. However, they are much or permanent, making them difficult always to unplug. This makes a general aux chord better for something like headsets or portable speakers.
  • Choosing the right brand – Knowing which brand suits your needs is crucial for finding the right audio cable. Some well-known brands are Audioquest, Bose, Samsung, Monster Cable, Anker, and Naim. Depending on your budget, you can pick which brands suit your needs. If you have difficulty picking between brands, check out our product search engine to find the best cheap high-end cables from the right brand.
  • Knowing its use – It’s important to know what you are using your audio cable before buying one. For example, if you set up a stereo setup, you may need to look for cables for speakers. Or maybe you want to plug your phone into your cars aux port. Cheap car cables may be best for that.
  • Finding the right length – Finally, knowing the right length cable will make all the difference. When picking an audio cable, it’s important first to measure how long you need it. Always buy a cable slightly longer than you think you need to be safe.

Now that you know everything there is about these cables, it’s time to buy one! If you want to buy audio cable online in the UAE, a product search engine may help you find the right option from reliable brands. Once you know which audio cable suits your needs, be sure to check out It’s a search engine that lets you pick and compare products from thousands of brands! So what are you waiting for? Go and pick from the best cheap high-end audio cables now!

Question & Answer

What are audio cables used for?

These cables are used for nearly everything that plays audio. For example, the speakers connected to your computer probably have an optical audio cable. Finding the right type of audio cable for your specific needs can be quite tricky. Luckily, our product search engine can help you find the right one. For example, these cables can be used in your car, tv room, or living room. These cables are also needed for things like outdoor events, concerts, and parties. No matter the use, choosing cheap high-end cables are crucial when finding the right sound for your setup. Suppose you are trying to set up an outdoor speaker, the logical choice of cables logical choice or speaker wire. However, if you are trying to set up a home movie theatre, you may want to look into digital audio cables. The length of a cable also determines the type of project it may be used for.

How much are audio cables?

Knowing how much an audio cable cost is dependent on its type. In general, an analogue audio cable is cheaper than a digital audio cable. Also, the longer the audio cable is, the more expensive it will be. The best budget cables can range from $10 to $30, depending on where it’s from. Some things like the quality, brand, and type of connector can also influence and make audio cable’s cautious; you want to find the best value for your money. The cost of cables varies greatly based on which store you buy them from. Some stores may carry the same cable for cheaper. Knowing which store has the best-priced cables can be difficult. You can browse through online stores to find the best shopping site with your need’s audio cable if you are curious.

Why are audio cables gold plated?

When buying cables, you stumble upon ones advertised as gold plated. So what exactly does that mean? You may think that the entire connector is gold. In reality, it’s only a fragile film. This is used to prevent the metal connector from tarnishing or rusting. In other words, cables are gold plated to help make them more durable. A gold plated audio cable will last longer than a regular audio cable. By preventing rust and corrosion, the gold plated cable can keep a clean connection for longer. However, gold plated cables tend to be a little more expensive, so keep that in mind. If you are interested in getting a gold plated audio cable, you should make sure it will suit your needs. If you plan to use the cable a lot, it may be worth getting a gold plated connector.

Now you learned which cable fits your needs best. Knowing the use and advantages of every cable type can buy audio cable online in the UAE with ease! Analogue cables are cheaper but tend to lack the high audio quality an optical audio cable provides. Additionally, it’s important to remember what type of outdoor speaker wire is best for your needs. They usually come in 12, 14, and 16 gauges, depending on how long you want them to be. Be sure to check out, the best shopping site where you can find the best multimedia products from different brands and shops!