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About N Batteries

If you have portable electronics such as pocket radios, flashlights, glucose meters, remote control door chimes and clocks, among others, you need to power them. You may go for those with an internal rechargeable battery or those that use an N battery. The N battery is, also called the N cell, is the standard size of the dry cell.

This cell comes in a cylindrical body and has electrical contacts on both sides. Most models come with a bump on the positive end of the dry cell and a flat base which has a negative terminal. This cell is usually about 30.2 mm in height and has a diameter of about 12.0 mm. This size is about three-fifths of the conventional AA battery. You can buy N battery online UAE at Dubai search engine, where there are tens of leading N battery brands such as Energizer, Duracell, Dremel, Eveready, Toshiba, and more. The purpose of this article is to help you determine the ideal N battery to power your devices by giving you insights into different brands and a few tips on what to check when making a purchase.

Know the significant characteristics of N battery

You must differentiate between different types of batteries. While most portable devices would not fit the wrong size of batteries, some may fit. However, the battery nominal voltage is likely to damage the device as many devices are not made to take a high variation in voltage. The N battery differs from other batteries based on size and nominal voltage. It is nearly the same size as the A23 battery. However, unlike the A23, which has a nominal voltage of 12v, the N battery has a nominal voltage of just between 1.25V and 1.5V. The N cell battery also looks similar to the A27 battery. However, the A27 has a nominal voltage of 12V and 20% less diameter than the A23 battery. Here are other characteristics of the N battery.

You can go for rechargeable or non-rechargeable types

If you do not wish to keep replacing your N batteries, you may go for rechargeable types. While they are not very popular, they are great for people looking to cut costs, and we have several brands selling them on our platform. The rechargeable batteries can be charged with spring-type adaptors that touch the contacts. You can also buy quality adaptors on our website to charge your rechargeable N batteries. Most quality adaptors come with a meter and an LED indicator that shows when the battery is full. You should also place the battery on the charger as indicated at the charging points. Both types of batteries offer the same voltage to your device. Therefore, there is no risk of using one type and not the other.

Zinc-carbon batteries are cheap and effective

There are two major types of N battery: zinc-carbon type and alkaline battery. A while back, there were mercury batteries of the same size. However, their high toxicity levels are no longer in production due to their high toxicity levels. Zinc-carbon batteries have the designation of R1 BY IEC standards and include such brands as Eveready. They work by activating a reaction between manganese oxide and zinc. The conventional batteries use ammonium chloride as the electrolyte. However, heavy-duty ones use zinc chloride. Both electrolytes are safe. Their ANSI name is 910 D and has a typical capacity of 400 mAh. The nominal voltage for the zinc-carbon batteries is 1.5V. While this is lower than N LR1 battery capacity, the zinc-carbon type is still the choice for clocks.

Alkaline batteries have a higher capacity

The alkaline N battery gets its current from the reaction between manganese oxide and zinc metal. These batteries have a longer shelf life and higher energy density than zinc-carbon ones. Their capacity is 800 to 100 mAh compared to 400 mAh for the latter. They use potassium hydroxide as their electrolyte; the alkaline electrolyte gives them the name alkaline batteries. However, the electrolyte is not used up during the reaction to produce a current. These batteries also have a steady output during continuous use, such as powering a pocket radio. Alkaline batteries have an IEC designation of LR1, ANSI name of 910A, and a nominal voltage of 1.50 V. Some of the leading brands that are alkaline include Energizer e90 and Duracell.

Pick a battery that meets your preferences and budget

Here on our Dubai search engine , you can buy N batteries online in the UAE from leading brands such as Panasonic and GP Batteries. You will also find lower quality but good-performance batteries from generic brands if you are looking for the best non-rechargeable batteries, the alkaline types such as Sony N battery and Duracell lr1. However, the zinc-carbon type is the best choice for comparable batteries that come at a lower price. On the other hand, if you wish to go with rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride are your best choices. Some of the leading brands in the category include GP Batteries and Dremel. Be sure to pick charging adaptors that are compatible with these brands.

