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The world of projectors can become confusing for many people. This is particularly true when it’s time to change the projector lamp. What bulb are you supposed to get for your projector? Also, does it matter? A beamer lamp is the most suitable answer for all such questions. 

Are all the projector lamps the same? Well, they are not. Each projector uses a specific type of lamp with a set of specifications. Moreover, bulbs are of various sizes and grades. Some are excellent and cost a lot, while others are of lower quality and are more affordable. You must understand that type of bulb is suitable for your projector. To figure out what kind of bulb you should buy as a replacement for your projector, you should have at least a basic understanding of them. Please read this article to find out more about them. This will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Different types of Projector Lamps

The hardest part of finding a replacement lamp for a projector is figuring out which type of lamp you should buy. Not only are there at least half a dozen types of lights, but there are also further variations within the same type of lamp. And an important point to understand is that not every type can work find for all lighting jobs. So, it becomes essential to understand all the different types of projector lamps out there. Here is a list of the four most common types of projector lamps. Even though there are a few other lamps, they are not as widely used as these four lamps.

LED Lamps

LED (or Light-Emitting Diode) projectors use light from LED lamps to project the picture. These projectors are often extraordinarily compact and come with lightweight and thermal-efficient designs. Because of the exceptional performance of the LEDs, high efficiency, lifespan, portability, and low price, these projectors are becoming the new industry standard. The high lumens per watt makes LED projectors quite useful as outdoor projectors as well. As LED bulbs are replacing more and more traditional light fixtures, the technology will get more sophisticated in the coming years.

LCD Lamps

LCD technology is widely used in computer monitors, TV screens, clocks, cell phones, cameras, and more. LCDs became mainstream at the beginning of the past decade. They were the industry norm at one point. Liquid Crystal Display projectors use a collection of blue and red dichroic mirrors to control the light from the projector lamp and transform it into a picture. These projectors do require some maintenance because they have a filter that needs to be cleaned and replaced once in a while. Images from LCD projectors have a better contrast ratio than DLP projectors. But the darker hues from the projector can lack a bit of definition.

LCoS Lamps

The projectors use three sets of panels to reflect the light from the lamp. It was General Electricals that first pioneered the LCoS technology in the late 1970s. The technology only became mainstream during the late 1990s. The panels in LCoS projectors have a silicon layer backing with liquid crystal on top. LCoS projectors are better for small screen sizes. The screen should be ideally no larger than 130 inches wide to retain the picture quality. The picture quality reduces sharply as the screen gets any more significant than that. LCoS has the highest contrast ratio compared to other projectors.

DLP Lamps

DLP is the acronym for Digital Light processing. The projector uses a series of circuit boards, some optics, and colour filters, 1-3 small mirrors tilted at an angle to create the image. Although DLP projectors can be tiny and portable, the picture quality is not that good, especially on large screens. The contrast ratio of DLP projectors is not as good as LCD projectors. Moreover, the darker areas of the picture will lack detail. It is easy to understand when a DLP lamp reaches the end of its lifespan. You can look for banding in pictures. If it is present, that means it is time to replace the lamp.

Tips on how to buy Projector Lamps Online

Trying to find the right replacement lamp (beamer lamp)for your projector can be an overwhelming experience. This is especially true if you are new to these things. Moreover, there are so many different varieties of these lamps. And as projector lamps are expensive, you have to be really careful about what you buy. However, it is easy if you know what criteria to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for lamps for your projector.

  • Type of lamp – First of all, you need to know what type of lamp you need for the projector. This is really important as the projector only works if the lamp is of the right type. However, this is relatively easy to figure out as you only have to look at the type of projector. If it is an LED projector, you should get an LED lamp as a replacement, and so on.
  • Wattage – All projectors will have a maximum wattage for the lamp. While a lamp of lower rating will technically work in a projector, it is always better to use the lamp with the recommended rating. Keep in mind that LED lamps will, generally, have a lower rating than LCD lamps or DLP lamps.
  • Lumens – Lumens is the measure of the intensity of the light that a lamp outputs. If a bulb has a higher Lumen rating, it means that the bulb is capable of outputting a brighter image. When you are selecting a lamp for the projector, try to find a lamp that has a higher lumen output per watt. That means the lamp is efficient and does not consume as much power.
  • Lifespan – All bulbs have a limited lifespan. Eventually, you will have to replace the bulb regardless of how expensive it is. But there are bulbs that offer a better lifespan than others. A good quality LED lamp will run for at least 100,000 hours before needing any replacement.

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Question & Answer

When to replace a projector lamp?

The general rule is that if the projector is giving you good images, then the lamp is working fine. That also means that the best method to look for any sign of degradation in the bulb is to look at the quality of the pictures that it produces. But this will be different for different types of projectors. In the case of an LCD projector, the bulb will either get dimmer, or the picture will turn yellowish as the lamp reaches the end of its lifespan. In the case of a DLP lamp, the telltale sign of a bad lamp is the colour banding in the picture.

Which lamp is used in cinema projectors?

Unlike home projectors, cinema projectors need to be really bright. Also, colour accuracy is also important. In order to reproduce the colours accurately, the lamp should be able to produce pure white light. For these two reasons, xenon lamps are the staple in cinema projectors to this day. Although LED bulbs are capable of producing bright light, the colour rendition of LED lamps was not reliable until a few years ago. But these days, LED lamps can produce pure white light while consuming a fraction of power as that of a xenon lamp.

Where to buy projector lamps online in the UAE?

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