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If you live far away from the television service provider’s base station or a place surrounded by hills, you will likely receive a poor TV signal that does not include some TV stations. As long as you are getting a signal, you can improve its strength using antenna amplifiers. The devices are also popular as TV antenna boosters.

These antenna amplifiers lie between your antenna or cable source and the decoder or the TV tuner that amplifies the signal before it gets to your electronic device. There are both indoor and outdoor antenna amplifiers in the market but all work using the same principle. On our Dubai search engine, you will find various antenna amplifiers on the market. This article gives you insights into the boosters in the market and what a good one looks like. Besides, we have made a list of tips that you should keep in mind. Let us get started below.

Understanding your device and purchase

Start by checking if you should go for a single unit or one with a splitter? There is a time when you need to have the signal provided to two TV—for example, your living room and kitchen TV sets. You can have the same thing done on your decoder. However, the signal significantly decades using this option. Therefore, the better choice is to get the signal from the booster. You can send quality signals to two or more devices at once using a TV signal booster that has a built-in splitter. All you have to do is to run coaxial cables from the booster to your TV. This way, you get quality signals to both electronic devices at the same time. Having several outputs do not cause the TV signal to degrade in any way. All the devices receive the same quality of the TV signal.

The outdoor TV aerial booster has IP67 housing.

As said earlier, you can have an indoor or outdoor TV antenna booster. The external unit is ideal when your signal’s quality is too poor that boosting it indoors won’t significantly improve it. Besides, you can always place the antenna high up above your roof to capture a better quality signal. The best outdoor antenna amplifiers have IP67 housing that prevents them from getting damaged by weather elements and the UV rays from the sun. Besides, these antenna amplifiers are also made of rugged, high-quality materials. These can withstand extreme temperatures and moisture without getting corroded. Check available brands on our platform for these qualities.

An HD antenna booster supports high-quality outputs.

With the new HD quality TV (up to 4K), many television networks have started to offer HD quality channels around the country. If you already have a plasma, LED, and other Digital TV types, you can receive this TV quality. You need to purchase antenna amplifiers that can support the HD quality signal. Our retail search engine has several HD antenna booster brands from which you can pick one. Some of the best HD antenna amplifiers have a long range of over 20 miles to capture as many digital stations as possible. These units can connect directly to the digital TV or a digital STB if you have an analogue. There are a few outdoor units, but many of them are indoor ones.

Cable signal booster brands help improve cable network signals.

If you have a cable subscription and the signal is very weak, you can have it boosted using a coaxial cable signal booster. These TV signal boosters work just like antenna amplifiers, only to amplify the signal from the cable connection. Most of the traditional TV stations use the cable network to broadcast across the country. Therefore, if you do not want to lose any of the channels, visit for a Freeview cable signal booster or any other brand to improve the cable signal strength. With improved signal, you are assured of crystal clear TV and sound and access to most if not all channels that broadcast t via the network to your area.

Pick OTA antenna amplifier for better reception for HD TV signals

OTA stands for over-the-air, a high definition TV broadcast from local TV stations. It provides free nearby TV stations in HD quality. Many conventional antenna amplifiers may not give a good signal boost for OTA TV stations. It would be best to have a good quality OTA antenna amplifier to improve these signals’ strength in such a case. You will find various OTA boosters, including RCA and Dish, among hundreds of other brands on the online shopping UAE platform. With these antenna amplifiers, you connect them directly to your TV without using STB digital receivers. However, you can also buy a digital OTA TV tuner if your TV does not come with an inbuilt TV tuner.

Tips on how to buy Antenna Amplifiers online in the UAE 

The above section provides some insights into different kinds of antenna amplifiers in the market. Your choice of any of these brands depends on your signal needs. Even with such an explanation, there are hundreds of brands on our platform with various features that it may be hard to pick the best antenna boosters for your TV. This is why we have built a list of tricks and tips to select the best for your need. Our points have been contributed by customers who have bought from our platform and experts in the world of TV broadcasting and signal management. Besides, we have built filters on the Dubai search engine so that you can narrow it down to the best antenna amplifiers.

