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Manfrotto Newell Battery Replacement For Np F970, Nl1192, B081QTM7JT
Manfrotto Newell Battery Replacement For Np F970, Nl1192, B081QTM7JT
Product details Batteries :  1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included) Product Dimensions :  5...



About Camera Battery

If you run out of battery in the middle of the shoot, it can be both troublesome and frustrating. So, make sure you invest in quality camera batteries. A high-quality battery will power the camera and accessories and work for longer periods of time. If you plan to get one, here are the details you must know.

Camera battery powers your camera, flash and many other accessories attached to it. A camera certainly comes with one, but you need to invest in a new one if it dies or is damaged. However, you need to make sure it is suitable for the type of camera you have. Most of them use rechargeable batteries like lithium-ion these days, but you can also find AA or AAA batteries in some. Lithium batteries are generally in use in digital and DSLR cameras that offer long-lasting power. In contrast, film cameras require comparatively less power consumption, so they have a smaller battery unit. On this page, we will unveil many more things about them so that you can pick the best. Towards the end, you can also find some tips to buy a camera battery online in the UAE.

Exploring some popular camera batteries in detail

Capturing beautiful moments of life requires a device that is ready to use. However, even the best outdoor camera battery does not last forever. They need to be charged in case they drain. If you do not have any way out for charging or the battery damages, you need to have a replacement. You can find a range of batteries, such as rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hybrid rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries. The lithium-ion one is common for DSLRs. They have a long lifespan and are also lighter. Nickle metal batteries are low cost but heavy and do not give much power as lithium-ion. If you are planning to buy batteries, then let us explore some popular ones in detail.

Canon battery

Canon is a known name in the world of photography. It offers a wide range of products like cameras, photocopiers, computer printers, and batteries. They are popular for using the latest technology to offer the highest quality to the customers. Canon offers a variety of batteries depending upon the device the user has. Different canon cameras have different designs, features, and different spaces available for the battery. The battery for Canon should match the space and also the power requirements of the camera. Your camera can also work with other company batteries but make sure you go for a legitimate one.

Nikon battery

Nikon also comes with a wide range of batteries as per the power requirements and type of camera. For example, Nikon EN-EL18c is made for professional Nikon DSLRs. This high-capacity battery can be a perfect choice for demanding photographers that usually have long shoots. Whether you shoot videos or stills, you are good to go if you have a couple of this type in hand. On the other hand, the latest version of Nikon’s EN-EL15 battery is backwards-compatible. It is popular for its high capacity among professionals.

Arlo batteries

Arlo camera usually works with the batteries that have with them or the replacement batteries by Arlo. For example, the Arlo Ultra and Pro series cameras have a 3.85V 4800mAh 18.48Wh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, whereas the Arlo Pro 2 and Pro models use a 7.2V 2440mAh 17.57Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Similarly, different models may be compatible with different types and power of batteries. You can find such batteries at retail stores or online stores that detail batteries.

Tips on how to buy Camera Battery online in Dubai

When it comes to selecting something from the multimedia category, the confusion is natural. There are many options out there in the market that you will for sure feel confused about. Sony a6000 battery, Gopro 7 black battery, Olympus om10 battery, Minolta x 700 battery, and X’s power d3100 are some of the common names you will encounter. Choosing one can be an overwhelming experience for everyone. However, if you consider some factors, you can make it effortless for yourself. So, let us explore some tips and tricks to buy the best and most cheap DSLR camera battery.

  • Understand their types – There are many batteries like a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hybrid rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries. You should go for the one that best suits your needs. Lithium-ion batteries are a popular choice these days. However, if you have budget restrictions, you may consider others.
  • Know your requirements – If you know how many pictures or videos you will shoot, you will decide the number of replacement batteries and their power. For example, if you take 1,000 shots in a day without recharging the battery and your camera is rated for 400 shots per battery, you will require three.
  • Go for trusted brands – If you want a reliable battery in your hand, you should go for trusted brands like Sony, Panasonic, GoPro, Fujifilm, and Leica. The best part is that you can find their collection right here.
  • Shop for it online – If you think it can be time-consuming for you to make an in-store purchase, then go for online stores. You will be able to browse many options with a few clicks. Also, there is comfort in getting the product delivered at home.

Use the above tips to shop for a replacement camera battery online in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Are you wondering where to find the best products? Well, you are already in the correct place. On our product search engine, you can find a wide range of options sold at amazing deals. You can also compare prices and features here to find the appropriate options for your camera. So, quickly go ahead and grab the best one at amazing prices!

Question & Answer

How long does the camera battery last?

It depends upon a wide range of factors. All the actions that your camera takes depend on the battery. For example, using the LCD to do settings takes battery power; taking shots and reviewing shots on the LCD also takes power. Apart from this, turn off/on, use the Live View function, and many more functions take battery power. So, its life depends upon how you use it. There are many factors that may affect its life. Those include the brand, how you use it, and more.

Which camera battery is best?

The best battery for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. However, if you search for the best brands, you can go for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and GoPro. However, you should always check the battery’s compatibility with the camera. The best part is that you can find the collection of many popular brands right here. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from. So, go ahead and browse now before you miss the latest collection.

Where to buy a camera battery online in the UAE?

You have reached the right place if you plan to buy a camera battery online in the UAE. On, you can find a wide assortment of options offered by over 500 trusted online stores. Moreover, you can find the best brands here so that you can rest assured of the quality. You can also compare prices here to find suitable products for your camera. You can also filter down options for quick searching. So, go ahead before you miss the latest collection.

How much is a camera battery online in the UAE?

A quality battery may cost you somewhere around $40. However, the cost hugely varies as per the type of battery and its brand. If you want to compare different sellers’ prices, you can do it right here on our retail search engine. Compare prices here to find the one that best suits your budget as well as your requirements. You can find hundreds of brands and sellers here. You can also sort products based on their prices so that you can quickly choose the one falling within your budget.

We hope that the above details will take you to the right selection of batteries. If you are wondering where to begin the journey, then there is good news. You do not have to go anywhere. Right here on, you can find a wide array of options. Find the best brands here. If you feel overwhelmed with options, you can narrow them down with the help of filters. You can also quicken your search with sorting. So, go ahead and have a happy browsing experience ahead!