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You shouldn’t wait for that day when your car does not start to shop for a new battery. You should get a new replacement Lead-Acid battery when your car starts showing the earliest signs of a failing battery. That way, you can save yourself from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Lead Acid batteries were the very first rechargeable batteries to be built. One hundred fifty years later, they are still in use. Interestingly, they can still compete with modern battery technology because of their lower cost and lifespan. Because of all these reasons, it is not surprising that these batteries are still in use for a lot of different applications. This article will give you an outline of these batteries and the different types of them that exist in the market. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right purchase decisions when you shop.

Most common lead-acid battery types

There are different types of these batteries. Some of them can provide large bursts of current for a short period of time. Starter batteries in vehicles are an example of this. On the other hand, there are large storage batteries that can supply current for a really long period of time. Apart from these, there can be differences in the physical properties of the batteries. In order for you to select the right battery for your purpose, you should have at least a general idea about the different types of these batteries. Here is a list of the four most common types of them.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

These types of batteries are pretty common in automobiles. The main reason for its popularity in the automotive industry is that it provides most amp hours at the lowest cost. Also, this battery can provide an almost consistent voltage output. There are further divisions even within flooded lead-acid batteries. The most common type of these is serviceable batteries and maintenance-free ones. In cars and other automobiles, the serviceable type is more common. But the second type is better for household use and for permanent installations.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

You will also find this type of battery under the name Valve regulated lead acid or SLA batteries. One major benefit of this type is its portability. The whole battery is sealed, and there is no risk of spilling the acid when you carry it. Because of this, such batteries do not require regular maintenance and can fit inside cramped spaces. These batteries are available in a few different formats based on the thickness and number of lead plates and the exact manufacturing process. So, while buying SLA batteries, you should make sure that you are getting the right one.

Absorbed Glass Matt Batteries

This is just another type of SLA battery or Valve regulated lead-acid battery. But the key difference here is the difference in the manufacturing process. This type of battery employs a special Absorbed Glass Matt process that gives the battery some superior qualities. Because of this, there will be a very fine and porous layer of micro-fibre glass that separates electrolyte layers. The advantage of this is that the battery will have lower internal resistance and therefore, can provide the same voltage output throughout the discharge cycle.

Gel Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

One disadvantage of traditional Lead-Acid cells is that the acid inside them is in a liquid state. Any damage on the battery wall will cause the acid to leak out of the battery and cause damage and corrosion. Gel sealed batteries solve this problem by converting the acid into a type of gel that does not flow. Not only does it make the battery non-spillable, but also maintenance free. Also, you can place these batteries in any orientation, and it is not necessary to keep them upright. Because the acid is not in a liquid state, they have a higher operating temperature as well.

Tips on how to buy Lead-Acid Batteries

Finding the right type of Lead-Acid battery can be harder than you might think. Because there are at least a dozen different types of them, with different capacities and specifications, from so many different brands, it can be really hard to choose the right one. However, it can get easier if you know what criteria to consider while selecting a battery. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for Lead-Acid batteries.

  • Type of battery – The type of battery you should buy depends on the particular application. Think about where you are going to install the battery and what would be the operating temperature. You will also need to think about the safety aspect of the battery. If the battery is going to be near materials that are sensitive to acid, you should be using a spill-proof battery that requires little maintenance.
  • Voltage – It determines whether or not the battery will work for your application. The nominal voltage of a single Lead-Acid cell is 2 V. However, it is possible to achieve batteries with higher voltages by stacking together many cells. The voltage output of a typical car battery is 12.6 volts. This is because those batteries contain stacks of six cells.
  • Capacity – In the case of these batteries, the factors that determine the charge capacity of a battery are the number of ions in the battery. This varies depending on the size of the battery and also the manufacturing technology. If the voltage output of the battery is compatible with your application, you can use a battery with higher levels of charge capacity. However, batteries with higher capacity are more expensive.
  • Warranty – Most of the reputable brands offer two or three years of warranty for their batteries. If the battery is larger and more expensive, you might even get up to ten years of warranty. Having a warranty is important because, if something accidentally goes wrong, it might cost you a lot of money to fix it.

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Question & Answer

Why are lead-acid batteries used in cars? ;

One reason for the ubiquity of these batteries in cars and all kinds of other automobiles is because when automobiles first came into being, the only viable option for batteries was the Lead Acid type. Secondly, when you consider the amount of charge one of these batteries can hold, it is incredibly cheaper than other types of batteries with similar capacity. The third reason is that it is possible to use this type of battery for five or ten years with proper maintenance. When you compare that to the three-year lifespan of Li-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries are extremely cost-effective.

How long do Lead-Acid batteries last?

The most notable feature of these batteries is their lifespan. Not only do they provide high watt-hours for the money, but even the most modern batteries cannot compete with them in terms of lifespan. Any cheap battery of this type can easily last for over three years. While that is for the cheap versions, expensive ones can last much longer than that. In fact, large storage batteries that use this technology come with a ten-year warranty. If you are careful to maintain the health of the battery with regular maintenance, a good quality battery will last for twelve or even fifteen years.

How to recycle lead-acid batteries?

Lead-acid batteries continue to be useful even after their lifespan. Almost all parts of these batteries can be recycled starting from the plastic exterior. In most of these batteries, the exterior material is polypropylene. This type of plastic has a very high tolerance to heat even after constant contact with Sulphuric acid for several years. Another useful part is the lead, which works as the electrolyte in the batteries. Companies can purify this lead and use it to make new batteries, or they can use it for other purposes as well.

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