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About Tablet Batteries

Mobile devices, including tablets, run on batteries. Like all other batteries, Tablet batteries have chemicals that store electrical energy. When the tablet uses an electrochemical reaction, the battery converts the stored chemical energy into direct current electric energy. Average batteries last between 300 to 500 charge cycles, or two to three years, depending on usage.

Most modern tablets and smartphones use highly power-efficient built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density and low self-discharge. The power of nickel-cadmium batteries, the most viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries, are two to three times less than that of Lithium-ion batteries. If these batteries start to drain fast, reboot the tablet as the first step. Check if any third-party apps or Google services place excessive load on the battery or cause a fast drain. If the battery drains fast even after following the basic checks and precautions, or if the tablet is sluggish for no other reason, it is time to replace the battery. Use our product search engine to find cheap tablet battery replacements.

Different types of tablet batteries

Not all products are suitable. Although most tablets use Lithium-Ion (Li-on) batteries. However, each brand like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Wacom, Chuwi, Teclast, and others has its specifications and unique characteristics. The most popular products in the marketplace are the Samsung battery, Galaxy tab s2 battery, Galaxy tab 4 battery, iPad Air battery, iPad Pro 2018 battery, Surface 3 and Surface 4 products, and Nexus 10 batteries. You will find varying mAh capacity ratings, which refers to the storage capacity of the specific battery. A battery with higher mAh ratings will typically run longer. Our Dubai search engine offers a wide range for all models and brands.

Samsung tablet battery

The most popular Samsung tablets are galaxy tab s2 and galaxy tab 4. Galaxy tab s2 comes with Li-Ion 5870 mAh battery. Galaxy tab 4 battery has 6800mAh power. Use our product search engine to buy the best galaxy tab s2 battery and galaxy tab 4 battery. Samsung Galaxy tablets come with non-removable batteries. But you can still replace the battery easily with the help of special tools. Suppose you do not have the tools on hand. In that case, you can purchase a battery replacement kit or approach a mobile shop along with the replacement battery. Samsung is a top tablet brand and offers in-built protection for tablet batteries. The tablet turns off before the battery level drops to a critical level to protect both the tablet and the battery.

iPad Battery

Apple phones are markedly different from Android-based phones and tablets, such as Samsung. The iPad air battery and iPad Pro 2018 battery are the most popular products in demand for Apple tabs. The iPad air battery is a lithium polymer battery with 8827 mAh. The battery has a voltage of 4.2 V and a charging time of 90 minutes. These batteries are high-quality, with several safety features such as overload and short circuit protection. The battery voltage is too high or too low is disastrous for both the tablet and the battery. The robust construction makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. Make sure the replacement iPad air battery is of the same specifications. Use our product search engine to get the correct iPad air battery at the best price.

Microsoft Surface battery

The Microsoft Surface brand is the third distinct variant of tablets. These tablets run on the Windows operating system. The surface 3 and surface pro 4 batteries are the two Microsoft Surface products in most demand. Low battery life in Microsoft Surface tablets could be because of high CPU usage. It could be apps, display configuration, software settings, accessories plugged into the Surface or other issues. But if the battery loses charge fast without such instances, it indicates the time has come to replace the battery. Our Dubai product finder offers the best Surface 3 and Surface 4 batteries from the best shops. What’s more, you can get your hands on them at amazing prices.

Nexus 10 battery

The Samsung Google Nexus 10 is a very popular tablet featuring a powerful battery. The tablet contains a lithium-pro battery with a power of 9000 mAh. A 900mAh battery has one of the best capacities in the market now and delivers superior battery performance. It overcomes the biggest bane of mobile devices, which is frequently charging the battery. The battery delivers a talk time of up to nine hours with multimedia content and idle standby of over 500 hours on a single charge. The battery voltage being too high or too low becomes disastrous for both the tablet and the battery. Over time, a full charge gives lesser life. Use our UAE search engine to find the best tablet batteries for sale online in the UAE for Nexus 10 tablets.

Tips on how to buy Tablet Batteries

You want the best tablet battery for your tablet. The battery is one of the most critical parts of any tablet or smartphone. The performance of the device depends on the battery in a big way. The capacity of the battery, denoted in mAh, indicates the run time of the battery. A battery with higher mAh, such as 6000 mAh or 7000 mAh will run longer per charge, compared to a battery with a lower mAh rating, such as 1800 mAh. But this also depends on the tablet usage pattern. Apart from the capacity of the battery, also consider the compatibility, price, brand, and warranty. The longevity of tablet batteries also depends on having a comparable charger. Consider these five basic points when deciding on tablet batteries.

  • Compatibility – Make sure the replacement tablet batteries are compatible with the ones already inside the devices. Verify the physical appearance, position and orientation of the connector. Check if the replacement battery has the same voltage.
  • Warranty – It is always a good idea to buy tablet batteries with a warranty. Most tablet batteries come with warranties of six months or more. If the battery gets damaged within the warranty period, the customer is entitled to a free replacement.
  • Price – Two similar-looking batteries may look alike. The catch may lie in the characteristics of the tablet batteries. Consider the difference in features of the battery, such as the capacity of the battery.
  • Brand – The brand or make of the battery matters. The best Lithium-ion batteries are calibrated to work optimally at room temperature. Excessive heat or very low temperatures may lead to dramatic battery charge drop or permanent battery faults.
  • Charger – When using replaceable Lithium-ion tablet batteries, make sure the battery charger is designed for the specific type of battery.

Use our product search engine to buy tablet batteries online in the UAE. You can choose from leading brands such as Apple, Chuwi, Lenovo, Samsung, and Teclast. You can also explore our Multimedia category for other types of batteries.

Question & Answer

When to replace the tablet battery?

Beyond a time, the time from a charge becomes exceedingly low, warranting a battery replacement. Most lithium-ion batteries retain their full capacity for 300 to 500 charge cycles, after which it starts degrading. Regular exposure to temperatures beyond 95°F also damages the capacity permanently. At times, the battery may bulge, warranting immediate replacement. Lithium-ion batteries generate power through a chemical reaction. Aged batteries can no longer complete this reaction perfectly. When overcharged, the chemical reaction generates excess heat and creates gas. The gas leads to a swollen battery and further loss of battery health. It is important to replace swollen batteries immediately to prevent bursts and damage to the tablet.

How to replace the tablet battery?

Replacing a tablet battery is easy, even though most modern smartphones come sealed. As the first step, purchase a replacement battery compatible with the device. Use our product comparison website to identify the right battery. With the replacement battery on hand, power down the device, open it up by uncorking the screws. Make sure to have the right screwdriver on hand. Place the tablet on a cloth or cushion to prevent damage to the screen. Once the tablet is open, unpin the battery, and replace it. You might need bend precision tweezers to disconnect the electrical connector from the motherboard. The task is delicate and needs considerable patience. Having fixed the new battery to the motherboard, screw the tablet back. This gives your device a fresh battery with maximum capacity.

Where to buy a Samsung tablet battery online in the UAE?

Do not buy tablet batteries from any online place. Many fly-by-night sellers offer attractive prices and deliver substandard products. Others indulge in bait-and-switch tactics. The best place to buy a Samsung tablet battery online in the UAE is our Dubai product finder website. Our website lists the best tablet battery for all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Wacxom, Chuwi, Telcast, and others. Our superfast product search engine lists cheap tablet battery replacement options. But these tablet batteries are not inferior in quality or damaged in any way. We list sellers offering a discount as part of promotional offers or who take a low margin to boost their volumes. The products listed on our best shopping site come with warranties.

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