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About GPS Batteries

GPS batteries are storehouses of energy for your device. The best ones are high performance, long duration, and come with a fair price tag. All you got to do is understand your GPS device requirements first and then buy an equivalent battery for it.

GPS devices are the ones that receive information from the GNSS satellite and calculate the device’s geographical location. Previously, it has been used without showing the location on maps. However, now maps are sort of mandatory features. Thus, having a map feature that moves when you are in motion requires more power. Here, GPS batteries came into the picture. Now, based on your GPS devices, you should buy relevant batteries. For example, modern devices have features like geo-fencing, alerts, real-time tracking, trip history, and many more. Thus, the best GPS battery must run all applications at once with minimum latency or discharge.

Find GPS batteries based on your application

With GPS technology, you can track both people and assets. From personal use to professional, these devices are a great innovation. But the choice of battery does not depend on that. Even if the device is for personal use, your requirements can be of a professional level. You may require a long-running battery for multiple purposes. Also, tracking your assets in transits is also possible. In that case, high performance is a mandate. All in all, buying a GPS battery online in UAE will totally depend on your purpose.

Making the most of your Garmin battery

Garmin is one of the prominent brands for buying GPS devices and batteries. Once you buy both, you must change the setting on your GPS device to match the battery type. Basically, you have to go to the settings page and change the battery model to AA, or for a rechargeable battery, select NiMH. Further, you can reduce the backlight savings power to save battery. In it, you can choose the timeout to 30 seconds, after which the screen will go black but will still be running and tracking in the background. These tiny details and tips can make your product long-lasting. If you would like to buy products from the Gramin brand, you can start with the Garmin GPS battery for sale online in the UAE.

Polar v800 battery replacement

If the battery has reached the end of its life cycle or swollen, it is time that you must replace it. However, some of the polar devices’ batteries are not replaceable. So, you only have the option to replace the whole product once the battery dies out.  that cannot be replaced or need professional help. So, the whole product has to be replaced once the battery is dead. The brands’ official website lists all the devices with or without replaceable batteries. If we talk about Polar v800 devices, these have replaceable batteries, but you might need professional help as the battery is mounted in the factory. If you are an expert equipped with the required tools, then there is no telling as you know the steps.

Garmin battery replacement

If we talk about Garmin wearables, these devices have batteries that are replaceable but have a specific process to do so. The process is known as the Garmin RMA process, which is an online process wherein you enter your product’s serial number followed by customer support telling you further steps to do. On the other hand, there are handheld devices like Garmin Nuvi whose battery replacement is easy and can be done at home with the help of a screwdriver only. So, this is one important feature to notice before buying GPS batteries – what is the process of battery replacement? Because every brand tends to have a different process for different products.

Tips on how to buy GPS batteries online

Finding GPS batteries online is not a daunting task, but the availability of multiple products makes it confusing sometimes. First thing first, has an understanding of your GPS device and its requirements. If you acquire that, you will not find many issues with buying the batteries other than some tiny heads-up, which we have compiled here. Whenever you buy GPS batteries, make sure you keep these fine points in mind, whether you are buying the battery the first time or replacing the old one.

  • Check compatibility – It is not important to go for the same manufacturer if you are replacing your battery. When you are exploring the product, read the specifications, and there you will find compatibility specs as well. On a broader brush, you can choose any brand after matching the voltage and dimensions from your original battery.
  • Power requirements – Your GPS device must have a mention of minimum and maximum power requirements. If not, then check out the manual and confirm the same. If you buy a battery with less or more than the mentioned requirements, it may damage the whole product by supplying insufficient power.
  • Life of the battery – You will see the life of the battery mentioned as 300-500 cycles. It means you can recharge the battery this much time after discharge. However, the life of the GPS battery will also depend on the application, operating temperature, and charging method. We suggest following the best practices to make your product long-lasting.
  • Shelf-life or storage – Batteries are usually self-discharging. They may self-discharge by 3% every month and tend to remain unrecoverable to their full capacity if you don’t charge them periodically. It would be better if you don’t store them for more than six months, and the ideal temperature of storage for Lithium-ion batteries can be 41 to 68 degree Fahrenheit.  If you have any other battery type, check out their specifications for the information.

We hope the tips would be useful for buying and keeping the batteries to their full potential. Our shopping platform, list every type of battery for you to explore and purchase. The advanced filters you will see on the platform will help you to narrow down your purchase. Plus, the reviews can make the decision more clear. Some of the brands you will see upon visit include Magellan, Polar, and Trimble, among others. Start now and see what we have got.

Question & Answer

How to replace the battery in Garmin Nuvi GPS?

First of all, unscrew the Garmin Nuvi using a screwdriver. There will be four screws on every edge of the product. Now, the product opens wide, but you may find it difficult to open with your hand. You can opt for a small spatula-like tool to loosen the sides by sliding the tool in between the spaces. It is not a daunting task, and you will be able to do it within a minute. Next, disconnect the already placed battery first and remove it. If you find it sticky, use a hairdryer, and it will then easily pull off. Now you only have to put the new battery, connect it, and screw the product back. This is how you replace the Garmin Nuvi GPS battery.

Where to buy Garmin GPS battery online in UAE?

Our shopping platform, can fulfil this requirement of yours. Not just Garmin, but you will also find other brands listed on our platform. Some of them include Tomtom, Suunto, Polar, Wahoo, and many more. Once you visit, you will see online shops and multiple brands listing all of their products. Plus, you can also get the best deals on products you choose to add to your shopping cart. Hop on right now and check by yourself.

What type of battery is in a Garmin GPS?

Garmin GPS has rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries but also has an option to switch to NiMH or Lithium AA batteries. Out of both Lithium and NiMH, Lithium tends to be an expensive investment. Thus, many of you will decide to own NiMH while setting up your GPS, which is an equally viable option. If we talk about the capacity, you can purchase good quality rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2300mAh.

We hope the information provided on this page will help you in making an informed decision while buying a Garmin battery. Once you are done with your research, you may commence your shopping drive and explore products at our retail search engine . Our platform can be an excellent start wherein you will find not just GPS battery but battery packs, cells, mini lips, different electronics batteries, and other multimedia products. Check out now and see if you find something interesting to buy.

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