Tips on how to buy N Batteries for sale online in the UAE

If you have electronic devices that require power, it is good that you take your time to pick the very best N battery. You may use the above tips to determine what battery type to choose. It also gives you a short explanation of each type of battery. However, you may still have problems differentiating brands, given that there are a hundred on our platform. We would like to make it easy for you by providing easy tips and tricks that you can follow when making a choice. The section below provides five of the best tips that can help you to narrow down to the best N battery. We have sourced tips from electronic engineers and observed as our customers make purchases on our online shopping UAE platform. Let’s get started.

  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable N battery – What N battery type serves you best? The rechargeable one saves you the cost of replacing batteries. However, it has a lower capacity compared to the non-rechargeable ones. The latter is excellent for continuous power.
  • Alkaline or zinc-carbon – Alkaline batteries have a higher capacity than their zinc cadmium counterparts. However, they are more expensive. Zinc-carbon types also work well in providing continuous power. For example, N battery for clock or pocket radio.
  • Brand – The quality of N batteries vary widely with the brand. Pick reputable companies such as Panasonic and Energizer for the best performance. We still have average brands that also provide good performance.
  • Budget – Your budget determines the N battery that you pick. We recommend exploring our website and checking prices before setting your budget. This ensures that you don’t go with a budget too low for your requirement.
  • Customer reviews – We have included customer reviews under each brand to let you know the experiences of other customers that have used the said product. Go through such reviews and ratings so that you are sure what to expect.

Our five most important tips for selecting quality N batteries for sale online in UAE are our five most important. Combine them with the insights we have provided up there to get the right N battery. Besides, our site has several filters that you can use to narrow down your product search. Besides, our Dubai search engine also sells other battery sizes, including AA, D20 and AAA. You can also purchase charging ports, power banks, voltage regulators and power accessories for your devices. In addition, we also sell the very devices that you seek to charge. Browse our site for cameras, remote controls, flashlights, pocket radios and small desk clocks, among others. We are your one-stop shop for all your preferred electronic devices and batteries.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy an N battery?

You can buy N battery online UAE for your electronic device on The online shopping UAE platform is a leading marketplace where you can find all the top brands that sell N batteries. Most devices use an am5 battery to power their different functions; you can find these batteries on our platform. In addition, we sell other types of batteries, including AA, AAA, and D. There are also batteries in various voltages depending on the device you seek to power. In addition, our retail search engine sells electronic devices such as cameras, remote controls, pocket radios, small desk clocks and flashlights, among others. We have several filters on the site to help you narrow down to the ideal product.

How do you charge a Sony N-type battery?

Sony adds some features to its devices that use the N battery to recharge batteries. Recharging such batteries requires you to plug in the device on a mains power outlet using the adaptor that was shipped with the device. Ensure that you turn the device off before you start charging. There are a few cameras and devices that you can charge while they are plugged into the power outlets. You can also charge the Sony N battery using an external adapter. The adaptor comes with positive and negative ports to put your battery for charging. Check some of such adaptors on our platform. Be sure to unplug the device or the charger after achieving full charge. Continuous charging may shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Are N batteries the same as A23?

N batteries are not the same as a23 batteries. Most people confuse the two due to their almost similar size. The A23 is an 8-cell battery that comes with a nominal voltage of a whopping 12v, compared with the 1.25 to 1.5 for the N battery. The A23 is slightly smaller and narrower than its N battery counterpart. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the A 23 battery would fit in a slot that is meant for the N battery. While the N battery is used for such electronics as calculators, cameras, wireless microphones and such, the A23 battery is used in portable devices that require more power, such as keyless vehicle entry systems, garage door openers, Bluetooth headsets. These batteries also come with names such as GP23A, V23GA and 23AE.

What are N batteries used for?

N batteries are used to power various electronic devices at home or office. You can use them to power cameras, small flashlights, glucose meters, pocket radios, pocket pager receivers, calculators, laser pointers, wireless microphones, desk clocks and door chimes, among others. For portable items, the use of N batteries gives you the freedom to move around without staying connected to the main supply. Many of these devices do not have a charging or an internal battery that can be recharged. Some may have a rechargeable battery but with the option of using an external battery if the internal one runs dry. Besides, these batteries are small and lightweight. Therefore, they do not make the small devices heavy to carry.

It is time to power your small devices with the N battery. Pick the ideal brand and type based on the tips we have shared above. Browse today for quality N batteries and other multimedia devices from over 500 brands and sellers!