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About 3LR12 Batteries

Batteries are probably one of those inventions that completely changed the way we live our lives. But the batteries that revolutionised lighting systems were the 3LR12 batteries. Because of that, they are aptly called lantern batteries or flat batteries.

Powering portable electrical devices such as cell phones, laptops, and lamps are quite easy these days. But that was not always the case. Even as recently as fifty years ago, one could only take an electronic device as far away from the power source as the length of the cable allowed. Due to the continuous developments in material technology, the charge capacity and life of batteries have improved manifolds. Read this article to learn more about lantern batteries. Having a better understanding of these batteries will help you make the right choices while shopping for them.

Uses of 3LR12 batteries

The flat batteries can be ideal for several cases. However, it is important to understand where they are the most effective. Choosing the right battery can be a tough task, particularly for those with no background in electronics. It can be tedious to determine the type of battery to buy to power your favourite devices. This is especially true if you are buying batteries for niche devices like flashlights and construction lights. To be able to know which battery to use for lighting devices, you should know more about 3LR12 batteries. In this article, you will also find some helpful tips that you can use while shopping for these batteries.

During camping and hiking trips

3LR12 batteries are an essential item to carry on camping trips. They are very versatile because a lot of torch lights and flashlights run using these 4.5V batteries. While most of the torch lights come with a rechargeable battery, you should carry additional batteries with you during a long camping trip. You won’t be able to recharge your flashlight during a camping trip. Because these batteries have really high charge capacity, you will be able to get through a trip with just a couple of these batteries. Even though 3LR12 batteries are a bit more expensive than the alternative, you are actually paying less given the higher charge capacity.

Uninterrupted power supply

UPS systems, or uninterrupted power supply systems make use of 4.5 V, 6 V or 12 V batteries. These days, it is common for manufacturers to go for 4.5 V batteries because using a larger number of smaller batteries is more efficient than using fewer large batteries. Small batteries have less internal resistance and make heat management easier. Uninterrupted power supply systems are essential in hospitals, offices, and factories. It keeps the equipment from catastrophic accidental shutdowns due to power failure. It is also common for household alarm systems to have a backup power supply.

Recreational vehicles

These days, recreational vehicles are more popular than ever. RVs can serve multiple purposes. An RV will allow you to travel without compromising the comfort of home. RVs come equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, albeit being compact. This also means that an RV requires much more power than a typical minivan. This is why energy-dense 3LR12 batteries are the popular power sources for RVs. This is atypical because most other vehicles use 12 V batteries for power supply. One reason for this is the fact that 4.5 V batteries are sealed and do not contain liquids.

Construction lights

Another name for 3LR12 batteries is lantern batteries. Not surprisingly, this is because these batteries were originally manufactured to power lighting systems. This fact is very evident in the construction field. Almost all of the lights used in a typical construction site will be powered by 4.5 Volt 3LR12 batteries. These batteries can help reduce the cost of construction because they have a longer life cycle compared to other high voltage batteries of the same type. Since proper lighting is imperative during construction, the role of reliable batteries is not small.

Tips on how to buy 3LR12 Batteries Online

Finding the right type of flat battery for a device might not be as easy as many people think. You can’t buy a random battery and call it a day. Batteries come in a lot of different ratings and sizes. The features and charge capacity of the batteries also differ depending on the model. However, that doesn’t mean it is rocket science. You will be able to find the right type of battery if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for 3LR12 batteries online.

  • Charge capacity – Although all 3LR12 batteries have the same dimensions, not all of them come with the same charge capacity. The charge capacity of the battery depends on the exact chemical composition of the battery and also how well these chemicals are packed inside the battery.
  • Rechargeable vs Non-Rechargeable – Rechargeable flat batteries is always more expensive than non-rechargeable ones. But if you keep running out of batteries, then it might actually be more economical for you to use rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable ones. However, if you are going to be somewhere without access to electricity, non-rechargeable batteries are indispensable.
  • Alkaline vs Zinc – You will come across two types of 3LR12 flat batteries when you are shopping: alkaline batteries and regular zinc batteries. Zinc batteries are always cheaper than alkaline batteries. So, what is actually the difference between the two? Well, the difference lies in the chemical composition of the batteries. However, the result is that alkaline batteries have higher energy density and longer shelf life.
  • Safety – Batteries are, after all, little packets of energy-containing potentially harmful chemicals. Using unsafe batteries is a very bad idea. They can damage your device or, in worst cases, even explode and cause injuries.

Almost everyone in the world these days relies on multimedia devices. Some of them are portable, while others are not. One thing that is common with all portable multimedia devices is that they use flat batteries for power. However, you will need many other essential things apart from batteries. You can find all of them here using our shopping search engine . It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Multimedia category.

Question & Answer

Are rechargeable batteries better for the environment?

It is intuitive to think that rechargeable batteries are clearly better than disposable ones because we will be able to recharge batteries hundreds of times before throwing them away. However, this issue is not as black and white. This is because of the difference in chemical composition between the two. Unlike non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries use cobalt and nickel. Both of which are not abundant minerals. Mining these minerals causes a lot of environmental impacts. However, according to researchers, rechargeable batteries are still better for the environment if you are using them to their full potential.

Where to use 3LR12 batteries?

Another name for 3LR12 batteries is lantern batteries. Just like the name suggests, these flat batteries are most commonly used in lighting devices like flashlights, headlamps, torch lights, and construction lights. This is because the power requirement of these lights is suitable for the power output of these batteries. However, that doesn’t mean these batteries are not used in any other type of application. Another common application of these batteries is in uninterrupted power systems, in which many numbers of these batteries will be coupled together to give a much higher voltage output.

Where to buy 3LR12 batteries in bulk online in the UAE?

Batteries are indispensable items in the modern world. Moreover, for the safety of the device and its performance, the battery should be of good quality as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can find them in the UAE. But the best place to look for them is of course It is incredibly easy to find the right type of batteries using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will be able to buy them for very affordable prices as well.

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