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About Laptop Batteries

These days, when we do most of our work on a laptop, it is essential to keep the laptop batteries performing at their best. The battery performance should be enough to get you through your work even if you are doing some heavy rendering on your laptop.

In today’s reality, even the most high-end laptop battery is going to run out of juice at some point. It is not even a matter of whether or not it will. But it is about when and how long you will have to work on your laptop before you need to find a wall outlet to plug it in again. This article will tell you everything you need to know about laptop batteries from how to take proper care of them to how to replace them once they reach the end of their lifespan. Having a better understanding of laptop batteries will help you make better choices while you are shopping for them.

A simple guide to improving laptop battery life

After a couple of years of using a brand-new laptop, you will notice that it won’t give you the same amount of battery life as it used to when you got your hands on it. Thinking of throwing it might not be a good idea. Rather you need to understand the issue and find a reasonable solution. The lowering battery is because the laptop battery is past its peak performance life. This happens to all types of batteries that exist in the world today. So, it is inevitable. However, following the right guidelines will help you increase the lifespan of your laptop battery. At least, it will help you avoid using it the wrong way.

Reduce charge cycles

All kinds of electronics have a certain lifespan. In the case of batteries, the lifespan is rated in charge cycles. This is about 500 full charge cycles for lithium-ion batteries. In some cases, it can be a bit more. That doesn’t mean that the battery stops working after that. But it will not deliver its original performance past that point. A full charge cycle is when the battery drains to 0 per cent and when you charge it back to zero. So, one way to improve battery life is to use the power-saving mode. Another method is to not let the battery drain completely before charging it again.

Optimal charge levels

During the days when most laptop batteries were Nickel-metal hydride, there was a problem called battery memory. Because of this, the batter would charge to lower and lower levels with each passing cycle. To counteract this, experts recommended routinely discharging the battery completely before charging it again to a hundred per cent. But this problem is not with modern Lithium-ion batteries. Quite the contrary, it is better not to let the battery drain completely to extend the lifespan of modern batteries.

Optimal temperature

Another factor that affects the performance of a laptop battery is the temperature. The efficiency of the battery reduces considerably with increasing temperature. As the surrounding heat increases the rate of chemical reactions inside the battery and when there is no option to utilise this extra energy, this turns into heat. So, this simply compounds the problem of overheating. Even though modern laptop batteries ave a better-operating temperature range, there is a limit to the amount of heat that they can take. So, reducing the ambient temperature can extend the life of the battery.

Monitor battery health

If you are a Windows user, there are some really good third-party applications that you can use to track the performance of your laptop battery. MacOS comes with a built-in battery health tracker. While these applications themselves cannot do much to improve the battery life, you can use them to understand how to utilise the battery more efficiently. There will be some applications and software that consumes power even while you do not need them. Sometimes, outdated battery firmware can cause the battery to run less efficiently. These battery health monitors will help you take the necessary steps to improve battery lifespan and performance.

Tips on how to buy Laptop Batteries

Finding the right replacement battery for your laptop can be harder than you might imagine. Although it is not difficult to get the right one if you are getting it directly from your laptop manufacturer itself, that might cost you more. Instead, you can find a replacement laptop battery at a fraction of that cost without compromising on the quality. All you need to know in order to find the right one is to look at the proper criteria and select the best one among them. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for laptop batteries.

  • OEM vs Third-party batteries – The easiest way to find a replacement battery for a laptop is to buy one from the original manufacturer. That way, you will be able to find a battery that is exactly the same as the battery that came with the laptop when you purchased it. However, you will be able to find replacement batteries from third-party manufacturers as well for a lower price.
  • Price range and warranty – If you are buying a replacement laptop battery from a third-party supplier, you have the option to compare different specifications and prices. While most of the third-party batteries will be cheaper, there will be more expensive versions as well. Check the details of the battery to find out whether or not it is worth paying for it.
  • Compatibility – Compatibility is the most important thing to consider while shopping for laptop batteries. That means the current and voltage output of the battery should be within the range specified by the laptop manufacturer. If the battery specifications are different, your laptop will not turn on. And in the worst cases, it might even damage your laptop.
  • Capacity – There are replacement laptop batteries that match the specifications of your laptop but will have a higher charge capacity than the original battery. Even though the higher capacity battery will cost you more, it is always worth getting one. This is especially true if you do a lot of travelling.

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Question & Answer

Are laptop batteries removable?

While it is true that most laptops come with a removable battery, not all laptop batteries are removable. In laptops with removable batteries, you can replace the batteries yourselves without any professional help. But the reason why higher-end laptop models choose to have sealed batteries is that sealed batteries have a slightly better lifespan. Another reason why some manufacturers like Apple always stick to sealed batteries is that by doing so, they can put in batteries with higher capacities in tighter spaces. This allows for a smaller form factor of the laptop.

How to remove a laptop battery?

Removing the battery is really easy if your laptop comes with a removable battery. In such laptops, the battery will be on the bottom side of the laptop. Before removing the battery, you need to unplug the device, shut down the laptop, and dry your hands completely. Then turn your laptop such that its bottom side faces up. Find the battery latch on the bottom. This must be easy to do because most of the time, it will be clearly marked. Then all you have to do is to slide the battery latch and pull the battery out. In some cases, the battery will pop out on its own.

How to dispose of an old laptop battery?

Depending on the manufacturing year of your laptop, it will either have a rechargeable Nickel-cadmium battery or a Lithium-ion battery. One thing you should not do with the battery is to throw it in the trash or burn it. These batteries contain substances that are hazardous to the environment. Furthermore, it is even illegal in some countries to throw batteries in the trash. Rather, you should deliver it to the recycling centre. You don’t even have to take the battery yourselves to a recycling centre because most laptop outlets collect these old batteries for recycling.

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