  • Compatibility – You have to buy an amplifier that works best for your type of antennae. For OTA antenna, go for OTA compliment antenna amplifiers. The same applies to HD TV sets. This ensures that you get the signal that your TV requires with ease.
  • Indoor or Outdoor – Indoor antenna amplifiers are goof if the distance between the aerial and the booster isn’t too long to cause signal degradation. However, if the signal is already weak and degrades when moving from the aerial, install an outdoor antenna booster.
  • Do you need a splitter? – A splitter allows you to share signals among various TV sets. If you have more than one TV set, get a TV aerial booster with a splitter so that you can get a boosted signal to each of your TV sets from the TV signal booster.
  • Check the gain – It is important to check the level of gain that the amplifier provides. This gain is expressed in decibels. It would be best if you had a booster with not more than 12 dB gain in most cases so that you do not overwhelm your TV input. Check with a technician on best gain levels.
  • Price – We have different antenna amplifiers at different price points on our platform. If you are on a budget, you can buy cheap antenna amplifiers on our platform. These cheap brands are no less useful than the premium brands in the market.

That is our list of the five most important things that you should consider the next time you go for antenna amplifiers for TV. We have a wide choice of antenna amplifiers in the market that cover just any need. You can pick quality brands such as GE and Supersonic among hundreds of others in the marketplace. Besides, we have many other supplies such as coaxial cables splitters, TV tuners, and remote controls, among other accessories. Also, we sell TV sets, whether LED, plasma or LCD TVs, in various sizes. You can also buy high-quality antennas for different TVs on our platform. We are your one-stop shop for your TV needs.

Question & Answer

How does the antenna amplifier work?

The antenna amplifier is a device that extends the broadcast coverage of your TV at home or apartment. It works by amplifying the existing TV signals to enable you to get a clear picture and good audio quality. During installation, it is added between the antenna and your TV. It does not add any signals that are not present but prevents the loss of the existing signals when moving across the coaxial cables. Therefore, it will not bring unavailable signals but will enhance the available ones so that your TV offers the best broadcast. There are different types of antenna amplifiers for sale online in the UAE However, they all use the same working principle to amplify your signals.

How do you use an antenna amplifier?

An antenna amplifier should be as close to the antennae as possible to amplify the signal before the coaxial cable occasions a loss. The amplifier is connected to the aerial a coaxial cable via a U-bolt clamp and then connected to the TV. There can be a power supply unit powering up the amplifier. Once you have made your installation, you will not be required to make any changes in your system as the amplifier will automatically work. Once you have made the right connection, you can scan channels as you did when connected to just the aerial. There should not be any other devices installed between the three to avoid losing the TV signal.

Where do you buy a TV antenna amplifier online UAE?

If you want to buy the best TV antenna amplifiers, you are in the right place already. Here on, you can find trusted online stores selling high-quality aerial signals and coaxial boosters. You will also find leading brands here, such as RCA, GE, Dish, Gain, Freeview, Supersonic, and Lava, among hundreds of others. Also, we have filters and sorting options to help you narrow down the product search and find the best fit. Therefore, we have what it takes to get crystal clear TV channels to your living room. You can find tons of other TV accessories here, including TV tuners, coaxial cables, remote controls and antennae, among others. So, go ahead and start exploring.

Which antenna amplifier do I need?

The choice of a TV signal booster is dependent on various factors. First, the distance between your antenna and the TV or TV tuner, whether you are using a cable connection, OTA or specific HD TV connections, your budget and the range within which you want to get your TV channel. Besides, the best signal booster should be made of high-quality materials, especially if it is an outdoor antenna booster. Besides, pick a brand with positive reviews from customers who have bought them, especially in improving the signal strength, coverage and ease of installation. Read the customer reviews for each product below the image and caption.

What is the best antenna amplifier?

There is no single antenna amplifier that can be said to be the best in the market. However, all the best antenna amplifiers are fit for the purpose. Use the tips that we have shared in the section above to pick the brand that best meets your needs. It should also be easy to install, whether indoors or outdoors, offer a good signal boost to provide quality TV signal and operate for long without breaking down. We recommend that you visit our online shopping UAE and check the available options before making a choice. You can use the filters that we have built into our site to narrow down to the best products according to your need and then compare prices.

We hope that you will get a TV signal booster that best meets your signal boosting needs. If you want to buy any TV accessories, our platform is the place to be besides antenna amplifiers. Browse for over 500 TV signal boosters and other multimedia products from brands and shops.

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